Vote Information for Monday 19 March 2007


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23:29413??6485.25.148.*MAX FundzBig real payments! I tried it already!
23:28413??6485.25.148.*FlyInvestmentBig real payments! I tried it already!
23:27413??6485.25.148.*SoProfitBig real payments! I tried it already!
23:26413??6485.25.148.*ItsBusinessLevelBig real payments! I tried it already!
23:26413??6485.25.148.*e-gold4AllBig real payments! I tried it already!
23:25413??6485.25.148.*150-250 HyipBig real payments! I tried it already!
22:57326??4587.248.165.*MAX Fundzpaid
22:56 358??92 200.122.63.* SoProfitSeems that they are NOT paying for real!
22:56326??4587.248.165.*4 Profit Hyippaid
22:46326??4587.248.165.*150-250 Hyippaid
22:27215??84 91.124.210.* Profits AlliancePaying project! Think this project will work else long!
21:53375??5488.214.203.*CompaxFundStable,reliable program! No problems with this project!
20:58342??5980.77.92.*CompaxFundExcellent program!
20:43353??5769.31.67.*CompaxFundVery good Program! Excellent admin!
20:29333??8369.50.168.*CompaxFundPayment received!
20:1585??9185.196.212.*Profits AllianceI see very good program!!!
19:50135??42217.77.216.*4 Profit HyipHonest! Paid!
19:48135??42217.77.216.*MAX FundzHonest! Paid!
19:47135??42217.77.216.*FlyInvestmentHonest! Paid!
19:46135??42217.77.216.*SoProfitHonest! Paid!
19:45135??42217.77.216.*ItsBusinessLevelHonest! Paid!
19:43135??42217.77.216.*e-gold4AllHonest! Paid!
19:42135??42217.77.216.*150-250 HyipHonest! Paid!
19:3841??49 80.94.254.* Iron BankDon't paid even small sums. I wait 1.5$ more than 24 hours. This is SCAM!
18:5275??47 75.2.220.* UltimateTargetThank you for the $5.70 payout to Eagle1.
18:47326??3786.94.85.*UltimateTargetVera250...received instant payment again today TY..$3.11
18:13372??3287.238.119.*Profits AllianceA very satisfied investor indeed
17:55271??9680.255.41.*TradeProDirectDon't invest only paying monitor
17:53390??66 203.76.176.* SoProfitnot paying, invest if you wanna loose, SCAMMER.
17:38273??82 85.98.88.* Reho-GrainPaid, long time in profit !
17:38 349??88 196.209.253.* UltimateTargetI'm very impressed! I've tried so hard previously and lost a lot of money! What impress me the most is your emails! That personal contact is very important in every bussiness!!! THANK YOU ULTIMATE TARGET!!! KEEP IT UP!
17:37272??59 193.19.70.* Reho-GrainI recomend this HYIP!
17:32404??3874.100.21.*Reho-GrainGood program! Great support!
17:30260??77 87.206.39.* Reho-GrainVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
17:28272??39 80.141.111.* Reho-Grain:)))very very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
17:27260??19 83.30.54.* Reho-GrainA very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
17:25339??70 200.83.232.* Reho-Grainthe best HYIP!nice!
17:23260??69 83.86.105.* Reho-GrainStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
17:20314??73 67.185.177.* Reho-GrainWhat a great project!
17:18314??65148.63.199.*Reho-GrainExcellent program! Never misses payment.
17:15271??40 201.9.234.* Reho-Grainpaid! SuperHYIP!!!
17:13360??45 217.132.184.* Reho-GrainPaying on time and great e-mail support.
17:07348??97 213.182.202.* Reho-GrainMy favourite invest program
17:03280??15 88.222.212.* Reho-GrainVery-very good. I really like it !
17:01339??46 190.49.79.* Reho-GrainBest! best..
16:59375??44221.31.88.*Reho-GrainGood hyip...paid!
16:53360??63 24.183.27.* Reho-GrainVery good program
16:51335??46 201.50.148.* Reho-GrainS U P E R : Paid and Paid
16:50 367??35 212.137.16.*Dream 1000 DailyClaims to send withdrwal, but not to member's e-gold account.
16:48375??13 213.141.74.* Reho-Graingreat program, good paid!
16:44369??51212.137.16.*GuardianProfitsthey are operating in an advanced fraud way, they show you profit but not takable but goes back to earning with them
16:42405??50213.232.196.*500 Forex ClubNot pay! Scam.
16:40296??62 203.203.199.* Reho-GrainThis program is the best of all
16:36369??51212.137.16.*InvestAreanot paying. i do not know what is wrong with them.
16:33260??54172.208.129.*Reho-GrainMy favourite invest program
16:32348??1066.203.213.*Reho-GrainThank you admin
16:30272??5274.100.21.*Reho-GrainI got my 1st interest
16:28280??5466.203.213.*Reho-Grainbeen paid today!
16:28375??43 125.160.96.* InvtexIs a paying site! Thanks!
16:22272??9766.203.213.*Reho-GrainVery Stable and Professional
16:19271??4224.27.66.*Reho-GrainPaid on time as usual!!
16:08270??63 85.140.81.* Reho-GrainPaid and rated again..
16:01410??23194.247.134.*Hot-Profit-BankSCAM. Don't invest!!!
15:43410??23194.247.134.*Euro Capital InvestReally the SCAM!!! No any payments.
15:38410??23194.247.134.*Elite gold GroupIt is SCAM. They didn't paid me! Don't invest!!!
15:05399??05 121.120.3.* Future HyipWanted to withdraw but each time clik at "withdraw"..automatic log out! Sent email not reply. Please help me.
14:50301??22217.145.208.*InvtexVery good, paid instantly again! Thank Admin!
14:41 397??73 202.161.44.* PaxInvest
14:13253??15213.184.238.*Profits AlliancePerfect project!! Fast payout! Good support!
14:00348??5569.163.244.*DayTradeProsexcellent program
13:54408??77219.95.99.*SoProfitnot paid~~ already pending 1 day ~~~ Daily%
13:49421??46 124.82.21.* Swiss-Gold-Financegood programme n paying
13:46410??23194.247.134.*500 Forex ClubThey does not pay!!! It's SCAM.
13:45408??77219.95.99.*MAX Fundznot paid~~ already 1 day help clear please
12:54169??1524.203.160.*Constant Investment2 days not paid!
12:44329??39 61.6.212.* Genial Hyipnot paying since 13/3/07 and 15/3/07, still pending
12:40376??23 125.160.67.* Aliativaaliativa expectancy. best best best... forever
11:13 4210942 PROXY JadeHyip[Program Admin]> Paid every day.good.
10:04382??52 125.160.65.* Constant InvestmentI play hyip 3 month;moon ago. there no one hyip which return capital, always lose , return capital have never, I estimate star 5 can bring back drubbing, really the thief also
8:25301??6881.169.147.*JadeHyipNOT PAID, NOT PAID, NOT PAID, don't invest to this site - I have invested 50 usd to date 3/16/2007. Any payment received. Admin not answer my mail. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!
8:12336??38193.151.15.*Profits AllianceGreat paying program! 4 of 5 received, I'm one step away from profit! Fake voters must die!!!
7:19 343??05 222.150.252.* e-InvestProIn this site, it is received money by a moment.
5:10403??63 70.48.27.* Rebel FinancingI am paid each workdays 3 weeks now, that's so good ;)
3:21375??43 125.160.99.* InvesBestPaid me as always! Reliable site! Thanks admin!
2:14 403??88 75.71.61.* Iron BankI won't call it very bad because the website works beautifully, it has consistently displayed withdrawal pending for 2 days now. Don't roll the dice on this one too many more times.