Vote Information for Monday 19 February 2007


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0:02387??3489.136.40.*TotalSharesGood program! I've been paid and re-invested!
23:42386??57 125.160.65.* Simen Oilearly - early payee, mid is not paid , Hosting Country : NO, Norway Hosting City : Stavanger, group penipu=SCAM. I fail $ 980 USD.
23:16367??03 89.40.134.* AdsInvestWorldPaid instantly
22:23 214??72 71.139.26.* TNT HYIPNever Been Paid!!!!
22:21404??1666.199.240.*TopHYIPERbest choose for investment paid me all of my profits , join now.
22:20404??1666.199.240.*USAInvestCobest choose for investment paid me all of my profits , join now.
22:15404??4383.133.125.*TopHYIPERStable,reliable program , good project
22:14404??4383.133.125.*USAInvestCoStable,reliable program , good project
22:11404??19206.222.31.*TopHYIPERthey paid me
22:10404??19206.222.31.*USAInvestCothey paid me
22:07404??3272.232.94.*TopHYIPERfast support , very good, tanks.
22:06404??3272.232.94.*USAInvestCofast support , very good, tanks.
22:04405??7583.133.125.*TopHYIPERi got Paid - thank you
22:03405??7583.133.125.*USAInvestCoi got Paid - thank you
21:59405??9672.232.94.*TopHYIPERbest program , they paid me 1050$ amount tanks admin, my moneys change from 60$ to 1050$ , best program.
21:58405??9672.232.94.*USAInvestCobest program , they paid me 1050$ amount tanks admin, my moneys change from 60$ to 1050$ , best program.
21:55405??6966.199.240.*TopHYIPERFIRST PAYMENT-PAID QUITE FAST...
21:54405??6966.199.240.*USAInvestCoFIRST PAYMENT-PAID QUITE FAST...
21:50405??90206.222.31.*TopHYIPERRealli Instant , tanks
21:49405??9085.185.85.*USAInvestCoRealli Instant , tanks
21:45411??6272.232.94.*TopHYIPERvery good , paid me
21:45411??6272.232.94.*USAInvestCovery good , paid me
18:10266??3181.205.179.*TotalSharesPays me every day! A site to join. Have a look and see it! ID: 197 (henpaying)
17:49405??0772.232.94.*USAInvestCoExcellent , I got paid again , Many Tanks.
17:48405??0772.232.94.*TopHYIPERExcellent , I got paid again , Many Tanks.
17:46405??2483.133.125.*USAInvestCobest and fast program , paid me , tanks.
17:46362??40193.151.57.*JigurdaBest program!!!
17:46405??2483.133.125.*TopHYIPERbest and fast program , paid me , tanks.
17:45362??40193.151.57.*FRXCIBest program!!!
17:43362??40193.151.57.*LifeDollarsBest program!!!
15:37347??66 58.88.215.* FantasticalProfitsgot paid (2/40) thanks
15:33363??5268.96.185.*Dollars to youI had invested, received a confirmation, and req. payment, received confirmation. did not pay. also, sent two emails did not reply.
15:19229??15165.228.132.*GdnFundgood payment to me, thanks very much
15:15201??6575.179.144.*Simen OilPaid and Rated. Thanks for 1st payment of 5. They appear to be off on the right FOOT.
14:52 365??20 84.94.136.* ModeInvestthey dont pay and the all list of investors stats is a fake dont invest
13:31363??15 60.53.33.* Relax Business corp.Paid fast. thnx admin. run this one for a while
12:59 350??65 203.81.195.* UltimateTargetpaid and rated
12:08 4108818 PROXY Simen Oil[Program Admin]> I'm admin of Below Red Face Vote is FAKE, becuase of do not proof (have notbatch#) also our running date is 19 Feb and this guy posted in 19 feb how we scammed this guy? olny a FAKEEE vote
10:38 292??43 91.98.5.* Life Percentgot paid
10:17229??15165.228.132.*NodHyiplong payment for me, good
9:49135??4280.252.248.*JigurdaGot paid. Thanks!
9:49 393??23 80.134.210.* SabizInvestI waiting for my Money
9:49135??4280.252.248.*FRXCIGot paid. Thanks!
9:48135??4280.252.248.*LifeDollarsGot paid. Thanks!
8:56149??81202.137.155.*AdsInvestWorldPaid x1; instantly. Thanks. User Cybernaute
8:52 4108818 PROXY Simen Oil[Program Admin]> SuperB! Program. thx admin :)
7:55395??7768.95.143.*Veldrome FinancePays Daily - Good Program. Thanks Admin.
7:35384??77200.88.125.*GdnFundpaid me $120 from plan B, thanks admin
7:24384??77200.88.125.*NodHyipstill got paid in time,thank you
5:29313??13 222.124.45.* Grow InvestmentStill waiting for my $6.50 since Feb-16-2007 11:03:55 PM
4:45 388??05 202.59.201.* Safe Trade
4:07 400??86 83.33.125.* LifeDollarsNot paying in 4 days !
3:55382??52125.160.66.*Simen OilSCAM....SCAM>>>> SCAM... i lose $500 + $ 130
3:49386??57125.160.66.*Veldrome Financedo not pay for at all payment= SCAM....!!!!!!!!!!!...100%
3:45376??23125.160.66.*WestBoundInvestmentdo not pay for at all payment= SCAM....!!!!!!!!!!!...100%
3:26284??24 220.166.138.* Telegraphic FundsGot payment again.Thanks!
3:14368??59125.160.66.*Constant InvestmentThe Best Hyip, Payment Constant, Thanks Admin
2:38393??00202.169.32.*Capital Investmentfast payment and fully automatic. thanks admin
2:27 387??51 202.58.73.* Safe Tradepaid me