Vote Information for Tuesday 3 April 2007


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23:31404??16 210.245.197.* MEGA-Paypaid again batch number: 78683724
23:23428??14206.222.31.*MEGA-PayGOT PAID FRO MEGA-PAY
23:21424??48195.175.37.*MEGA-Payhot program , friendly admin
23:15405??90 222.231.6.* MEGA-PayGreat Hyip , hot , paid me , i will rate for next paying , best and fast support
23:15 239??09 68.104.12.* NanoMoneyCorpIn profit! Love it!
23:14422??4172.232.94.*MEGA-PayGood site, paid me
23:12405??17 200.21.168.* TVEarnGOT PAID , OK
23:10420??91195.175.37.*TVEarnBest investment paid to me and my friend , is honest
23:06422??41206.222.31.*TVEarnreally instantly
23:04428??14 202.28.186.* TVEarnhot
23:03425??53147.243.236.*TVEarnvery good
23:01424??48195.175.37.*TVEarnExcellent program , well done.
23:00424??38206.222.31.*MEGA-Paypaid me
22:59424??38 200.46.241.* TVEarntanks , i got paid on time.
22:57383??92156.56.8.*500 Forex ClubSCAM!!! They only pay monitors!!
22:56383??92156.56.8.*Elite gold GroupNot paying!!! Probably only paying monitors
21:13415??26 217.118.66.* Aval-InvestpaidPays good 304 **** read news you are removed for a spam news was it is published
20:33359??99 88.210.64.* EarningGainpaying
20:22267??4762.140.244.*SimpInvestpaid. Thanks admin
20:21267??4762.140.244.*PrettyInvestVery good programm
20:19267??4762.140.244.*Orb Hyippaid me again!
20:17 406??82 152.3.214.* UltimateTargetUltimate Target payment system works like a champ! I have never miss a payment!
20:08270??8783.219.15.*300-DailyExcellent program! Never misses payment
20:06270??8783.219.15.*PrettyInvestExcellent program! Never misses payment
20:05270??8783.219.15.*SimpInvestExcellent program! Never misses payment
20:04270??8783.219.15.*Orb HyipExcellent program! Never misses payment
18:58326??4587.248.165.*Orb Hyippaid
18:57293??03195.151.204.*UltimateTargetPayout #42/100 -received $1.86 instantly from you, Admin! id#bestHyips
18:15113??74217.126.153.*Advertising-InvestmentPaid! username: MAGGETTE
17:44372??3281.176.68.*PrettyInvestIMHO, it is much better than others!
17:37355??38195.93.60.*QuickTrackFundPaid me x 3 Thanks Admin!
16:57422??5477.43.136.*Gold SpendsPaid. No pending paid out. Very good program. Reinvest again. Thanks admin.
16:55416??8241.204.224.*Oil and Gas Investmentthough my withdrawal is pending for some days,i still believe in your program.apologise for rating you bad earlier on.Been recommending you for friends.thanx
16:5275??47 75.1.4.* UltimateTargetThanks for the timely payouts. You are the greatest.
16:34362??40193.151.57.*300-DailyBest program!!!
16:32362??40193.151.57.*PrettyInvestBest program!!!
16:30362??40193.151.57.*SimpInvestBest program!!!
16:29362??40193.151.57.*Orb HyipBest program!!!
16:28417??98202.125.173.*Advertising-InvestmentAI is paying on time. Username Oe_eO
16:26 304??12 89.109.17.* Aval-InvestDelete my account with 25$ without any comments - SCAM!!!
16:20395??77 68.95.141.* USGolderDOES NOT pay/ do not answer e-mails. SCAM. They never transfer $ to e-gold acct. Green faces are SHILLS. paid by co. DO NOT INVEST! You will lose your money.
15:09260??54 83.237.228.* Become The FirstAll in time. Super project!
14:10261??1558.3.134.*ABRO InvestPaid!
13:35261??1558.3.134.*NewInvest-Clubpaid instantly!
13:28261??1558.3.134.*Gold SpendsPaid again!
13:09326??3786.94.85.*UltimateTargetVera250…Instant payment again, April 3....$2.73…Thanks!!!!
12:26356??81203.160.1.*UltimateTargetranmori , I withdraw 0.15$ , paid instanly , very good paying
11:55281??54 59.94.128.* UltimateTargetshahab - $3.16 was paid instantly today also
10:19319??85217.66.97.*Secure EarnVery good program! Honest admin!
9:19 423??45 165.228.132.*ScadFundGot paid today.thanks
8:50 410??52 85.214.91.*HK HYIPGood Job !
8:21 285??18 24.83.94.* Daytona Group Int.Very Good
7:26418??60 62.216.206.* e-gold4AllDoes not pay.Wrote several e-Mails,but no answer. $1210.- pending since over a week.Forget this HYIP
7:17244??4682.211.152.*VITA Bank
6:49419??5361.11.85.*ForexInvestorClubpayment fast thanks admin
6:21419??5361.11.85.*HadeStorepaid very fast thanks admin
5:41 374??77 81.236.163.* HyipMusicNo pay at all
5:20 399??46 60.52.41.* Secure Earnthey even help me when I accidentally make a wrong deposit, thanks
5:18295??9086.125.75.*Iron Bankpaid
5:17295??9086.125.75.*Orb Hyippaid
4:40385??85203.170.226.*Euro Capital Investso very slow if you withdraw web...e-goldcapital
3:15384??89203.160.1.*UltimateTargetshinichi , I withdraw 2.98$ , paid instanly , very good paying , thank jackson
3:09 411??18 124.82.29.* FX Golden Unionplsss...this invesment suck..i dont have any money since i invest
3:07253??6360.50.168.*UltimateTargetllmarachll, receive 2.37 instantly .. thanks .. New URL:
2:28299??23218.57.140.*UltimateTargetdahai001, withdraw 2.26$, paid instantly...New address of ultimatetarget is www.ultimatetarget.Net
2:11375??43 125.160.98.* InvesBestSpend # 3 paid full 11/11! Thanks admin!
1:30 403??24 202.184.214.* SoProfitSCAM SCAM SCAM .... dont invest here! never paid a single USD
0:00 403??64 66.135.39.*e-gold Capitalthis was my first and bad experience for hyip. no payment koorosh148