Vote Information for Sunday 13 January 2019


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22:21U836??3182.136.84.*HourChequeTHX - Good management!! The amount of 124 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U15201269-U[-]---[-]. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from Date: 08:31 13.01.19. Batch: 242569323.
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22:17U821??80176.37.145.*HourCheque+ 400.00 $ Date: 13.01.2019 19:36:21 ID: 713900783 Details: P79686373  P*** Amount: 400.00 $ Comment: Withdrawal from
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15:49U311??1187.205.74.*RDR ClubReceived Payment 5.69 USD from account U9360960. Batch: 242604965. Memo: Withdraw from RDR Club.
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11:10U311??1187.205.74.*BTR ClubReceived 9.77 USD from account U12769367. Batch: 242580774. Memo: Withdraw from BTR CLUB.
11:06U311??1187.205.74.*RXN InvestmentsReceived Payment 6.54 USD from account U2083263. Batch: 242580456. Memo: Withdraw from RXN Investments.