Vote Information for Friday 6 April 2007


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23:49404??19 62.141.38.* Profit-WayThey paid me Batch Number: 78873083
23:25428??4183.133.125.*Egolddioafter deposit my deposit lost and i contacted them and they ignored me! and delete me , and send me a bad talk!! BIG SCAMMER , I Losed 15$ , Not Invest Please
23:08405??90 212.80.89.* Profit-Wayi got paid from , i sutisfied from it.
22:31422??95 125.16.147.* Profit-WayGreat Hyip , hot , paid me , i will rate for next paying , best and fast support
22:04379??4986.34.61.*Success Hyippaid
22:03379??4986.34.61.*300-Dailypaid, thanks
22:02422??41200.152.204.*Profit-WayBest investment paid to me and my boy , i tink its honest
21:59379??4986.34.61.*Bright Profitspaid
21:57422??7383.18.189.*Profit-WayBest Prodram, well done!
21:54428??4183.133.125.*USA Tradepaying on time
21:53428??4183.133.125.*On-Line Capitalnot paid me!
21:52428??4183.133.125.*Success HyipIts a Scam , Be aware , i search in Whois and another ways and find it is a scam !
21:45422??54 222.44.43.* Profit-WayThey Have Fast Support Respond ,
21:44295??9086.125.75.*Success Hyippaid
21:43295??9086.125.75.*SimpInvestpaid, thanks
21:43423??14192.148.175.*Profit-WayGOT PAID , OK
21:41295??9086.125.75.*Bright Profitspaid
21:40422??79 81.10.48.* Profit-WayThey Paid to me and my friends.
21:33424??48203.154.86.*Profit-WayGood site
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21:32 272??37 88.164.81.* Daytona Group Int.Paid!Thanks! I invest 2k!
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21:28424??38195.175.37.*Profit-WayPaid Today
21:23113??74217.126.153.*Advertising-InvestmentPaid! username: MAGGETTE
20:53425??53218.7.48.*Profit-WayCOOL , PAID A LARG MONEY!
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19:22293??03195.151.204.*UltimateTargetPaid $2.52 instantly as usual. Good paying site! Paid always. id#bestHyips
19:03211??97 122.169.145.* TheCapitalFundsGot first day payment instantly. Good Job Mr. Admin
18:49372??3281.176.68.*PrettyInvestPays without problems
18:4275??47 71.156.35.* UltimateTargetThank you for your payment
18:39270??8789.20.116.*Success HyipGreat HYIP
18:38270??8789.20.116.*300-DailyGreat HYIP
18:37270??8789.20.116.*SimpInvestGreat HYIP
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18:34401??2724.81.37.*QuickTrackFundA great Hyip. Straight forward, no-nonsense program that delivers what is promissed. no hick-ups. Great work
18:34270??8789.20.116.*Bright ProfitsGreat HYIP
18:11372??3281.176.68.*Lion-InvestPays without problems
17:57 370??91 24.255.209.* PrettyInvestReinvesting is easy, but when it comes down to getting your money back, well it takes a long time and I am not sure if I will see my last withdraw for a few more weeks if at all.
16:36362??40193.151.57.*Success HyipBest program!!!
16:35362??40193.151.57.*300-DailyBest program!!!
16:34362??40193.151.57.*SimpInvestBest program!!!
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15:11430??48 218.111.169.* ABRO Investvery good service & make payment on time
15:05406??17 75.41.228.* ABRO InvestPAID! So far semms like a great program!
14:53333??62203.92.154.*Gold SpendsAdmin provide fake batch id ! Not deposit to account!.
14:52417??98202.125.173.*Advertising-InvestmentAI is paying everday. Username Oe_eO
14:43337??35 85.94.226.* UltimateTargetsweety been paid again for today 1.53$ from - very good support
14:18326??3786.94.85.*UltimateTargetVera250…Instant payment again, April 6....$2.85…Thanks!!!!
13:39407??5858.71.175.*UltimateTargetwanieidayu -UltimateTarget.NET paid me $2.56 today!! :)
13:29389??2038.101.156.*National-InvestPaid me sevral time admin is honest
13:19347??2960.186.33.*AsianaGoldInvestPayment Received 78877148 Gold +0.009932 4149346 6.70 USD 674.60
13:00347??2960.186.33.*UltimateTargetWindos8,$2.71,paid again.6th April 2007.New address of ultimatetarget is www.ultimatetarget.NET and new email address is jackson@ultimatetarget.NET
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10:39 4265614 PROXY Hot-Profit-Bank[Program Admin]> come one and make deposit
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10:13426??2183.133.125.*HotInvestCool! Instant paid again! Good job, admin! Will reinvest
10:12 4265696 PROXY HotInvest[Program Admin]> we paid all of profit on time today;keep your working with us
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10:10 402??59 84.178.97.* 300-Daily
8:29413??40 91.124.28.* UltimateTargetPleese - all payments in time, I like this project! Good job, thank you, Admin!
8:26 392??13 60.48.81.* e-gold4AllNo payment yet. No reply. Pending since 1/4.
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3:57 423??83 210.245.31.* ActiveOZGreat
3:45397??89219.93.228.*Swiss-Gold-FinanceNot paid me for two weeks......Admin also never reply support ticket....
1:40 347??42 219.93.152.*Secure Earnwithdrawal has been pending for 48 hrs. VERY BAD PAYMASTER
1:19302??10 196.217.223.* On-Line CapitalI lost $50 here, it's a scam, don't loose your money here.