Vote Information for Monday 28 September 2015


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18:12U422??2089.234.157.*RDR ClubPaid again and again !
17:48U936??6037.187.129.*STR InvestmentsGot paid again !
17:23U766??38 193.110.157.* Growing ProfitsThank you very much !
12:23U206??1989.234.157.*ARXN GroupPaying me always on time !
12:22U208??6377.247.181.*VLS ClubI am in profit. Thanks :-)
12:20U997??39109.163.234.*RXN InvestmentsWell done Admin !
0:24U812??21 201.40.35.* C7 LimitedRequest the deposit of 300US for activation of a service code.They deleted my account with all my deposit. Do not respond to my requests.