Vote Information for Tuesday 25 September 2018


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16:08U382??78 110.87.120.* InstantHourDate : 09/25/2018 15:44 From/To Account : U16070626 Amount : 54.43 Currency : USD Batch : 229608778 Memo : API Payment. Withdrawal to living from
9:03U1276??6777.253.48.*RXN InvestmentsReceived Payment 7.21 USD from account U2083263. Batch: 229567127. Memo: Withdraw from RXN Investments.
8:56U208??6377.253.48.*ARXN GroupReceived Payment 7.53 USD from account U2062026. Batch: 229566352. Memo: Withdraw from ARXN Group.
8:50U206??2677.253.48.*Growing ProfitsReceived 6.57 USD from account U4225620. Batch: 229565751. Memo: Withdraw from Growing Profits.
8:45U422??2077.253.48.*RDR ClubReceived Payment 9.50 USD from account U9360960. Batch: 229565054. Memo: Withdraw from RDR Club.
8:39U936??6077.253.48.*APT Gold InvestmentsReceived Payment 7.84 USD from account U11001127. Batch: 229563487. Memo: Withdraw from APT Gold Investments.
8:26U1100??2777.253.48.*BTR ClubReceived 6.94 USD from account U12769367. Batch: 229562496. Memo: Withdraw from BTR CLUB.
3:51U1515??37 139.162.84.* Normalize CoinsUser Buzzist received $4.67 to PerfectMoney account U17006365. Batch is 229541097.
3:35U1501??22 47.75.200.* Normalize CoinsInstantly as always!! Really Great and very Stable Program,always get paid Excellent!! The amount of 56.39 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account.