Vote Information for Monday 16 January 2017


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15:29U1147??1537.35.107.*HourlyPayrollOUTSTANDING!!!! +0.64438 BTC / +$533.60 USD Hash: 5452900bfe5e3526b0ffc3573cafb9703b54ddc4a17c1 6e6ef7195c0e15c4a8d
15:28U1134??17192.71.249.*HourlyPayrollDear member, $464.58 has been successfully sent to your Payeer account P---------. Batch Number : 289342644 Best regards, HourlyPayroll Support
15:00 U839??17 85.195.82.*HourlyUsd16.01.17 16:44;Account;Receive;Received Payment 36.8 USD from account U13585192 to account U10740068. Batch: 160452456. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to market2 from
11:35U1340??00188.166.227.*DeriveMoneyReceived Payment 16.5 USD from account U11672614 to account U********. Batch: 160311658. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to ThomasEaccount from
11:33U1340??00188.166.227.*HourPay Receive Received Payment 1.5 USD from account U13396295 to account U********. Batch: 160311532. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to BruceHZOE from HOUR PAY LIMITEDBest Bitcoin Investment.
11:29U1340??00188.166.227.*5bitReceive Received Payment 2.5 USD from account U13675296 to account U********. Batch: 160311258. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to BruceHZOE from
9:40U495??25112.74.108.*HourlyUsdDate : 01/16/2017 08:37 From/To Account : U13585192 Amount : 3.24 Currency : USD Batch : 160402033 Memo : API Payment. Withdrawal to qitay from Payment ID : withdraw
8:27U1336??35103.192.224.*HourPay Operation date: 16 Jan 2017 11:11 Operation ID: 289216318 Operation type: transfer Status: success Credited: 3.3 $ Comment: Withdraw to opsgre from HOUR PAY LIMITED|Best Bitcoin Investment From: P45089448
8:26U1336??35103.192.224.*5bitOperation date: 16 Jan 2017 11:08 Operation ID: 289215298 Operation type: transfer Status: success Credited: 9.2 $ Comment: Withdrawal to toaoae from From: P51729571
8:25U1336??35103.192.224.*DeriveMoneyOperation date: 16 Jan 2017 11:02 Operation ID: 289212903 Operation type: transfer Status: success Credited: 662 $ Comment: Withdrawal to Carmand7652 from From: P46461774
6:23U507??7724.55.100.*MostForexInstant Payment !!! 16.01.17 06:33 Received Payment 2.61 USD from account U12646520 to account U5077677. Batch: 160391632. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to edpr2140 from
3:09U800??26 123.206.46.* HourlyUsdThe amount of 62.8 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U13585192-U672****. Date: 02:44 16.01.17. Batch: 160317830. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to andrebraun325 from
3:08U612??29 139.162.79.* Hour Coins15.01.17 13:45 Account Received Payment $370.0 USD from account U6395389 to account U12312684. Batch: 160360253. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to Esquire1 from
2:47U1238??12172.96.113.*5bit$11.90 has been successfully sent to your Perfect Money account U*****************. Transaction batch is 160380810.