Vote Information for Saturday 3 March 2007


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23:22396??78 172.190.112.* Gilroy ClubThey paid you from my $1,200 they stole on Feb. 24, 2007. You will not be thanking them if they stole your money Thou shalt not steal!.
23:13311??4686.125.75.*QQQ-8paid, thanks
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18:58380??76202.43.172.*Gilroy ClubI would like thanks to admin and staff who really have good work in this program.I started invest here with several test spend and now I already made seriously spend.All my investment got manage and paid well without any problem.Admin and staff
18:36 389??76 125.164.174.* TroyBankToday 2nd March i received 1st profit $510 in TB Shares after that i make withdraw.After 8hours,i check in my e-mail TB send me e-mail my withdrawal req has been processed but i check in my e-gold acc no payment from TB.Is there anybody same like me?
18:22400??86213.232.196.*Platinum-ProfitsNo any withdrawal is payed!
18:18361??21 64.12.116.* FastDividendspaid everydayfor 3 weeks now--good program
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17:32386??57125.160.66.*AtemaloHosting City : Gunzenhausen,Hosting ISP : Hetzner Online AG, No problems with payouts. Thanks
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17:12376??23125.160.66.*Atemalopaying. thanks
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17:08375??13142.59.101.*FinInvest Corp.Serious paying program!
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17:03296??6271.237.107.*500 Forex ClubI got paid. Hope it will for some more days
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14:55384??77200.88.125.*NodHyipGood paying to me, thank admin.
13:30404??3462.75.224.*HK HYIPGot paid !
13:27404??3462.75.224.*World Financial ClubPaying on time !
13:27355??55125.162.189.*AtemaloThey paying me instantly!!! GOOD......................
13:16 412??87 221.37.230.* Hours of Moneypay less than the invest
11:26 369??17 83.229.28.* Gold Home ProfitTekilaJazz - Instant Paid
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10:16395??77 68.95.143.* ProfitDayWayPays like clockwork, never misses a beat. Great
9:5882??31 203.194.54.* Profit Fund ProReceived 5/14 and 17/20 from plan B and plan A. Praise the Lord for His blessings on PFP and good financial management by Paul and his team. Many thanks to Paul and his team. Blessings!
9:04244??4682.211.152.*VITA Bank
8:25365??67202.51.229.*Profit Fund ProGet paid everyday. Profitfundpro is the best hyip
6:56412??0660.53.57.*InvtexPay very quick...good program..
6:28412??0660.53.57.*Find Easy MoneyNot paid until now...its a scam..
6:18412??0660.53.57.*Constant Investment
5:20375??43125.160.98.*DreamHyip4UDON'T INVEST! NOT PAYING!! red devil
5:10375??43125.160.98.*InvesBestPaid 3/11! Thanks admin!
4:46229??15165.228.131.*NodHyipSpend in this pay today.
3:52366??94124.120.46.*Online Capitalyou are honest.I got paid alway.thanks
3:50366??94124.120.46.*Please-Investyou are honest
3:28389??0571.204.4.*Fast-PAYINGFast Paying = No Paying!!! My Test Is In Pending Withdrawal Limbo!
3:28200??57 217.119.147.* Trust-HourlySpend 5 $, don't see in the acc., no e-mail reply, take care!!
3:07378??91202.183.233.*Please-InvestI lost mush money with several hyips that post good.Only troybank and Please invest they paid me realy Received 76731122 Gold +0.043640 4033722 30.00 USD 687.45
2:39269??08 60.49.82.* ForexInvestorClubFIC still doing good job !
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1:28374??3066.199.240.*SurpriseDayinstant paying , very hot