Vote Information for Saturday 17 March 2007


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22:3518??33 71.136.98.* Kosmo Group...a RELIABLE Program so far...keep going guys as long as possible (??)
21:57 4222860 PROXY Professional-Business[Program Admin]> paying now. thank you admin.
21:34326??4587.248.165.*Iron Bankpaid
21:33326??4587.248.165.*Clarion Investpaid
21:23215??84 91.124.216.* Profits AlliancePaying project! This project will work else long!
21:07 414??00 88.246.0.* FlyInvestmentPaying only to monitors! I have some nice amount still waiting for withdrawal since last 72 hours or more!!!!
20:44399??05 121.120.11.* e-gold4AllMy withdrawal stil PENDINGsince 15th March 07. Wrote to email but no reply!
20:35 4210704 PROXY Hot-Profit-Bank[Program Admin]> Fast payouts and wonderful new big plan
20:34421??3672.232.94.*Hot-Profit-BankSplendid HYIP ! Just paying, paying and paying every trading day ! Recommend !
20:34421??5672.232.94.*Hot-Profit-Bankreceived next payment I am verry Happyyy !!!
20:33421??2672.232.94.*Hot-Profit-Bankgot back 900$ today;thanks adim;keep your working
20:09401??68195.10.218.*Not-ScamThanks. 45$ recieved
19:58354??60202.43.172.*Fuqi FundPaid again !!
19:57354??60202.43.172.*Veldrome FinanceFantastic !!! Always paid for more than 40 days, and paid for $1500. Great !!
19:29372??3287.238.119.*Clarion InvestReceived your payment Admin
19:08372??3287.238.119.*Profits AlliancePaying on time and great e-mail support.
19:04372??3287.238.119.*Iron BankPaying on time and great e-mail support.
18:57372??3287.238.119.*ReliableFundPaying on time and great e-mail support.
18:55419??39159.148.54.*Professional-BusinessPosle togo kak vvodi6 sredstva na s4et, oni blokirujut dostup k aakountu- eto vigljadit kak postojannoe viskakivanie na glavnuju stranicu
18:44383??46206.222.31.*Clarion Investbig scam
17:47348??5569.163.244.*Hot-Profit-BankI checked this one out in whois, this is one of the biggest scams.
17:45348??5569.163.244.*Q1InvestmentI checked this one out in whois, this is one of the biggest scams.
17:38348??5569.163.244.*DayTradeProsThis is the greatest site I invested in. From the begin on, they paid me like a clockwork and the admin is very nice.
17:1975??47 75.1.248.* UltimateTargetThis program works like my Swiss watch
17:19326??3786.94.85.*UltimateTargetVera250...Got paid again instantly..$2.49...Thanks!!!
17:19200??57217.119.147.*Orb HyipFrist payment received today, thanks!
17:16200??57217.119.147.*Constant InvestmentStable & reliable payments, on of the best, thanks!
17:13200??57217.119.147.*InvtexStable & reliable payments, thanks!
16:58390??62 217.227.166.* EarningGainNo Problem, paid in 2 minutes to e-gold, thanks!
16:32395??61194.44.38.*Magic Money GameVery good site. paying every day!
16:21242??26193.93.13.*Magic Money Gamethey are PAYING!!!!!!
15:44299??0859.136.52.*4DaysI have not received payment of March 17. Be careful.
15:30365??67 125.162.42.* ProgramHYIPNot paid. Don't invest
15:24135??42217.77.216.*Iron BankGot paid!
15:23135??42217.77.216.*Clarion InvestGot paid!
15:22135??42217.77.216.*SoProfitGot paid!
15:21135??42217.77.216.*ItsBusinessLevelGot paid!
15:20135??42217.77.216.*ReliableFundGot paid!
14:28400??41193.34.20.*Profits AlliancePaid 2/5! Great, keep going!
14:27330??89165.228.129.*Atemalopaid again - thanks
13:47246??58194.145.216.*Iron BankPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
13:45246??58194.145.216.*Clarion InvestPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
13:43246??58194.145.216.*SoProfitPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
13:42246??58194.145.216.*ItsBusinessLevelPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
13:20400??7385.114.87.*Neo-YieldThey paid me only 40%! Than – nothing. No answers, no money! Bad idea to invest here!
12:46246??58194.145.216.*Profits AlliancePayments regular! I like to work with this program!
12:38 353??75 218.208.196.* Human Life Profitoh.. very good... i just started and after 3 day i just paying..
11:47 409??03 81.199.76.* ProgramHYIPThe program is a scam.Its first impression to me proves so beyond reasonable doubt.4 days after making a trial investment on a day plan,i'm yet to receive my pay even after mailing them on the second day.The program is a scam unless i'm proved otherwise.
11:45 392??98 159.148.3.*Magic Money Gamevery good instant paid, Batch is 77792605
11:21375??43 125.160.97.* InvesBestPaid as always! Thanks admin!
10:53375??13 71.233.250.* Euro Capital Investgot paid
10:52296??6276.18.237.*Euro Capital Investrealy paid !!!
10:51326??1067.86.105.*Euro Capital Investvery good and fast. Thanks
10:50260??5424.27.66.*Euro Capital InvestBest! best..
10:49348??1074.115.23.*Euro Capital InvestGood hyip...paid!
10:47271??42 75.12.150.* Euro Capital Investpaid, thanks. Good program!
10:43270??6312.207.153.*Euro Capital Investalways paid, today too
10:36373??0180.80.111.*Profits AlliancePaid me 2/5 payout! Good!
10:33404??3874.115.23.*Euro Capital InvestVery good program
10:25404??3868.52.102.*Gold Trading SocietyMy first withdrawal received!
10:13382??18 91.124.108.* Profits AllianceExcellent! Paid me! I'll reinvest!
9:50272??59172.169.194.*Spencer Financial ClubThis program is the best of all
9:50392??1983.116.132.*SoProfitnot paying SCAM SCAM don't invest here
9:50272??59172.169.194.*Gold Trading Societygreat program, good paid!
9:42260??7712.226.74.*Stable Forex IncomeMy favorit HYIP
9:41260??7764.53.171.*Money Lounge Corp.Good Admin Response.
9:41260??7712.226.74.*500 Forex ClubGreat Hyip!!!
9:40260??7712.226.74.*EGold Profit ClubThank you admin
9:40260??7712.226.74.*Swiss GoldI got my 1st interest
9:39260??7712.226.74.*Elite gold Groupbeen paid today!
9:39260??7712.226.74.*FX Golden UnionVery Stable and Professional
9:38260??7712.226.74.*Gold Trading SocietyPaid on time as usual!!
9:37260??7712.226.74.*Spencer Financial ClubPaid and rated again..
9:36260??7712.226.74.*Euro Capital Investpaid and rate :) thanks admin
9:30272??3924.151.11.*Stable Forex IncomePaying... Best wishes
9:29272??3924.151.11.*Money Lounge Corp.Paid....THANKS!
9:28272??3924.151.11.*500 Forex Club... INVEST.....!
9:27272??3924.151.11.*EGold Profit ClubVery stable ...
9:26272??3924.151.11.*Swiss GoldThank you Admin!!!
9:24272??3924.151.11.*Elite gold GroupAlways paid! THANKS!!!
9:23272??3924.151.11.*FX Golden UnionGood And Honest.
9:22272??3924.151.11.*Gold Trading SocietyGreat invest program
9:22272??3924.151.11.*Spencer Financial ClubPaid!!!- Paid on time as usual
9:21272??3924.151.11.*Euro Capital InvestNo problems with payouts. Thanks
9:07260??1970.45.6.*Stable Forex IncomePaid well and always in time
9:06260??1970.45.6.*Money Lounge Corp.Paid Very Good Thanks Admin.
9:06260??1970.45.6.*500 Forex ClubVery cool programm! Paid me.
9:05260??1970.45.6.*EGold Profit ClubPaid by schedule, thanks admin.
9:04260??1970.45.6.*Swiss Goldvery fast payment. Thanks Admin.
9:04260??1970.45.6.*Elite gold GroupPaid without problems
9:03260??1970.45.6.*FX Golden UnionGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
9:03260??1970.45.6.*Gold Trading SocietyPaid my interest. Very honest admin. Will re-invest !!!
9:02260??1970.45.6.*Spencer Financial ClubReally the best
9:02260??1970.45.6.*Euro Capital InvestPaid - FAST - Paid - FAST - as usual
8:57339??7068.22.243.*Stable Forex IncomeGood program, Paid regularly
8:56339??7068.22.243.*Money Lounge Corp.Paid once again...
8:56339??7068.22.243.*500 Forex ClubThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
8:55339??7068.22.243.*EGold Profit ClubSuper Program! Thanks admin!
8:55339??7068.22.243.*Swiss GoldAlways paying, no problem!
8:54339??7068.22.243.*Elite gold Groupgot paid just in time, very good program.
8:54339??7068.22.243.*FX Golden UnionPerfectly works and makes good profit
8:53339??7068.22.243.*Gold Trading SocietyPayment received, very good
8:53339??7068.22.243.*Spencer Financial ClubGreat project, paid! Join!
8:52339??7068.22.243.*Euro Capital InvestPaid me again
8:48260??6924.151.11.*Stable Forex IncomeI got paid today. Thanks admin.
8:47260??6924.151.11.*Money Lounge Corp.received ... payment. very good and stable program.!
8:47260??6924.151.11.*500 Forex ClubMy favorite prog! Thanks admin!
8:46260??6924.151.11.*EGold Profit Clubpaid again. All right. The best invest program
8:46260??6924.151.11.*Swiss GoldExcellent program! Fast support!
8:45260??6924.151.11.*Elite gold GroupPaying on time, very good system
8:45260??6924.151.11.*Gold Trading Societygood admin response
8:45260??6924.151.11.*FX Golden Unionalways paid on time, thanks admin !!!
8:44260??6924.151.11.*Spencer Financial ClubSerious paying program!
8:43260??6924.151.11.*Euro Capital InvestGreat invest program!
8:30 417??22 213.156.221.* Factual Earning
8:13401??27 84.60.4.* My Profit Waystill pending for 7 days
8:09 92??08 203.130.244.* Factual Earningpaying thanks admin
7:58 422??91 67.15.183.*Q1InvestmentPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
7:47 397??94 72.232.94.*Q1Investmentpaid me 13$ fast piad out USER : 2noahhj0
7:42 391??23 67.15.183.*Q1InvestmentExcellent !! real paying;nice program;fast pay out
7:36391??0183.133.125.*Q1Investmentpaid me instant
6:53 404??52 219.78.87.* Oil and Gas InvestmentThe requested payment was pending already 10 days ! Still no action !
6:18299??23218.57.140.*UltimateTargetaccount dahai001, withdraw 1.32$, paid instantly..... I like this project! Thx Jackson!
2:45333??62 202.188.56.* CioeFundPaid. No pending withdrawal. Thanks admin
0:28 404??54 203.247.149.* Please-Investwhere's my deposit i make deposit 50 $ but my balance still 0 !!!!!!