Vote Information for Tuesday 27 March 2007


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15:38395??77 68.95.147.* Veldrome FinanceWARNING: Shills/Paid Company Voters are Placing Bogus Green Faces & Saying that Everything is Fine! LIARS & THIEVES, DON'T INVEST YOU WILL LOSE ALL.
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9:57414??75 61.94.243.* Oil and Gas Investmentwhy u pending my payment for 5 days..i think n i hope u'r good program...admin..when it heppen????my mail i don't respon from u..admin
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9:20 386??26 60.51.34.* ForexInvestorClubwow..this is first time i got paid from hpip program..dah banyak kali terkena kahkah kah!!cayalah lu..FIC
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7:37 420??00 60.53.34.* MAX Fundzam waiting they pay also..stil not yet been few day...pls process for...y always we invest never get pay????..n y others invest(exspecially the IP get paid)????...scam ka ni
7:23411??29 125.161.194.* Big Opple
7:02 391??91 222.253.31.* Vista Incomenot paid . Scam
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