Vote Information for Wednesday 11 April 2007


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16:46 427??39 222.123.193.* SweetyInvestpaying only to monitors. Don't belive on this . There is no payout for me.
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16:4375??47 75.1.5.* UltimateTargetI received my 3.96 payout today. Great job, well done Jackson.
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16:40271??4224.188.248.*United Gold EmpireExsellent! Paid! super program!
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16:30270??6383.237.228.*Gold Trading Societygot paid again
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16:24270??6383.237.228.*Stable Forex IncomeThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
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16:23270??6383.237.228.*500 Forex ClubGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
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16:23270??6383.237.228.*FX Golden UnionPaid Very Good Thanks Admin.
16:22270??6383.237.228.*Elite gold GroupI got paid today. Thanks admin.
16:21270??6383.237.228.*United Gold EmpirePayment received, very good :-)
16:13420??9161.47.19.*Profit-WayOh My God , Excuse , My accunt have problem therfor they coldent to pay me , and they contacted to my mail and i doset check it!_ The PAID ME IN 1 HOUR AGO , THIS IS BEST PROGRAM ON NET , TANKS.
15:48400??90 60.51.60.* TheCapitalFundspayment pending-admin no respond
15:22113??74 147.96.125.* Advertising-InvestmentPaid! username: MAGGETTE
15:06337??35 85.94.226.* UltimateTargetsweety withdraw 2.58$ instantly payment from
15:05420??77 60.52.112.* SweetyInvesti'm paid. real program #fmvina
14:28428??7175.80.48.*Big Ben HyipTHIEF STRAIGHT THIEF see pg 18 PAYS nothing at all
13:48407??5858.71.175.*UltimateTargetwanieidayu -instant payment of $3.07 today. Thx Jackson!!! :)
8:29425??77 212.88.71.* Bright ProfitsHaven't reveived a cent yet and admin doesn't answer my mails. Look at
8:25423??13161.139.188.*AlwaysInProfitNot paying after 24 hours....DAMN!!!
7:52325??25203.160.1.*UltimateTargetryokaori , got paid instantly again , I like this project! Thx Jackson!
7:39 315??23 83.167.112.*KremInvestVery good programm !!! Excellent !!!
7:23427??0985.30.241.*PrettyInvestno pay, no answer to e-mail, and change my accout data to other
6:58253??63 60.52.2.* UltimateTargetllmarachll, receive 2.37 instantly .. thanks. NEW URL:
6:20 393??78 202.163.242.* Gold Streampaying! good!
6:16393??95202.46.80.*National-InvestMy Withdraw not yet paid, please paid me :)
5:55401??1461.178.233.*Majestic HYIPGot 4/5 payment ,great !
5:28421??90 125.163.72.* Daytona Group Int.realy withdrawal automatically to e-gold account ...
3:28423??13161.139.188.*Big Ben HyipDamn people...they don't pay me...
3:08420??77 60.52.116.* Profit-Waystill pending after 24hour, i'll vote again once paid
3:07299??23218.57.140.*UltimateTargetdahai001, withdraw 2.59$, paid instantly...New address of ultimatetarget is www.ultimatetarget.Net
2:24417??98210.193.6.*Advertising-InvestmentAI is still paying everyday. Username Oe_eO
2:07356??81203.160.1.*UltimateTargetranmori , I get paid $2.37 today INSTANTLY!
1:43203??7481.202.212.*Gold Streamgot paid invest and bonus user-pletina1
1:28262??4162.231.179.*Light LifePaid me 1/10! Thx
0:36 431??17 203.162.3.*