Vote Information for Saturday 24 March 2007


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23:56422??54 146.226.2.* NewWay-InvestHot Program for Invest Now.
23:54382??22 69.57.140.* TopMarketGroupI have withdrawl today $1, thank's very much you are a very good hyip, that I neverseem before Simply Excellent Program! Paid
23:52422??73203.99.204.*Start-MoneyPAID ONTIME
23:50422??73203.99.204.*NewWay-Investpaid me on test on time.
23:44424??3858.71.26.*Start-Moneyhonested admin and instantly payments.
23:42424??3858.71.26.*NewWay-Investoh my god The have a lot of moneyes ! empowered my e-gold account!
23:38 390??52 217.125.69.* Oil and Gas InvestmentThe requested payment was pending 7days... Where is my money?
23:36379??4986.34.61.*Maxterspaid me
23:29422??79195.175.37.*Start-MoneyIt is really greate. Paid Me Fast.
23:28422??79125.244.115.*NewWay-Investi gauranteed this for you.
23:27379??4986.34.61.*Giftradepaid me
23:24422??41125.244.115.*Start-MoneyGood site, well done!
23:24379??4986.34.61.*Genial Hyippaid
23:22422??41159.148.3.*NewWay-Investits super investment , paid to all of my referrals !
23:19379??4986.34.61.*e-gold Capitalpaid
23:19422??95159.148.3.*Start-MoneyGOT PAID
23:09422??95 219.140.167.* NewWay-InvestCOOL
23:04420??91195.175.37.*Start-MoneyExcellent program
23:03420??91195.175.37.*NewWay-Investok , i serch for all of options and found it is a good investment program , ok.
22:59415??65195.175.37.*NewWay-Investvery good , tanks admin for award , they are very rich !
22:54405??90222.89.65.*Start-Moneygood project , paying to me today
22:53405??90222.89.65.*NewWay-Investpaid me
21:04 405??83 86.57.181.* KremInvestнормальный проект, вложиться можно
21:04273??82 69.215.130.* Reho-GrainPaid me again
21:03272??59 71.59.64.* Reho-GrainPaid honest HYIP really
21:02404??38 89.238.17.* Reho-GrainPerfectly works and makes good profit
21:01260??77 84.58.229.* Reho-GrainAlways paying, no problem!
21:00272??39 88.17.34.* Reho-GrainPaid once again...
20:59260??19 88.233.37.* Reho-GrainReally the best
20:58415??6283.133.125.*Oil and Gas Investmentthis program paid me on time every day without any problem. why you make fake vote ? thank you Oil and Gas Investment
20:58339??70 190.74.51.* Reho-GrainWell paying system
20:57260??69 69.118.189.* Reho-GrainPaid on time as usual!! !! !!
20:56314??73 212.139.219.* Reho-GrainNo problems .. Hope for long ;))
20:55314??65 82.231.33.* Reho-GrainOne of the best
20:54271??40 67.168.200.* Reho-Graingreat program
20:53360??45 24.45.54.* Reho-GrainPaid by schedule, thanks admin.
20:51348??9774.101.254.*Reho-GrainPaid well and always in time
20:49280??15 69.222.71.* Reho-GrainPaid well, indeed
20:48339??46 75.176.85.* Reho-GrainReliable investment.
20:46375??44 68.2.172.* Reho-Grainpay!pay!pay!
20:45360??63 172.213.26.* Reho-GrainNice program... ;)
20:44335??46 69.253.230.* Reho-GrainIt is really great HYIP. Paid Me Fast!!!
20:43375??13 24.187.147.* Reho-GrainA very satisfied investor indeed! ! !!
20:42296??6271.233.168.*Reho-GrainGreat invest program!
20:40326??1024.188.248.*Reho-GrainPaid 6/20. Thanks!
20:39260??5471.234.249.*Reho-Grain***PAID & PAID***
20:38348??10 172.147.186.* Reho-GrainPaid 8/20. Thanks!
20:36272??52 217.75.151.* Reho-GrainWas paid today
20:34317??6785.168.120.*Orb Hyipnot paying scamm!!!!!!! only monitors
20:31280??54 76.212.151.* Reho-GrainPaid like clock.
20:30272??9724.201.37.*Reho-GrainPayment received thanks!
20:27271??4224.196.201.*Reho-GrainThanks for payment!
20:26270??63 83.237.239.* Reho-GrainNever misses payment.
18:30326??3786.94.85.*UltimateTargetVera250...Got paid instantly...$2.96 for today...Thanks!!!
18:14319??36 219.95.94.* Start2EarnPaid me thanks admin -flyguy-
17:24389??57 172.177.42.* Get1000Profitsvery good payment, thank you.....Uejklss
16:57253??6360.53.219.*UltimateTargetllmarachll, receive 2.27 instantly ... thanks ..
16:53 342??92 74.112.200.* Coral-FinanceNo Payouts whatsoever! Did not include Principle in "hypothetical" payout. Did not respond to Emails. I will retract if I ever get paid!
15:35402??81200.85.47.*UltimateTargetgot paid again instantly 0.35$. I love this program! aktienpower
15:32360??65 201.92.152.* Open Tradeit is not 3 stars, is 5 stars. No Problem, top100.
15:15423??46202.155.141.*Oil and Gas Investmentwhere's my pay???!!!! 4 days you pending my payment, what happen with u'r program..???
15:11414??75202.155.141.*Oil and Gas Investment4 days pending payment....admin
14:56347??29125.118.242.*UltimateTargetAccount windos8,$2.27,paid instantly.24 March 2007.
14:54362??40193.151.57.*GiftradeBest program!!!
14:53362??40193.151.57.*888-888-888Best program!!!
14:52362??40193.151.57.*ZizynitBest program!!!
14:52362??40193.151.57.*Genial HyipBest program!!!
14:49362??40193.151.57.*ItsBusinessLevelBest program!!!
14:48362??40193.151.57.*e-gold CapitalBest program!!!
14:47348??5569.163.244.*DayTradeProsexcellent paying site
14:24180??15146.115.127.*UltimateTargetif6was9: withdrew $2.21, paid instantly
14:21270??63 83.237.231.* Become The Firstthe best HYIP!nice!
14:20272??52 69.237.144.* Become The FirstStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
14:05246??58194.145.216.*GiftradePays constantly... I like!
14:03246??58194.145.216.*888-888-888Pays constantly... I like!
14:02246??58194.145.216.*MaxtersPays constantly... I like!
14:00246??58194.145.216.*ZizynitPays constantly... I like!
13:58246??58194.145.216.*Genial HyipPays constantly... I like!
13:56246??58194.145.216.*ItsBusinessLevelPays constantly... I like!
13:54246??58194.145.216.*e-gold CapitalPays constantly... I like!
13:22344??69202.43.172.*Fast Future FundNever Miss Any Payment To All Members. It 100% Trusted Site Nice Admin Good Coustomer Support. It Replies All The Quaries Of Members. Solid Site Super Genuine 100%
13:19344??69202.43.172.*World Trade ClubsNever Miss Any Payment To All Members. It 100% Trusted Site Nice Admin Good Coustomer Support. It Replies All The Quaries Of Members. Solid Site Super Genuine 100%
12:25395??77 68.95.138.* Veldrome FinanceWAITING 3 DAYS & NO PAMENTS. THEFT. DON'T INVEST
12:10421??95 60.48.60.* Get1000Profitsi got paid my first withdraw seens 2 day pending~~ thank you
12:04410??2391.149.86.*Hot-Profit-BankSCAM! Don't trust in "Very Good" votes.
11:54410??2391.149.86.*Elite gold GroupSCAM!!! No any payments.
11:46410??22 148.243.167.* ProHyipClubProhyipclub es un Fraude mas de internet, no me pago, hice mi deposito de prueba de 1 dolar y me habia ganado $10 al reinvertirlo, lo cobre y no me llego nada, FRAUDE FRAUDE FRAUDE, NO INVIERTAS
11:21339??07195.128.16.*CompaxFundGreat program!
10:37135??4280.252.254.*GiftradeVery good! Honest program!
10:36135??4280.252.254.*888-888-888Very good! Honest program!
10:35135??4280.252.254.*ZizynitVery good! Honest program!
10:34135??4280.252.254.*Genial HyipVery good! Honest program!
10:32135??4280.252.254.*ItsBusinessLevelVery good! Honest program!
10:31135??4280.252.254.*e-gold CapitalVery good! Honest program!
10:14248??20218.57.140.*UltimateTargetdahai001, withdraw 2.07$, paid instantly..... I like this project!!! Thx Jackson!
9:33301??6881.169.147.*JadeHyipAfter to problem, I have received only 4/30 payment. Not paid 23-24/03
9:29 416??36 149.9.0.*HK HYIP:-)
8:40401??27 91.6.1.* Genial HyipPaid not, no support, as all sides in this outfit (do the positive evaluations come from admin?) Invest better here:- - only 12% per week, but those are always punctually paid.
6:30200??57 217.119.145.* 150-250 HyipPaid Batch 78138291, thx!
1:37384??89203.160.1.*UltimateTargetshinichi , I withdraw 2$(bonus 1,24) , paid instanly , very good paying , thank jackson
0:25383??6267.15.183.*TopMarketGroupTopMarketGroup is really great program. Received 1st payment!
0:18 406??92 65.59.219.*TopMarketGroupwell seriouse program! Honest admin. hyip is one of the best!
0:12 406??63 75.126.6.* TopMarketGroupreceived the seven payment. thanks thanks admin
0:03 282??72 208.54.15.* Human Life ProfitNOT PAYING! If you are very small you will... anyone else gets their requests cancelled and after repeated attempts at communication... NOTHING! Thieves!!!
0:02406??5769.64.76.*TopMarketGroupPAID today $1. I like Instant withdrawals batch #744283**