Vote Information for Friday 23 February 2007


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0:3237??7271.88.208.*Simen OilPaid 1/5 - second spend.
21:45395??77 68.95.157.* Veldrome FinanceSteady Pay Every Single Day!!
18:48243??32213.227.253.*Simen OilPaid and Rated.
18:44201??6575.179.144.*Simen OilPaid and Rated. Again thanks for being on time with payment 5 of 5. Will reinvest.
18:18 236??05 195.166.237.*GoldenTendernot paid scam
17:55281??06 125.160.203.* Profit Fund ProReceived again the 9th $5 profit today now INSTANTLY and AUTOMATICALLY. Thx Adm. Great change and phenomenal. Rgds, funday
17:52301??22217.145.208.*Gentle HYIPNot paying! Beware SCAM!!!!
17:22 409??34 213.228.99.* InvesBestThe excellent project! All pays!
17:16396??15 87.64.227.* GoldenTenderthey pay me fast... i hope they pay me more greets jeroen
16:17260??7781.102.212.*500 Forex Clubpaid and rate :) thanks admin
16:17260??7781.102.212.*Gold Trading SocietyPaying... Best wishes
16:16260??7781.102.212.*Elite gold GroupGood And Honest.
16:16260??7781.102.212.*FX Golden Union... INVEST.....!
16:16260??7781.102.212.*FinInvest Corp.Paid me again
16:15260??7781.102.212.*Euro Capital InvestVery stable ...
16:13272??39201.78.238.*500 Forex ClubVery Stable and Professional
16:12272??39201.78.238.*Gold Trading SocietyThe best indeed
16:12272??39201.78.238.*Elite gold GroupVery good and reliable program. Never missed a payment.
16:11272??39201.78.238.*FX Golden UnionPaid without problems
16:11272??39201.78.238.*FinInvest Corp.Got paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
16:10272??39201.78.238.*Euro Capital InvestPaid my interest. Very honest admin. Will re-invest !!!
16:06260??1971.70.157.*500 Forex ClubReally the best
16:05260??1971.70.157.*Gold Trading SocietyGood program, Paid regularly
16:05260??1971.70.157.*Elite gold GroupPaid once again...
16:04260??1971.70.157.*FX Golden UnionThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
16:04260??1971.70.157.*FinInvest Corp.Super Program! Thanks admin!
16:03260??1971.70.157.*Euro Capital InvestAlways paying, no problem!
15:58339??7071.56.227.*500 Forex Clubgot paid just in time, very good program.
15:58339??7071.56.227.*Gold Trading SocietyPerfectly works and makes good profit
15:58339??7071.56.227.*Elite gold GroupGreat project, paid! Join!
15:57339??7071.56.227.*FX Golden UnionPaid me again
15:55339??7071.56.227.*FinInvest Corp.I got paid today. Thanks admin.
15:54249??18 24.222.29.* Gold-Benefitaccount has not been updated sinse last night ,something wrong
15:53339??7071.56.227.*Euro Capital InvestVery-very good program.
15:50260??6984.252.51.*500 Forex Clubreceived ... payment. very good and stable program.!
15:50260??6984.252.51.*Gold Trading SocietyMy favorite prog! Thanks admin!
15:49260??6984.252.51.*Elite gold GroupAlways paying, thank you guys
15:49260??6984.252.51.*FX Golden Unionpaid again. All right. The best invest program
15:48260??6984.252.51.*FinInvest Corp.Excellent program! Fast support!
15:48260??6984.252.51.*Euro Capital InvestPaying on time, very good system
15:41314??7370.249.157.*500 Forex Clubalways paid on time, thanks admin !!!
15:41314??7370.249.157.*Gold Trading SocietySerious paying program!
15:40314??7370.249.157.*Elite gold GroupI am glad indeed
15:40314??7370.249.157.*FX Golden UnionThanks paid!
15:39314??7370.249.157.*Euro Capital InvestPaid like clock.
15:28346??0966.98.162.*Forex SuperVITED!!! VERY GOOD!!!!!! THANKS ADMIN!!!!!!! ;)
15:19314??6561.93.152.*500 Forex ClubPaid ... again..! ! !
15:18314??6561.93.152.*Gold Trading SocietyPaid, pay and continue to pay
15:18314??6561.93.152.*Elite gold GroupA very satisfied investor indeed! ! !!
15:17314??6561.93.152.*FX Golden UnionThanks for payment! invest program!
15:17314??6561.93.152.*FinInvest paid on 1st investment!
15:16314??6561.93.152.*Euro Capital InvestReceived your payment Admin
15:12271??4070.39.84.*500 Forex ClubPaying me every day
15:12271??4070.39.84.*Gold Trading SocietyOne of the best
15:11271??4070.39.84.*Elite gold GroupGet profit! nice fond)
15:10271??4070.39.84.*FX Golden UnionExcellent programm
15:10271??4070.39.84.*FinInvest Corp.Was paid today
15:09271??4070.39.84.*Euro Capital Invest***PAID & PAID***
15:08232??67198.87.3.*ProfitDayWayperfect. paid 9% thank you!
15:02360??45213.228.94.*500 Forex ClubBest, they are really the BEST
15:02360??45213.228.94.*Gold Trading SocietySerious paying program!
15:01360??45213.228.94.*Elite gold GroupI am glad indeed
15:00360??45213.228.94.*FX Golden UnionPaid like clock.
15:00232??67198.87.3.*WestBoundInvestmentpaid after 3 days, good program!
15:00360??45213.228.94.*FinInvest Corp.Paid, pay and continue to pay
14:59360??45213.228.94.*Euro Capital InvestI got paid. Hope it will for some more days
14:57348??97 84.211.225.* 500 Forex ClubWell managed hyip. Pays as promised.
14:54348??9787.207.178.*Gold Trading SocietyGood work!
14:53348??9787.207.178.*Elite gold GroupAlways got paid
14:53348??9787.207.178.*FX Golden UnionPaid since started
14:52348??9787.207.178.*FinInvest Corp.paid!Right choice to invest,stable program!
14:52348??9787.207.178.*Euro Capital InvestVery good HYIP, paid!
14:47280??15217.120.187.*500 Forex ClubPaid! Give me two! :)
14:47280??15217.120.187.*Gold Trading SocietyGood hyip!
14:46280??15217.120.187.*Elite gold GroupPayment received. Thanks.
14:46280??15217.120.187.*FX Golden UnionGood work!
14:45280??15217.120.187.*FinInvest Corp.I got paid. Hope it will for some more days
14:44280??15217.120.187.*Euro Capital InvestAlways Paid - no problem Thanks Admin!
14:40339??46172.180.45.*500 Forex ClubGood support.
14:39339??46172.180.45.*Gold Trading SocietyPays.. Well managed hyip.
14:39339??46172.180.45.*Elite gold Groupi got paid
14:37339??46172.180.45.*FX Golden UnionVery Much...Paid Today!
14:37339??46172.180.45.*FinInvest Corp.Paid No problems!
14:37339??46172.180.45.*Euro Capital InvestPaid since started
13:17384??77200.88.125.*NodHyipGood paying to me, thank admin.
13:11 409??57 60.52.48.* Golden 1000% Profitnot paid... withdrawals request is still pending.....
12:23 332??89 219.93.152.*Human Life ProfitExcellent program and fast withdraw
12:10316??07212.116.224.*DealHyipScam!!! Withdrawal request $ 5.00 [cancel] Feb-21-2007 10:51:26 AM
12:09 403??12 83.237.109.* eTrustCapitalPaid without any problems!
12:06375??4489.212.131.*500 Forex ClubAlways paid on time!
12:06375??4489.212.131.*Gold Trading SocietyPaid right on time!
12:05375??4489.212.131.*Elite gold GroupAdmin thank! HYIP paid!
12:05375??4489.212.131.*FX Golden UnionPayment received. Thank admin!Very good HYIP!
12:05375??4489.212.131.*FinInvest Corp.Right choice to invest
12:04375??4489.212.131.*Euro Capital InvestPaid very fast again ! VERY GOOD !
12:04375??4489.212.131.*BestChoise HYIPPaid today!Excellent!
11:57360??63219.182.96.*500 Forex ClubExcellent hyip. Payments`has received without problems
11:56360??63219.182.96.*Gold Trading SocietyPaid right on time!
11:56360??63219.182.96.*Elite gold Grouppayment received very fast
11:56360??63219.182.96.*FX Golden UnionVery trustworthy a serious investment program
11:55360??63219.182.96.*FinInvest Corp.Good program! Make more!
11:55360??63219.182.96.*Euro Capital InvestPAYING ! This is important !
11:54360??63219.182.96.*BestChoise HYIPGood ! One of the best !
11:50335??46142.59.101.*500 Forex ClubI've been paid in time
11:49335??46142.59.101.*Gold Trading SocietyPaid to e-gold again. Very prompt payment.
11:47335??46142.59.101.*Elite gold GroupWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
11:47335??46142.59.101.*FX Golden UnionI like it!
11:46335??46142.59.101.*FinInvest Corp.good paying!!!
11:46335??46142.59.101.*Euro Capital InvestCool!
11:45335??46142.59.101.*BestChoise HYIPIt is really greate HYIP. Paid Me Fast.
11:30375??1389.247.3.*500 Forex ClubI got paid
11:30375??1389.247.3.*Gold Trading SocietyStill paying. Hope it will for more days
11:30378??49 88.203.248.* Swiss-Gold-Financenice program
11:30375??1389.247.3.*Elite gold GroupPaying program.
11:29375??1389.247.3.*FX Golden UnionPaying program.
11:29375??1389.247.3.*FinInvest Corp.Paying program.
11:28375??1389.247.3.*Euro Capital InvestPaid today!Excellent!
11:26375??1389.247.3.*BestChoise HYIPgood paying!!!
11:25353??3160.48.107.*Hours of Money
11:15412??15 71.135.186.* HK HYIPGood Start !
11:06412??15 85.214.27.* World Financial ClubThank You !
11:00296??6274.134.33.*BestChoise HYIPGood site. Good admin... ;)
10:59296??6274.134.33.*Gold Trading SocietyMy favourite invest program
10:59296??6274.134.33.*Elite gold GroupI am in love with this spon :)))
10:59296??6274.134.33.*FX Golden UnionGood workind hyip!
10:58296??6274.134.33.*FinInvest Corp.Always Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
10:58296??6274.134.33.*Euro Capital InvestGot paid for several times
10:57296??6274.134.33.*500 Forex Clubhyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
10:53326??1069.125.143.*BestChoise HYIPGood, i got paid
10:53326??1069.125.143.*Gold Trading SocietyVery good..paid!
10:52326??1069.125.143.*Elite gold GroupGood program!
10:52326??1069.125.143.*FX Golden UnionHad no problems for now !
10:51326??1069.125.143.*FinInvest, big payouts
10:51326??1069.125.143.*Euro Capital InvestPaid. Excellent customer support.
10:50326??1069.125.143.*500 Forex ClubReliable investment.
10:46260??5471.234.249.*BestChoise HYIPgot paid ... I will try again ! :)
10:46260??5471.234.249.*Gold Trading SocietyNice!
10:45260??5471.234.249.*Elite gold GroupGood HYIP! You should try it too.
10:44260??5471.234.249.*FX Golden UnionExcellent HYIP! paid!
10:44260??5471.234.249.*FinInvest Corp.Good program.
10:43260??5471.234.249.*Euro Capital InvestWhat to say .... i say that i got paid ! thats all :))))
10:43260??5471.234.249.*500 Forex Clubpaid me without problems!
10:06348??1024.127.71.*BestChoise HYIP... INVEST.....!
10:06348??1024.127.71.*Gold Trading Societyhyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
10:06348??1024.127.71.*Elite gold Groupsuper paid
10:05348??1024.127.71.*FX Golden UnionPayment received.
10:05348??1024.127.71.*FinInvest Corp.Serious paying program!
10:05348??1024.127.71.*500 Forex ClubPaid on time as usual!! !! !!
10:03348??1024.127.71.*Euro Capital Investgreat program
10:00272??5274.134.33.*BestChoise HYIPGood Site...Paid!
9:59272??5274.134.33.*Gold Trading SocietyReliable investment.
9:59272??5274.134.33.*Elite gold GroupHighly recommended.Paid!
9:58272??5274.134.33.*FX Golden UnionIt pays !!!
9:58272??5274.134.33.*FinInvest Corp.program best!
9:57272??5274.134.33.*Euro Capital Investgreat program
9:56272??5274.134.33.*500 Forex ClubA very satisfied investor indeed! ! !!
9:42280??5471.79.237.*BestChoise HYIPExcellent!!!
9:41280??5471.79.237.*Gold Trading Societyamazing hyip!!!
9:41280??5471.79.237.*Elite gold Groupnice
9:41280??5471.79.237.*FX Golden UnionNo problems .. Hope for long ;))
9:40280??5471.79.237.*FinInvest Corp...INVEST..!
9:40280??5471.79.237.*Euro Capital Investpay!pay!pay!
9:39280??5471.79.237.*500 Forex ClubGreat invest program!
9:33272??9724.127.71.*Gold Trading SocietyPayment received.
9:33197??39196.217.54.*Local HYIPpaid me now!!!!
9:32272??9724.127.71.*Elite gold GroupExcellent!!
9:32272??9724.127.71.*FX Golden UnionGetting paid regularly
9:31272??9724.127.71.*FinInvest Corp.Nice program ...
9:29272??9724.127.71.*Euro Capital InvestGreat invest program!
9:29272??9724.127.71.*500 Forex ClubReliable investment.
9:28197??39196.217.54.*Dollars to youpaid me now!!!!
9:22271??4269.124.2.*Gold Trading SocietyToday got some profit ...
9:22271??4269.124.2.*Elite gold GroupReliable investment.
9:21271??4269.124.2.*FX Golden UnionExcellent programm ! I like it ...
9:21271??4269.124.2.*FinInvest Corp.Great invest program!
9:21271??4269.124.2.*Euro Capital InvestPaid again and again and again..! ! !
9:20271??4269.124.2.*500 Forex Clubgood program
9:17270??6383.237.228.*Gold Trading SocietyThis one is in my list !
9:16270??6383.237.228.*Elite gold Grouppay!pay!pay!
9:16270??6383.237.228.*FX Golden UnionReally the best program online!
9:15270??6383.237.228.*FinInvest Corp.Got paid from this one !
9:14270??6383.237.228.*Euro Capital InvestExcellent program!!! GOOD!
9:13270??6383.237.228.*500 Forex Clubcool
8:43327??7591.124.176.*FlashReturnPayments regular!
8:36327??7591.124.176.*AdsInvestWorldPaid very good
7:39406??11 203.188.234.* GoldenTenderthay paid instantly after withdrawal request!
7:38264??67 218.111.152.* Please-Investgood to invest!!!!!!!! paid me...!
7:06330??00125.162.97.*Flexible HyipGood. Paid me again. Thanks admin
7:06347??2960.186.38.*Constant Investmentpaid again.
7:01377??45202.43.172.*Gold CasePAYING !! will reinvest and double as soon as possible.
7:00330??00125.162.97.*Hunter GoldBest HYIP. Thank admin.
6:58377??45202.43.172.*Fuqi FundPaid as promise. thank you admin & staff ! GOOD JOB !
6:43412??87125.162.97.*Hyip For ForexThank admin.
6:41330??00125.162.97.*Hyip For ForexGood. Paid me again. Thanks admin
5:16229??15165.228.131.*NodHyipSpend in this pay today.
5:03 395??89 60.49.72.* HYIP In Natevery bad scam. they told is paid but never go into my egold account. Smart scam game. 4 million USD have been scammed.
4:55391??83 213.177.97.* EarningGainPaid me today again.I am in profit.
2:46 407??20 218.208.227.* Constant InvestmentI like the prompt payment and instant widrawal by these guys, thanks.
2:12 12??90 66.187.6.* Best 2 InvestmentThey have not paid me, they are also not answering emails.