Vote Information for Tuesday 13 March 2007


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23:25408??86217.18.159.*Stable Forex IncomeNot paid
23:22412??77 91.124.78.* UltimateTargetaccount tehn, i withdraw 2.30$, i was paid instantly..... I like this project! Thx Jackson!
23:19411??09217.18.159.*Gold Trading SocietyScam. No paid .
23:04295??9086.125.75.*HyipOnTimepaid, thanks
23:03295??9086.125.75.*ItsBusinessLevelgreat program , paid
23:02295??9086.125.75.*HyipEasterngreat program , paid
23:01295??9086.125.75.*e-gold Capitalpaid, thanks
23:00295??9086.125.75.*FRXCIpaid, thanks admin
22:29401??4666.98.134.*InvestWays ClubI got 10 payments already! batch:batch#:7716197* Thanks!
21:03 413??90 82.201.171.* Quickly DoublePayment withdrawal pending for days now.... Admin is yet to respond to queiries. Will keep you posted on developments
20:58245??29 91.124.196.* Funds-Managerpays!
19:47 14??36 218.7.48.*Magic Money Gamevery good autopay game, ref bonus instant paid, Batch is 77601280
18:26354??6364.184.75.*Constant Investmenti have to say very good investment made in this one
18:07180??7089.78.189.*Neo-YieldGreat program. Always pays instantly. Thanks Admin!!! ID#bokkal10
18:00180??7089.78.189.*Profit Fund ProSuper Program! Thank you. User bokkal10
16:57 288??35 195.78.35.* Source of MoneyI have not payd within 30 hours. Admin is not respondfor my letters.
14:56 254??06 59.57.89.* Mutual-Investmentspaid 2/12 today,thx,my id is tomhyip
14:25330??8972.32.156.*Finance & Co.paid again - thanks admin
14:15330??8972.32.156.*Atemalopaid again - thanks admin
13:52 353??66 90.38.68.* TopMarketGroupThank Admin paid
13:04400??7385.114.87.*TheExpectNo pay at all! They’ll just say Thank you! And if you can get here it it’ll be all of your profit!
12:57 286??84 58.217.164.* Mutual-Investmentsthe server is working now and paid to investors. Please change to paying!
12:46229??15165.228.131.*XmFundPaid me $52 today and rated.
12:34380??58 208.53.138.* 150-250 HyipGot payd 2 time and seems they have instant payment on.
12:05235??91218.186.10.*Mutual-InvestmentsPaid 2 of 12. Paid in 2 hours. Thank you admin.
8:26 308??56 87.103.249.*USAInvestFundPaid me!
7:58399??07 196.217.33.* USA-Forexdaily paying .. good program
7:13375??43 125.160.96.* AtemaloInstant payment received! Thanks admin!
5:21396??15 87.65.81.* e-gold CapitalNOT PAYING!!! dont invest !!!
5:17411??90203.121.44.*SoProfitnot paid since 10.3.07
4:53396??1438.99.248.*XmFundXmfund paid me again,good.
4:38412??7070.190.159.*Euro Capital InvestSo Im gonna spend another 1cent with top100hyip which leaves alot of things to say, specially with the 'paying' sign when all people are getting ripped off by these 'investors' like euro capital
4:29412??7070.190.159.*EgoldProfitSitetoday I got an 'optimistic email' from them, stating that they had sent withdraw to account n/a with batch n/a i guess they got mistaken the n/a with my account and e-gold batch :), put admin behind bars
3:58284??24 221.236.170.* InvestActivelyGot payment today. Thanks
3:24375??43 125.160.97.* InvesBestDoing Great! Paid me always! Thanks !
2:14368??76 89.40.134.* Advanced YieldPaid again and again, this is the best hyip
1:33384??12 84.158.73.* XmFundMarch, 12th 2007 04.31 Paid like clockwork (4/40) 8% Profit. Risk is over on 13th day... Then I'm in profit.
1:25412??21 172.179.172.* Advanced YieldThanks for paying me admin
1:20 420??66 125.243.246.* ProgramHYIPGreat project , they paid to me and my friend
1:12411??62195.175.37.*ProgramHYIPGot paid on time.
1:10420??91 202.152.4.* ProgramHYIPGood site, well done!
1:03415??6586.35.121.*ProgramHYIPit is My Favourit program ,
1:00405??90 85.30.54.* ProgramHYIPIt is really greate. Paid Me Fast.
0:58405??69 220.227.133.* ProgramHYIPvery very good program
0:53405??17 140.116.99.* ProgramHYIPPays constantly... I like!
0:51404??16206.222.31.*ProgramHYIPExcellent program
0:49411??3585.185.85.*ProgramHYIPBest program!!!
0:49 168??48 189.148.12.* TroyBankLlevo invertidos en TB 1,488 Dls.. de estos, 1,000 están en Shares de TB. el 2 de Marzo recibí la notificación de los rendimientos obtemidos. Solicité el retiro hacia mi cuenta de E-Gold y hasta el momento no he recibido depósito alguno.
0:48413??64216.117.134.*Orb HyipIt's REAL program with REAL payments! All payments received!
0:47405??9672.232.94.*ProgramHYIPpaid and reinvested.
0:37330??8972.32.156.*Advanced Yieldpaid again - thanks