Vote Information for Friday 2 March 2007


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23:41403??7385.157.87.*EliteFinanceGroupGot paid! 1.59$ Patch: 76985783
23:35404??3283.133.125.*TopHYIPERthey always paying , i have trust with them
23:33404??3283.133.125.*USAInvestCothey always paying , i have trust with them
23:30405??90206.222.31.*TopHYIPERrealli Instant , tanks best program
23:30405??90206.222.31.*USAInvestCorealli Instant , tanks best program
23:27405??9672.232.94.*TopHYIPERGOT PAID
23:26405??9672.232.94.*USAInvestCoGOT PAID
23:24415??65206.222.31.*TopHYIPERPAID ONTIME
23:23415??65206.222.31.*USAInvestCoPAID ONTIME
23:21405??6972.232.94.*TopHYIPERfast and really instant , paid instantly
23:21405??6972.232.94.*USAInvestCofast and really instant , paid instantly
23:18405??0772.232.94.*TopHYIPERmy favourite program , paying me every day,
23:17405??0772.232.94.*USAInvestComy favourite program , paying me every day,
23:15411??6272.232.94.*TopHYIPERpaying alaways honest and really
23:15411??6272.232.94.*USAInvestCopaying alaways honest and really
23:14415??4572.232.94.*USAInvestComy 4st PAYMENT-PAID
23:13415??4572.232.94.*TopHYIPERmy 4st PAYMENT-PAID
23:12404??4383.133.125.*TopHYIPERgood project , paying to me always.
23:11404??4383.133.125.*USAInvestCogood project , paying to me always.
23:10405??2483.133.125.*USAInvestCovery good , paid again
23:10405??2483.133.125.*TopHYIPERvery good , paid again
23:08411??3583.133.125.*TopHYIPERbest program , paid
23:08411??3583.133.125.*USAInvestCobest program , paid
22:26396??78 172.190.150.* Gilroy ClubDon't be cheated by good comments that are decoys and shills by admin.
22:06 406??01 217.168.78.* 1000% Profit FundsNo payout since Feb. 24. Do not invest!
21:40326??79 83.149.3.* Hyip-No-GameNot instantly. Pending!
21:02409??8583.133.125.*Hot-Profit-BankVery good project and real investment program. 100% good place to get your profit!
21:01409??7983.133.125.*Hot-Profit-BankHonest admin! Reliable and always paid on time! Be sure to check out the site!
21:01409??3483.133.125.*Hot-Profit-BankFast payouts and wonderful new big plan
21:00410??7683.133.125.*Hot-Profit-Bankreal paying;nice program;fast pay out
17:57357??83 86.120.61.* Pro1to9kI've got paid! Thanks admin
15:11 407??77 88.214.193.* Veldrome FinancePAYING .. VERY GOOD PROGRAM
14:44330??89203.144.160.*Atemalopaid again - shikeenz
13:47296??62 67.86.176.* ZikoGreat program! Great admin, fast payments
13:44326??10 195.174.134.* Zikogot paid again
12:07266??69203.122.53.*IW CorporationGot paid yesterday! Good site and great admin! I love it!
10:31340??72 87.106.11.* EgoldProfitSitepaid fast!
10:0682??31 203.194.55.* Profit Fund ProPFP continues to impress. Received 4/14 and 15/20 instantly today.Many thanks Paul. Blessings-smchia
10:01401??70 216.147.215.* High Yield ClublLove this program. Instant payots. Already get 33 USD.
9:58340??65 212.91.112.* e-gold Capital1st payment received ($1.50). I pull back my bad vote. koncisb
9:37357??18 125.162.189.* USAInvestCoMy withdrawal request is pending for long time. SCAM!!!
8:44410??50213.232.196.*Online CapitalSite is closed. Collaps!
8:25 385??19 60.208.240.* TroyBankmy ID my name is anbila
7:46384??77200.88.125.*NodHyipGood paying to me, thank admin.
7:42295??48 77.45.140.* Cobex TradeVery good site with stable plan! Got payment - INSTANTLY!
7:12391??83 82.208.124.* EarningGainI received next payout!Excellent!!!
7:07311??86 124.82.40.* Oil and Gas Investmentthanks Mr. Kazem. i got paid. OAG is a very good invester. thanks again.
6:11395??79219.121.95.*Hot-Profit-Bankme too. ↓ Please teach the reason.
5:53373??81202.65.159.*IW Corporationinstantly paid me
5:13375??43 125.160.96.* InvesBestPaid instantly! Thanks admin!
1:52406??00 207.200.116.* Scalanticscam, have not received interest payments, will not reply to my 8 e-mails in the last 6 days.
1:05330??89203.144.160.*CompaxFundpaid again instantly