Vote Information for Friday 23 March 2007


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23:52382??2269.57.140.*TopMarketGroupthanks admin!! always get paid..!! cooll hyip program! great! let's get join
23:33375??5488.214.203.*CompaxFundStable,reliable program! No problems with this project!
23:07382??30 196.218.30.* Neo-YieldPAID !! Paid me with e-gold Batch id = 78132954. Really paying. Thanks Admin.
22:27293??03195.151.204.*UltimateTargetPayout #31/100 plus bonus - received $1.32 instantly. My profit is 372%! Thank you, Admin! id#bestHyips
21:19401??4680.191.216.*Online CapitalPaid always like!
19:3975??47 75.3.238.* UltimateTargetThank you very much for your prompt payout.
19:02372??3287.238.119.*KremInvestAll payments received, Reinvested!
18:17329??69200.105.216.*FiveWeeklyForLifeThey continue paying me as promised. 5 payments received without any problem. Great investment, Solid and honest.
18:15329??69200.105.216.*Big OpplePaid me 1/14 and 2/14 on time as promised. Great.
18:13329??69200.105.216.*CambistexA great oportunity. One of the best programs on the market. Paid me several times as promised.
18:10329??69200.105.216.*EarningGainThey continue paying as usual, instant payments every day. Great.
18:08382??85 91.124.217.* KremInvestExcellent! Paid me! I'll reinvest!
17:52399??2585.249.0.*Good Life ProfitP A Y I N G !!!
17:26425??00 211.5.205.* ActualBANKJust got promised $5 bonus to egold. I wanna say that today is nice day! Thank you guys!
16:58326??3786.94.85.*UltimateTargetVera250...Got paid instantly...$3.03 for today...Thanks!!!
16:30 389??63 124.82.91.* 888-888-888where my profit. pundek?????????????????
16:2874??79 200.205.47.* 150-250 HyipThey paid me today!!!
15:33266??78 200.121.34.* 1000 Daily OnlineDON'T EVEN BOTHER INVESTING HERE THEY'RE NOT PAYING PERIOD
15:30200??57217.119.145.*InvtexOn of the Best, paid like clockwork instantly, thx!
15:27253??6360.53.219.*UltimateTargetllmarachll, receive 2.27 instantly ... thanks ..
15:25200??57217.119.145.*Orb HyipPayd, batch 78119801, thanks!
14:55347??29125.118.242.*UltimateTargetAccount windos8,$2.34,paid instantly.23 March 2007.
14:40348??5569.163.244.*DayTradeProsexcellent paying site
14:13401??70203.144.143.*Start2EarnGot my payment fast. Thanks.
13:58301??22217.145.208.*TopMarketGroupVery good, paid instantly! Thank Admin!
13:52 4239553 PROXY Start2Earn[Program Admin]> Paying good. Today payment received. Thanks.
13:30410??23194.247.134.*Veldrome FinanceLast payment was received 21 Mar 07. No payments anymore...
12:53246??58194.145.216.*Ancient HyipPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
12:52339??46 85.140.83.* Become The FirstThis program is the best of all
12:50296??6274.101.254.*Become The FirstGoody-Good!
12:50246??58194.145.216.*GiftradePayments regular! I like to work with this program!
12:48246??58194.145.216.*e-gold CapitalPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
12:46246??58194.145.216.*Genial HyipPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
12:44246??58194.145.216.*888-888-888Payments regular! I like to work with this program!
12:41246??58194.145.216.*ZizynitPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
12:39246??58194.145.216.*ItsBusinessLevelPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
12:29299??23218.57.140.*UltimateTargetdahai001, withdraw 2.07$, paid instantly..... I like this project! Thx Jackson!
12:22414??75 61.5.80.* Oil and Gas Investmenti get no payment since 2 days ago until now.....
10:38395??77 68.95.131.* Veldrome FinanceWaiting for 2 Days & NO Payment. This program is OVER. ONLY paying SHILLS & MONITORS. DO NOT INVEST!!!
9:27413??40 91.124.28.* UltimateTargetpleese - I've gotten paid again from instant withdrawal without any problem. Thanks Jackson!
9:05395??77 68.95.138.* Better-InvestI answer you! INTO THEIR POCKETS. YOU really din't think they were doing this for you, did you??
7:38419??9858.71.175.*UltimateTargetammashor -received $9.61 today. way to go Jackson!! :)
5:09421??46 124.82.32.* Kosmo Groupgot bck my capital+return..good job..
4:37 392??58 82.200.230.* KremInvestVery good! Have payment!
3:34 421??94 68.123.2.* 150-250 HyipNot Paying-They will pay the monitors and a dollar or two but that is it
1:13348??05 60.52.13.* Ravon Investso far so good..good work!!!
1:07330??89165.228.129.*Become The Firstpaid again - thanks admin
0:39330??89165.228.129.*CompaxFundpaid again - thanks
0:31 401??91 87.127.125.* EGeneration ClubGood program. Great admins. Keeps paying.