Vote Information for Monday 12 March 2007



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23:47180??15146.115.127.*UltimateTargetif6was9, withdrew $3.70, paid instantly
22:14200??57 217.119.147.* RoboExpertTop Project ** Top Service ** Top Payouts ** THANKS!
22:09409??7983.133.125.*Hot-Profit-BankHonest admin! Reliable and always paid on time! Be sure to check out the site!
22:08409??3483.133.125.*Hot-Profit-BankReceived $480 within 6 hours of request.
22:08410??7683.133.125.*Hot-Profit-Bankreal paying;nice program;fast pay out
22:07409??8583.133.125.*Hot-Profit-Bankgot back 140$ again;reinvest again
21:30403??3285.172.10.*XmFundDeceit conscience is lost for 2 dollars
21:27326??4587.248.165.*e-gold Capitalpaid
21:16403??3285.172.10.*Get1000ProfitsVery bad program not pay pending withdrawl y not payment Scam program
20:3575??47 75.3.225.* UltimateTargetEagle1 received $0.60 today. Thank You. I invested additional funds.
19:58396??3087.239.244.*UltimateTargetM2M, i withdraw 0,9$, i was paid instantly
19:50201??6575.179.144.*HyipEasternPaid and Rated. Thank you.
19:33278??2269.230.184.*Mutual-InvestmentsGot paid, thanks #sean
18:45412??77 82.207.46.* UltimateTargetaccount tehn, i withdraw 3.41$, i was paid instantly..... I like this project! Thx Jackson!
18:43401??2764.59.144.*Local HYIPstill waiting to be paid (requested March 7th)
18:27372??62 195.174.199.* MySpringProfitsgot paid 3 times thanks id: progressive
17:42414??86194.44.201.*Orb HyipPaid. Thanks Admin
17:35395??79219.121.95.*Kosmo GroupGood job my admin!! 3/4 payment today.
17:17399??05 121.120.26.* EarnGold-HyipMy payment still "PENDING" with accumulated figure $xxx.xx No reply from from admin@earngold-hyip even I've sent several email asking them to make the payment as per my withdrawal request.
17:09414??86194.44.201.*FRXCIPaying.Thanks Admin
16:36376??23 125.160.64.* Atemalopaying, kesempatan re-invest bagi yang kalah (LOST). good for invest
16:33281??06 125.160.202.* ProHyipClubTestspend made on Mar10 for one-day plan, Results today : Not Paying. Do not invest ! Rgds, fungold
16:28 234??12 72.232.94.*ProHyipClubpaid me 600$ thanks admin
15:59401??46 66.135.33.* InvestWays ClubYeah! Really automatic HYIP! I got 9 payments from investways club. All payments directly to my e-gold!!! COOL! Thanks!
15:49334??76195.55.133.*Trust-Hourlythank you
14:29355??55 125.162.188.* AtemaloAlways paying instantly, Thanks admin
14:18245??29 91.124.207.* Mutual-Investmentsmy first payment is received, Thanks!
14:18280??5475.33.106.*Heart of TradingPayment received, very good :-)
14:18280??5475.33.106.*HYIPClubgot paid just in time, very good program.
14:16260??5464.25.160.*Heart of TradingThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
14:16260??5464.25.160.*HYIPClubGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
12:54301??22217.145.208.*Laguna InvestmentPaid today! Thank Admin!
12:54384??77200.88.125.*XmFundPaid out again.
11:50246??58194.145.216.*ItsBusinessLevelPays constantly... I like!
11:49246??58194.145.216.*e-gold CapitalPays constantly... I like!
11:47246??58194.145.216.*HyipOnTimePays constantly... I like!
11:46246??58194.145.216.*HyipEasternPays constantly... I like!
11:44246??58194.145.216.*FRXCIPays constantly... I like!
11:29 379??00 203.130.206.*Full-GoldNOT PAID AGAIN, 11 & 12 MAR 2007
11:25 412??67 203.130.206.*Full-Goldnot paid for two days
11:15 343??25 203.130.206.*Full-Goldtwo days no payment received
11:10 392??49 203.130.206.*Full-Gold11 and 12 mar 2007 no payment received
11:00397??27196.201.68.*Veldrome FinanceThe best hyip ! Honest program ! Thanks admin !
10:04 331??71 151.76.151.* e-gold Capitalnon paga
10:00 415??04 218.111.215.* Funds Guardianfxxk the admin of funds guardian,pending pending~~already 4day still din't pay~~~
9:53347??29125.118.210.*UltimateTargetaccount windos8,$0.60,Payment Recieved x 22,instantly.
8:57413??6485.25.148.*Factual EarningIt's REAL program with REAL payments! All payments received!
8:47295??9086.125.75.*HyipEasterngreat program , paid
8:46295??9086.125.75.*FRXCIgreat program , paid
8:44295??9086.125.75.*HyipOnTimegreat program , paid
8:44295??9086.125.75.*e-gold Capitalgreat program , paid
7:55 382??56 58.69.92.* ClockWork 750i deposit but then i dont have any history there. They omitted my deposit yesterday. very bad site.
7:41229??15165.228.131.*XmFundPaid me $17 today and rated.
6:42235??91 218.186.11.* Mutual-InvestmentsPaid 1 of 12. Paid in 10 minutes. Thank you admin.
6:07393??51 207.13.77.* Online CapitalAlways pays directly to your e-gold when requested, no more waiting for pending withdrawals!
0:54405??69218.7.48.*ComHYIPinstantly . best program in net
0:51405??17 217.153.134.* ComHYIPfast system for paying to people , i recommend to invest in it ,
0:47404??16206.222.31.*ComHYIPplay good , pay me ontime , dont have delay , tanks
0:46391??83 89.109.10.* EarningGainPaid again instlenty!!! :)
0:45415??4572.232.94.*ComHYIPpaid my tanks my god
0:45 326??70 195.72.231.* ClockWork 750Don't pay
0:44405??9685.185.85.*ComHYIPhenest , i got my 2 st payments from them
0:40404??4383.133.125.*ComHYIPpaying to me and my friend