Vote Information for Sunday 11 March 2007


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22:55413??6483.243.71.*Orb HyipIt's REAL program with REAL payments! All payments received!
22:33413??6483.243.71.*FRXCIIt's REAL program with REAL payments! All payments received!
22:32413??6483.243.71.*HyipEasternIt's REAL program with REAL payments! All payments received!
22:31413??6483.243.71.*HyipOnTimeIt's REAL program with REAL payments! All payments received!
22:30368??76 89.40.131.* Advanced YieldGreat program, paid me allways
22:28413??6483.243.71.*e-gold CapitalIt's REAL program with REAL payments! All payments received!
22:25180??7089.78.189.*Profit Fund ProThe best Hyip. Paid Again. bokkal10
21:46409??7983.133.125.*Hot-Profit-BankSplendid HYIP ! Just paying, paying and paying every trading day ! Recommend !
21:46409??3483.133.125.*Hot-Profit-BankThank you admin,Very fast withdrawal received;Received $230 within 1 hour of request.
21:45409??8583.133.125.*Hot-Profit-Bankgot back 1500$ today;thanks adim;keep your working
21:43410??7683.133.125.*Hot-Profit-Bankgot back 140$ again;reinvest again
16:30415??65 83.167.108.* ClockWork 750don't pay at all. today they even omitted my deposit. and still i got to withdrawal :-( Don't spend money there
16:14410??22 201.147.157.* TroyBankTroyBank has stoped your operations the past week, I did a withdrawal of $210 this Wednesday, but until now I haven`t received my payment. Ago 15 days, Torybank if payed me $35 in my account of E-GOLD, therefore I vote a Neutral point
16:00 391??22 222.217.18.* Oil and Gas InvestmentOAG paid me for pending withdrawals. Not I not only read that OAG is paying but have actually experienced it, for personal experience is the key to truth. I have a story to tell others too.
15:49396??1438.99.248.*XmFundXmfund paid me again,good.
15:34200??57217.119.148.*Hot-Profit-BankThis Account Has Been Suspended!!!!!!!!!!!!
14:55 407??87 60.53.61.* Profit Fund Prostill waiting pending withdrawal
12:26 388??73 84.77.11.* FX Golden UnionNOT PAYING!!!!! SPAM.Admin not reply.
11:40375??43125.160.99.*InvtexPaid instantly! Thanks! (red devil) Batch 77311556
11:32375??43125.160.99.*InvesBestSpend # 1 paying full 11/11 ! Thanks admin!
10:45246??58194.145.216.*e-gold CapitalPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
10:41246??58194.145.216.*HyipOnTimePayments regular! I like to work with this program!
10:39246??58194.145.216.*HyipEasternPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
10:38246??58194.145.216.*Mine To GoldPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
10:36246??58194.145.216.*FRXCIPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
10:21 305??19 218.189.216.* Trust-Hourlypaid !!
10:11 37??34 64.230.73.* Kosmo Groupall 4 payments receive & re-invested
10:07330??8972.32.156.*Voyage HYIPpaid again - thanks admin
10:06 398??65 196.217.41.* USA-Forexgood paying ptogram, someone try tu shut it down
10:02410??50213.232.196.*Heart InvestScam. Thay pay to monitors only. For me - pending 3 days.
10:00410??50213.232.196.*NOX FinancialScam. Thay pay to monitors only. For others pending.
9:58330??8972.32.156.*Advanced Yieldpaid again - thanks admin
9:56410??50213.232.196.*Trust-HourlyScam. Thay pay to monitors only. For me - pending 3 days.
9:54260??6912.214.169.*BestChoise HYIPOne of the best
9:51314??73 24.31.20.* BestChoise HYIPPaid like clock.
9:49314??65 68.120.84.* BestChoise HYIPPaid, pay and continue to pay
9:47360??45142.59.101.*BestChoise HYIPAlways Paid - no problem Thanks Admin!
9:45348??9789.212.131.*BestChoise HYIPPaid No problems!
9:43280??15 172.148.42.* BestChoise HYIPMy favourite invest program
9:41339??46 12.219.25.* BestChoise HYIPGood! Make more!
9:39375??44 24.16.83.* BestChoise HYIPStiil geting paid... Goood :)
9:37360??6369.145.120.*BestChoise HYIPIn profit !
9:32335??4674.101.254.*BestChoise HYIPVery Good Hyip - payments received.Thanks!
9:17410??50213.232.196.*Dual Gold HyipScam. Not payed. Pending 3 days.
9:00410??50213.232.196.*Final ProfitScam. Don't payed. All withdrawals are pending.
9:00395??77 68.95.128.* Online-DividendRun by Scumbags. Don't Invest
8:58229??67 89.50.35.* Full-GoldToday no payment received, inquiry at Admin remained without answer!!!!
8:20410??50213.232.196.*BestFundzDon't pay. 5 days pending.
7:40200??57217.119.148.*Laguna InvestmentPAID PROMPTLY***No problem***Thanks Admin, good Job!
7:37200??57217.119.148.*InvtexInstant payout***NO PROBLEM***very great program! Thanks!
7:00 306??48 222.91.53.* HYIPClubI got paid
4:37384??77200.88.125.*XmFundPaid out again.
3:46186??20 124.43.105.* 123DailyFundsGot paid me as usual
2:21284??24 61.188.193.* RealEstatePurseGot payment! Admin is honest
2:20412??7070.190.159.*EgoldProfitSiteWebsite was paying untill the 7th, they are going down now, don't invest admin is not replying
2:18416??2271.223.107.*EgoldProfitSiteBig scam not paying sent emails to admin, not responding
1:31295??9086.125.75.*HyipOnTimepaid, thanks admin
1:30295??9086.125.75.*HyipEasternpaid, thanks admin
1:30295??9086.125.75.*Mine To Goldpaid, thanks admin
1:28295??9086.125.75.*FRXCIpaid, thanks admin
1:13 402??62 60.51.113.* Ptnprofitsstill wait for my pay out usd 110 e-gold