Vote Information for Tuesday 6 March 2007


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23:14311??4686.125.75.*QQQ-8paid, thanks
23:13311??4686.125.75.*Mine To Goldpaid, thanks
23:11311??4686.125.75.*FRXCIpaid, thanks
23:09415??65206.222.31.*USAInvestCofast support and instantly
23:07405??6985.185.85.*USAInvestCofast and true
23:04404??43125.248.244.*USAInvestCogood project , paying to me today
23:02405??2460.217.227.*USAInvestCoPAID ONTIME
23:00411??3586.122.0.*USAInvestCoTHEY PAID ME TOO
22:54415??4183.133.125.*USAInvestCoExcellent , paid
22:53415??4572.232.94.*USAInvestCoGOT PAID
21:41396??78 172.195.129.* Gilroy ClubGale Gilroy stole my $1,200 on 02/24/07. He pays monitors and other investors out of the money. Shame on you!
21:21326??4587.248.165.*Mine To Goldpaid
21:06180??7089.78.189.*Neo-YieldGreat program. Always pays instantly. Thanks Admin!!! ID#bokkal10
20:30340??72213.228.102.*EgoldProfitSiteWOW! At me was $130 and now $850 !My profit $720 Many thanks admin!
20:27180??7089.78.189.*Profit Fund ProNext payment.Excellent autosurf. It is worthwhile investing.ID #bokkal10
20:04272??39 66.169.145.* Basic HYIPReceived payment again!
20:01260??1924.109.38.*HYIPClubI got paid
20:01260??1924.109.38.*Basic HYIPGood site. Good admin... ;)
19:28 275??68 66.98.226.*Finance & Co.very original and intersting program. Paying me since last week. Good job !
18:15394??60 67.142.130.* Laguna Investmentgot paid again
17:07 296??20 87.238.119.*Instantly BusinessPaid me instantly. Cool HYIP
16:56382??8282.82.131.*IpexFinanceRecieved the 27th payment, in profit.
16:48382??8282.82.131.*NodHyipPaid only 23 times, then stopped paying 6 days ago without reason. SCAM!
15:19396??14 208.113.136.* XmFundXmfund paid me too,good.
14:45382??52125.160.65.*XmFundI lost mush my money with several hyips that everybody post it is goods,haven't been pay me,only Xmfund paid me realy.
14:44200??57 217.119.147.* InvestAreaReliable payouts, thx!
14:17330??89165.228.129.*Atemalopaid again instantly
14:00388??9264.110.141.*NodHyippending payment for to day marc 6 2007 becareful !!!!!!!!!!!
13:25301??22217.145.208.*EgoldProfitSiteSpeedily paying again! Thank Admin!
13:17402??03 222.172.173.* Mine To GoldGood site, well done!
13:00340??65 212.91.112.* e-gold CapitalSomething's wrong! Again they don't pay! koncisb
12:20 391??68 60.51.115.* ForexInvestorClubFIC still paying me ...OK for long term investment
12:00412??77 91.124.233.* UltimateTargetpaid out again! always pay!
10:58 404??38 86.211.7.* YourInvestGroupPaid again - Good Investment - Thanks admin
10:42404??34149.9.0.*HK HYIPPaying on time !
10:36404??34149.9.0.*World Financial ClubPaid again !
9:31 4158369 PROXY 123DailyFunds[Program Admin]> We don't take any responsibility if your vote doesn't contain user name
8:55378??75 219.95.17.* TotalSharesid#846 paid again!! great site
7:37350??5062.168.180.*InvesBestThis project is very prospective. Yesterday I had recieved my usual profit and had reinvested it. The user of 125.162.96.* IP is a blackmailer and scammer!!
7:22 4118901 PROXY InvesBest[Program Admin]> The previous votes are the swindlers! At them one IP
7:02417??15125.162.96.*InvesBestDO NOT INVEST. IT'S SCAMMERS
7:01417??02125.162.96.*InvesBestBIG SCAM.. DO NOT INVEST. YOU WILL LOST!!
6:59229??15165.228.131.*XmFundPaid me $4 today and rated.
6:57417??00125.162.96.*InvesBestI am so Sad. This HYIP is BIG SACMMER. Don't TRY to Invest here.
6:56417??65125.162.96.*InvesBestBIG SCAM.. DO NOT INVEST. YOU WILL LOST!!
6:52417??96125.162.96.*InvesBestVERY BAD, DO NOT INVEST
6:39390??62219.98.204.*FastDividends03/05 good paid me! thanks admin! but 03/04No't paying・・・・・
5:47417??96125.162.96.* paid me with e-gold
5:43417??65125.162.96.*Hyip For ForexThank you for paying me today.
5:42417??96125.162.96.*Hyip For ForexThank admin
5:41417??15125.162.96.*Hyip For ForexGood. Paid me again. Thanks admin
5:40417??00125.162.96.*Hyip For ForexPaid me today. thank you.
5:35417??15125.162.96.*Neo-YieldInvested $30, they paid every day as promised
5:34417??65125.162.96.*Neo-YieldPaid me for 7 days till now.
5:32378??91202.183.233.*Please-InvestMany hyips that someone post it is good,but it hasn't been pay me,only please-invest realy paid me $30
5:31417??96125.162.96.*Indo Goldpaid.
5:30417??02125.162.96.*Indo GoldGood. Paid me again. Thanks admin
5:04414??0260.53.78.*950 Paynot paid for 13 hours!!...still waiting
5:03417??02125.162.96.*Hyip For ForexPaid me today. thaks admin.
5:01414??0260.53.78.*Money 10000not paid for 13 hours!!...still waiting
4:56414??0260.53.78.*Sky Dream Investinvest here if you want to loose your money....SCAM!!
4:54414??0260.53.78.*Dancing Profitstill pending for 12 hours.....will vote after get paid!
4:52414??0260.53.78.*Luxurious Hyipnot paid for 13hours!!
4:51375??43125.160.97.*ZikoAdmin! Rate positve if you pay!! Batch 76895509 !!!
4:49414??0260.53.78.*My Profit Waystill pending for 13 hours.....will vote after get paid!
4:47266??69203.122.53.*IW CorporationBatch is 77107462
4:39375??43125.160.97.*InvesBestNo worries to spent here! Thanks admin!
3:06274??2169.124.2.*QQQ-8test spend
3:05274??2169.124.2.*FoxInvestmentstest spend
2:58267??23137.238.174.*FoxInvestmentsExcellent program!
2:56267??23137.238.174.*QQQ-8Excellent program!
2:00288??00 60.50.222.* InvtexPaying&Reliable-Xplorer-firefox
1:55405??9072.232.94.*War-Investfast support and instantly
1:44405??17 203.135.39.* War-Investquick payments ,
1:39404??16206.222.31.*War-InvestPAID ONTIME
1:32415??45209.88.91.*War-Investinstant payments
1:28405??6986.122.0.*War-Investgood project , paying to me today
1:19415??41195.175.37.*War-InvestMy Favourit program , instantly and admin get reply to mails fast
1:17411??35 203.86.29.* War-Investi like this investment program
1:12246??7991.124.79.*QQQ-8very very good program
1:11405??9672.232.94.*War-Investvery good - paying instantly.
1:11246??7991.124.79.*FoxInvestmentsvery very good program
1:10404??4383.133.125.*War-InvestExcellent , paid
1:07405??07125.248.244.*War-Investthey paid me too , good
0:45332??8766.167.9.*Ride4Profitsthey have not paid me it ben over two days the money is on pending