Vote Information for Thursday 8 March 2007


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23:38368??76 89.40.128.* Advanced YieldPaid again
21:46 286??27 85.191.8.* True-Earningstill waiting, no answer from adm.
21:29326??4587.248.165.*Mine To Goldpaid
19:52 268??77 196.218.42.* EgoldProfitSiteit's very goooooooooooooooood
18:18362??40193.151.57.*HyipEasternVery good!!!
18:17362??40193.151.57.*QQQ-8Very good!!!
18:17362??40193.151.57.*Mine To GoldVery good!!!
18:15362??40193.151.57.*FRXCIVery good!!!
18:13301??22217.145.208.*Instantly-1Very good, paid instantly again! Thank Admin!
18:08382??30 196.219.174.* HotGoldPAID !! Paid me with e-gold Batch id =77276067
17:51 401??31 64.184.75.*Constant Investmentpaid agin instantly and in profit.....thanks admin
17:29 318??36 83.237.109.* Online-DividendGot paid, thanks Admin !
17:24 369??05 86.57.144.* EgoldProfitSiteThe Quick payment! Thank you Admin!!!
16:55 388??57 91.145.202.* Instantly-1Best HYIP! Speedily paying
16:52273??82 69.121.222.* Euro Capital InvestCool!
16:36404??3868.80.244.*Euro Capital InvestI got paid
16:30260??7786.120.225.*Euro Capital InvestStill paying. Hope it will for more days
16:29260??7786.120.225.*Gold Trading SocietyGood site. Good admin... ;)
16:29260??7786.120.225.*Elite gold GroupI am in love with this spon :)))
16:28330??00125.162.96.*Hyip For ForexPaid. Thanks
16:26260??7786.120.225.*FX Golden UnionGood workind hyip!
16:26330??00125.162.96.*Indo GoldPaid Today. Thank you
16:22260??7786.120.225.*500 Forex ClubGood, i got paid
16:20272??39217.238.67.*Euro Capital InvestI got paid !!
16:19272??39217.238.67.*Gold Trading SocietyGot my money!
16:19272??39217.238.67.*Elite gold GroupAlways Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
16:18272??39217.238.67.*FX Golden UnionGot paid for several times
16:18272??39217.238.67.*500 Forex Club... INVEST.....!
16:13260??19207.5.224.*Gold Trading Societygot paid ... I will try again ! :)
16:12260??19207.5.224.*Euro Capital InvestHad no problems for now !
16:11260??19207.5.224.*Elite gold GroupGood HYIP! You should try it too.
16:11260??19207.5.224.*FX Golden UnionWhat to say .... i say that i got paid ! thats all :))))
16:10260??19207.5.224.*500 Forex ClubSerious paying program!
16:07339??70210.214.31.*Euro Capital Investpaid super!!
16:07339??70210.214.31.*Gold Trading SocietyRight choice to invest
16:06339??7059.88.125.*Elite gold Grouphyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
16:04339??70210.214.31.*FX Golden Unionpay!pay!pay!
16:04339??7059.88.125.*500 Forex ClubExcellent!!!
15:55260??6969.145.240.*Euro Capital InvestReally the best program online!
15:55200??57 217.119.147.* InvestAreaPaid very promptly, thanks!
15:54260??6969.145.240.*Gold Trading SocietyVery good ! I liked it !
15:54260??6969.145.240.*Elite gold GroupPaid on time as usual!! !! !!
15:53260??6969.145.240.*FX Golden UnionGood Site...Paid!
15:53260??6969.145.240.*500 Forex Clubprogram best!
15:50314??7376.175.253.*Euro Capital Investamazing hyip!!!
15:49314??7376.175.253.*Gold Trading SocietyNo problems .. Hope for long ;))
15:49314??7376.175.253.*Elite gold Group..INVEST..!
15:48314??7376.175.253.*FX Golden UnionNice program ...
15:48314??7376.175.253.*500 Forex ClubPaid again and again and again..! ! !
15:44314??6566.131.126.*Euro Capital Invest+ another payment got right to my egold acc.
15:44314??6566.131.126.*Gold Trading SocietyToday got some profit ...
15:43314??6566.131.126.*Elite gold GroupExcellent programm ! I like it ...
15:43314??6566.131.126.*FX Golden UnionThis one is in my list !
15:42314??6566.131.126.*500 Forex ClubReally the best program online!
15:39271??4071.231.150.*Euro Capital InvestGot paid from this one !
15:39271??4071.231.150.*Gold Trading Societypaid cool! =) nice hyip!!!
15:38271??4071.231.150.*Elite gold Group+1 vote for very good cause i like it!
15:38271??4071.231.150.*FX Golden UnionGot another payment ! Excellent site!
15:32271??4071.231.150.*500 Forex ClubGood program.
15:30360??4524.108.86.*Euro Capital InvestAlready tested. Got my money.. :) Thinking to reinvest !!
15:30360??4524.108.86.*Gold Trading SocietyPaid again and again and again..! ! !
15:29360??4524.108.86.*Elite gold GroupGood programm... Had no problems !
15:29360??4524.108.86.*FX Golden UnionRight choice to invest...
15:28360??4524.108.86.*500 Forex Clubsuper hyip!
15:26348??9776.179.14.*Euro Capital Investkeep up the good work
15:26348??9776.179.14.*Gold Trading SocietyExcellent program! Never misses payment.
15:25348??9776.179.14.*Elite gold Groupthey pay me every day on time very thanks admin
15:25348??9776.179.14.*FX Golden Unionpay!pay!pay!
15:24348??9776.179.14.*500 Forex Clubpay me again
15:22280??1575.23.118.*Euro Capital InvestExcellent! Really paid!
15:22280??1575.23.118.*Gold Trading SocietyMy favorite HYIP! Paid!
15:21280??1575.23.118.*Elite gold GroupGood programm! Try it
15:20280??1575.23.118.*FX Golden Unionpay!pay!pay!
15:20280??1575.23.118.*500 Forex ClubVery good HYIP! Paid again!
15:17339??4668.60.92.*Euro Capital InvestPaying on time, very good system
15:16339??4668.60.92.*Gold Trading SocietyPaid well and always in time
15:16339??4668.60.92.*Elite gold GroupThanks for payment!
15:15339??4668.60.92.*FX Golden UnionPaid, pay and continue to pay
15:15339??4668.60.92.*500 Forex ClubPaid like clock.
15:12375??4467.80.19.*Euro Capital InvestI am glad indeed
15:11375??4467.80.19.*Gold Trading SocietyTotally satisfied with the program
15:11375??43 125.160.96.* InvesBestIs a paying site! Thanks!
15:11375??4467.80.19.*Elite gold GroupBest, they are really the BEST
15:10375??4467.80.19.*FX Golden UnionPaying on time, very good system
15:10375??4467.80.19.*500 Forex ClubAlways paying, thank you guys
15:07360??6324.31.130.*Euro Capital InvestThank you for good profit!
15:06360??6324.31.130.*Gold Trading SocietyVery-very good program.
15:06360??6324.31.130.*Elite gold GroupPaid me again
15:05360??6324.31.130.*FX Golden UnionPerfectly works and makes good profit
15:05360??6324.31.130.*500 Forex ClubAlways paying, no problem!
15:03335??4675.23.118.*Euro Capital InvestPaid once again...
15:02335??4675.23.118.*Gold Trading SocietyReally the best
15:01335??4675.23.118.*Elite gold GroupSimply very good
15:01335??4675.23.118.*FX Golden UnionWell paying system
15:01335??4675.23.118.*500 Forex ClubPaid on time as usual!! !! !!
14:59375??1366.131.126.*Euro Capital InvestNo problems .. Hope for long ;))
14:58375??1366.131.126.*Gold Trading Societygood admin response
14:57375??1366.131.126.*Elite gold GroupOne of the best
14:56375??1366.131.126.*FX Golden Uniongreat program
14:55375??1366.131.126.*500 Forex ClubPaid well and always in time
14:51296??6271.75.176.*Gold Trading SocietyReliable investment.
14:51296??6271.75.176.*Elite gold Grouppay!pay!pay!
14:50296??6271.75.176.*FX Golden UnionNice program... ;)
14:50296??6271.75.176.*500 Forex ClubIt is really great HYIP. Paid Me Fast!!!
14:47326??1024.71.194.*Gold Trading Society***PAID & PAID***
14:47326??1024.71.194.*Elite gold GroupPaid 8/20. Thanks!
14:46326??1024.71.194.*FX Golden UnionWas paid today
14:45326??1024.71.194.*500 Forex ClubA very satisfied investor indeed! ! !!
14:28260??54142.59.101.*500 Forex ClubPayment received thanks!
14:27260??54142.59.101.*Gold Trading SocietyPaid all time. Thanks admin!
14:27260??54142.59.101.*Elite gold GroupVery Good and was paid every time.
14:26260??54142.59.101.*FX Golden UnionPaid like clock.
14:26260??54142.59.101.*Euro Capital Investthe BEST
14:15348??1068.52.102.*500 Forex ClubReally Good program online
14:15348??1068.52.102.*Gold Trading SocietyPaid all time.
14:14348??1068.52.102.*Elite gold GroupGot another paid
14:14348??1068.52.102.*FX Golden UnionNever Misses Payment.
14:13348??1068.52.102.*Euro Capital InvestPaid today
14:12272??5276.179.14.*500 Forex ClubVery good Hyip
14:11272??5276.179.14.*Gold Trading SocietyWorks every day.
14:11272??5276.179.14.*Elite gold GroupSerious paying program!
14:10272??5276.179.14.*FX Golden UnionGot another paid
14:10272??5276.179.14.*Euro Capital InvestPaid today! Thanks.
14:07280??5471.234.249.*500 Forex ClubReceived money! Thanks!
14:07280??5471.234.249.*Gold Trading SocietyExcellent program
14:06280??5471.234.249.*Elite gold GroupGood!! Paying me every day!
14:05280??5471.234.249.*FX Golden UnionSuccessful HYIP
14:05280??5471.234.249.*Euro Capital InvestGot another paid
14:02272??9767.181.215.*500 Forex ClubSerious paying program!
14:02272??9767.181.215.*Gold Trading Societyvery good hyip
14:01272??9767.181.215.*Elite gold GroupPayment made today!
14:00272??9767.181.215.*FX Golden UnionAlways on time - thanks
14:00272??9767.181.215.*Euro Capital InvestExcellent program!!! GOOD!
13:57271??4224.16.185.*500 Forex ClubGreat invest program!
13:57271??4224.16.185.*Gold Trading SocietyA very satisfied investor indeed! ! !!
13:56271??4224.16.185.*Elite gold GroupThanks for payment!
13:55271??4224.16.185.*FX Golden UnionPaid, pay and continue to pay
13:55271??4224.16.185.*Euro Capital InvestPaid like clock.
13:42267??62208.65.61.*SafeGlobalinvestmentExcelent program, fast withdraw and profit. recommended!!
13:42270??6324.31.130.*500 Forex ClubI am glad indeed
13:41270??6324.31.130.*Gold Trading SocietySerious paying program!
13:39270??6324.31.130.*Elite gold GroupTotally satisfied with the program
13:36270??6324.31.130.*FX Golden UnionBest, they are really the BEST
13:36270??6324.31.130.*Euro Capital InvestPaying on time, very good system
13:30347??29125.118.210.*UltimateTargetwindos8,$0.60.payout received instantly.
12:31383??6267.15.100.*TopMarketGroupPaid to my balance - requested cashout yesterday to return with more when paid. Will vote when I got paid to my egold account. Good Support Keep work admin!
12:25264??67 218.111.207.* Laguna Investmentsafe to invest. super good service!!!! good support ticket reply from admin. paid me.
12:15415??2662.68.95.*e-gold CapitalDo not pay to me money since February, 28. Scam
12:04415??2662.68.95.*EgoldProfitSitePaid me in 5 mins!Thank admin
11:54 373??56 193.1.100.* HotGoldThanks for the payment..:)
11:46382??22 69.57.140.* TopMarketGroupVery good project and realinvestment program. Paid well and always in time today received my $1.5 withdrawal. Mighty program!
11:30415??2662.68.95.*Ride4Profitsno paid 3 day scam very bad
10:42301??6881.169.147.*Dream 1000 DailyNOT PAID!!! Withdrawal processed, batch_id: 77292722 IS FALSE !!! Not money in mine e-gold account!!!
10:36 401??04 212.118.128.* QQQ-8It has been 5 days, i didn't get paid, think twice to invest in this HYIP!!!
10:33 412??29 195.46.36.* EgoldProfitSiteOk!
10:33 401??74 210.19.149.*EgoldProfitSitegood payment &good luck
10:21395??77 68.95.235.* Veldrome FinanceThe Real McDeal. This Baby Pays Daily.
10:14408??54203.87.185.*TroyBankTB paid me for 4 wks but now, it seems there is a problem...I hope they can solve it
10:01 392??47 60.52.93.* EgoldProfitSitevery very good and honest investment.They really paying and fast pay.Keep on your honest admin of am sure they will be many people will invest with you.I will suggest with all my friends.I got a lot of friends want to invest
10:01 380??55 210.19.149.*EgoldProfitSitegood paying
9:31229??15165.228.131.*XmFundPaid me $8 today and rated.
8:48402??3766.199.240.*TopMarketGroupvery very very very good
7:39186??20 124.43.109.* 123DailyFundsalways paying on time
7:08407??2083.16.139.*Perma InvestIt does not pay, it does not answer on e-mail ( nr 76792590), on 8 days
5:34 413??15 60.50.29.* EgoldProfitSitePayment on time. A profitable program. Thanks.
5:33316??07 88.204.144.* Profit Fund ProHas put money on March, 3rd, never payment has received!
5:12414??0260.53.76.*Constant InvestmentMemang bayar beb..cepat gila..mashuuukkkkk!!! Thank you, honest admin!!
4:49414??0260.53.76.*Fast 1000 ProfitSCAM HYIP!!SCUMBAG...Only pay admin and monitor..don't invest here. Admin! Remove this site!!
4:41347??10 218.58.204.* Full-GoldThank you admin!very hot hyip!!!paid me again!very good!
3:01277??21 89.0.117.* QQQ-8paying!
2:16389??0571.204.4.*InvtexPays Instantly...Continually...(Sigh Of Relief)
1:20396??78 172.191.50.* Gilroy ClubPay back my $1,200 to EG#3966778, "takmiyaj" immediately.