Vote Information for Thursday 1 March 2007



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0:53406??00 207.200.116.* Hot-Profit-BankGot scammed first told me they deposited interest into my e-gold account, Then fixed the login where I could not access my account. Now they are not answering my emails.
0:24 389??45 61.94.220.* Hot-Profit-Banktotally scam don't believe these votes all of them created by the admin
22:48 339??71 12.218.192.* TopHYIPERSCAM!!!!!! I tried to send a email to their address and got an immediate delivery failed message.
22:21266??3181.205.179.*TotalSharesTS pay me every day on time! Very Good! Join it! (henpaying)
19:19401??68 195.10.218.* High Yield ClubNice program. Honest admin. Already get my refs. Instant payments.
18:57 351??80 81.199.56.* e-gold Capitalstill expecting payment reguest send on the 28/02/2007
18:45327??7591.124.5.*TopHYIPERPending withdrawal not paid in my e-gold account.Scam!!!
18:42327??7591.124.5.*AdsInvestWorldNo paying!!! Scam!!!
18:28180??7089.78.189.*Profit Fund ProGot paid again.ID#bokkal10 . Admin is very honest.
16:44229??15165.228.131.*NodHyipSpend in this pay today.
15:30402??03 220.163.62.* Hours of MoneyPaid again!! great Thanks Admin!!
14:50404??38 24.14.251.* Zikopaid! SuperHYIP!!!
14:48314??65 68.185.92.* ZikoThanks for good program.
14:20281??06 125.160.202.* Profit Fund ProPaid again the 15th $5 profit today INSTANTLY and AUTOMATICALLY. Great program. Thx Adm. Rgds, funday.
14:12382??30196.219.174.* paid me with e-gold batch=76260475 .
13:44382??30196.219.174.* paid me with e-gold batch=76088583 .
11:30150??6166.206.34.*UltimateTargeti withdraw 154$ on 100$ deposit. non stop payments. will reinvest 50$ more. best hyip
10:27348??5885.254.187.*TroyBank3/1/2007 06:19 Payment Received 768721xx Gold +0.022308 145198 15.00 USD 672.40 From: TroyBank Company
9:18244??4682.211.152.*VITA Bank
9:02363??58 60.213.151.* Full-Goldvery hot hyip!!!paid me again===very good!
8:19395??7768.95.150.*ProfitDayWayRegular Pay Each & Every Day. Thanxs Admin.
8:15340??65 212.15.173.* e-gold CapitalThey still did not pay me. I requested payout on Feb 27th! koncisb
8:13 352??57 213.136.102.* FX Golden UnionDon't receive my money
7:37384??77200.88.125.*NodHyipGood paying to me, thank admin.
7:29405??08219.93.152.*Best 2 InvestmentNot paid since 22 Feb. Lost $500
6:52378??91202.183.233.*TroyBankThey pay me again on time
6:45377??45 202.71.102.* Veldrome Financeno problem at all here .. they keep paid on schedule and fast like always, this is my fourth time I try to spend big amount and they still paying me. Great program for this time ! Thanks V.Finance
6:42 410??02 189.156.246.* Capital InvestmentNo paga 100% SCAM!!!!!!!!!! Son unos RATAS. Ver monitor gold poll.
6:37354??6069.90.135.*Veldrome FinanceA True Investment Site. Regularly getting profit. I wish for a long run of V.F. His bonds are also running good. A Genuine INVESTMENT PROGRAMME.
6:2356??01 62.33.38.* Ringprofitinvest 100$. Paying. Rate
6:20395??7768.95.150.*Veldrome FinanceOnly Blue Skies @ Veldrome. The knucklehead below w/red face claims he has already lost $46,000 in one MONTH! {click on egold #}Yeah Sure Buddy!! Just another jerk yanking your cord.
4:19405??6983.133.125.*Fast-PAYINGok program , paying always
4:17 3972450 PROXY LTJ-Invester[Program Admin]> paid 1/2 today ! thank you admin
4:15405??90206.222.31.*USAInvestCoquick payments ,
4:14405??90206.222.31.*TopHYIPERpaid again
4:12405??0772.232.94.*TopHYIPERi like this investment program
4:11405??0772.232.94.*Fast-PAYINGi know it is best hyip
4:10405??0772.232.94.*USAInvestCothey paid me : my 9st payments , very good
4:07405??17206.222.31.*USAInvestCofast and true
4:06405??17206.222.31.*Fast-PAYINGthey paid me instantly
4:06405??17206.222.31.*TopHYIPERits a top hyip for investment.
4:03405??9672.232.94.*USAInvestCohonested program
4:02405??9672.232.94.*Fast-PAYINGtrue investment program , paid
4:01405??9672.232.94.*TopHYIPERtrusted project , i got paid
3:59405??7583.133.125.*USAInvestCoinstant payments
3:59 4054675 PROXY Fast-PAYING[Program Admin]> paying
3:58405??7583.133.125.*TopHYIPERJoin now they paid me for 6 times
3:56404??3272.232.94.*USAInvestCotanks usainvestco , i got paid again
3:55404??3272.232.94.*Fast-PAYINGalways paid me
3:55404??3272.232.94.*TopHYIPERmy favourite investment program
3:52404??4383.133.125.*USAInvestCofast support and instantly
3:51404??4383.133.125.*Fast-PAYINGi got my 13 payout from them tanks
3:51404??4383.133.125.*TopHYIPERgood paying to members
3:48404??16206.222.31.*USAInvestCothey always paid me , this is best for me
3:48404??16206.222.31.*Fast-PAYINGthey always paid me , this is best for me
3:47404??16206.222.31.*TopHYIPERthey always paid me , this is best for me
3:45411??6272.232.94.*USAInvestCovery good
3:44411??6272.232.94.*Fast-PAYINGvery good
3:44411??6272.232.94.*TopHYIPERvery good
3:40411??3583.133.125.*USAInvestCoalways paying me , best and very good
3:39411??3583.133.125.*Fast-PAYINGalways paying me , best and very good
3:38411??3583.133.125.*TopHYIPERpaying alaways
3:26 412??54 64.184.75.*Constant Investmentthis is a very stable program ..paying instantly.........kbar
2:49412??68 219.95.102.* Hours of Moneygerat paid...Hope this program has been no. 1 in hyip program
2:44409??8260.51.101.*Quick 1000 Dailyscam!
2:38 402??36 211.91.194.* LTJ-Investerget paid times and times ! great admin ! thank you !