Vote Information for Tuesday 10 April 2007


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23:21 396??66 200.43.153.* PrettyInvestMe robaron, y cambiaron mi informacion, por otra cuenta e-gold.Tengo todos los correos como documentos de su mala actuacion.
22:29180??15146.115.127.*UltimateTargetif6was9: Withdrew $1 and was paid instantly
20:20422??19 81.37.162.* ForexInvestorClubok!!!
19:55 383??20 200.125.33.* Big OpplePaid me on time to day, Batch 7908159* Success BigOpple.Thanks
19:40293??03195.151.204.*UltimateTargetI get paid $2.39 today INSTANTLY! Very profitable project and honest admin. d#bestHyips
19:14 300??10 87.65.123.* Daytona Group Int.PAID TODAY and ON TIME! Thank You Admin! YOU'RE THE BEST!
18:58270??8789.20.106.*FTPTradersIncSerious paying program!
18:58270??8789.20.106.*Bright ProfitsSerious paying program!
18:57270??8789.20.106.*Lion-InvestSerious paying program!
18:56270??8789.20.106.*PrettyInvestSerious paying program!
18:53402??31217.145.208.*HadeStoreStability paying! Thank Admin!
18:35382??82 82.83.142.* Hunter GoldStopped paying after the 24th payment on 3/30, 12 days ago. Lost $24. SCAM!
18:32326??3786.94.85.*UltimateTargetVera250…Instant payment again, April 10..$2.75…Thanks!!!!
18:24150??00195.54.5.*Bright ProfitsLook on IP-address! One man writes... From 06.04.07 bacht 78873206 I have made two withdrawals to me and there did not come payment!!! It SCAM!!!
18:13326??4587.248.165.*Bright Profitspaid
18:13432??9372.232.94.*LikeableHyippaid Me ThaNks Admin! Good Program
17:58355??38195.93.60.*Walls StreetPaid me x 3, thanks admin!
17:06281??54 59.94.136.* UltimateTargetshahab - $2.39 - Paid Instantly, Thanks Jackson
16:54362??40193.151.57.*Bright ProfitsBest program!!!
16:52362??40193.151.57.*Lion-InvestBest program!!!
16:50362??40193.151.57.*PrettyInvestBest program!!!
16:33362??40193.151.57.*Watery HYIPBest program!!!
16:24362??40193.151.57.*Slick InvestBest program!!!
16:1375??47 75.3.194.* UltimateTargetI had some great news this morning, Jackson is still paying like clockwork.
16:12319??2888.204.223.*PrettyInvestgood programm, thanks admin
16:11319??2888.204.223.*Lion-Investgood programm, thanks admin
16:09319??2888.204.223.*Bright Profitsgood programm, thanks admin
16:07319??2888.204.223.*FTPTradersIncgood programm, thanks admin
15:18113??74 147.96.122.* Advertising-InvestmentPaid! username: MAGGETTE
15:10 426??05 81.217.92.* LikeableHyipno batch id at payout
12:46 412??63 61.6.218.* Egold Club InvestExcellent website.
12:37 426??75 69.88.4.*MEGA-PayNot Paid For User msnwn
12:02385??85203.170.226.*Euro Capital Investbig ben not paid me 8 days ago 720 USD may be loose again
11:41337??35 85.94.226.* UltimateTargetsweety recieved instantly payment of 0.72$ - no problems Thanks for a good work Jackson!
11:35425??0062.165.36.*Orb Hyippaid me again! good programm, thanks admin.
10:35 418??61 66.199.184.*HK HYIPit's money machine - thanks
10:29421??61 83.135.7.* UltimateTargetpaid super programm
10:23 425??22 83.237.111.* United American FundPAID! THANKS.
9:50375??43 125.160.96.* InvesBestThe best program paying! Thanks admin!
9:48399??35 222.124.140.* Hyip For ForexPaid Today. Thank admin!
9:41356??3580.92.196.*LikeableHyipvery best paid me 23.30$ my account Neon
9:32 182??37 218.103.108.* TheCapitalFundsGot paid the bonus. Will reinvest again.
9:22419??1582.199.96.*KremInvestReceived payment again
7:23407??5858.71.175.*UltimateTargetwanieidayu -I received $3.47 from UltimateTarget.Net today. Thx Jackson!! :)
7:08359??9158.26.136.*Gold SpendsI'm writing again to inform would be investors to shun away from this site. Admin of top100hyip should also make sheer and honest judgement of investors concern.
6:53253??63 124.82.21.* UltimateTargetllmarachll, receive 2.37 within minutes... thanks.. New URL:
6:44421??46 124.82.36.* Swiss-Gold-Financereal scam.stay away
5:21411??92 70.65.216.* Marwin CapitalPaid on Time Thank you !!
5:20419??1582.199.96.*WorldInvestmentAllianceNice HYIP!
5:18240??52 61.180.45.* UltimateTargetwzgdy66 withdraw 1.91$ very good paying, thank jackson
3:42350??71 200.82.35.* Money Systemnew payment!
3:05248??20218.57.140.*UltimateTargetdahai001, withdraw 2.70$, paid instantly...New address of ultimatetarget is www.ultimatetarget.Net
2:54325??25203.160.1.*UltimateTargetryokaori, paid instanly to your account 0.15$ , thank jackson
2:48330??78 219.95.235.* AsianaGoldInvestThank admin...paid me today..The great program and honest admin.
2:00339??52 125.163.73.* E-gold Income InvestPaid 3/11 thank admin
1:29423??30 60.51.14.* Orb Hyipnot paying! very bad
0:37 416??42 219.93.152.*Oil and Gas Investmenti never vote any commet...somebody used my username to vote made bad vote to u..i already top up my investment usd 100..i no need to do that if i dont believ at your company...tq
0:24333??62203.92.154.*TheCapitalFundsPaid instantly. Great site. thanks admin.
0:08 424??56 61.91.160.* Bright Profitspaid