Vote Information for Thursday 15 February 2007


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0:13 403??37 75.108.175.* Best Hourly Instantlyfirst spend
23:26386??6967.63.82.*GjHyipThe Party is OVER! No payment today!...I almost broke even, too!
21:49 316??31 91.124.38.* FX Golden UnionNot Paying!!! SCAM!
21:04405??78 200.232.243.* White CapitalSCAMMM !! false batch - false payment - false "Paid Out"
21:02363??0180.95.35.*Mine To GoldReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
21:00363??0180.95.35.*Gate to FutureReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
20:58363??0180.95.35.*FRXCIReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
20:56363??0180.95.35.*LifeDollarsReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
20:23405??0038.100.133.*Capital InvestmentWOW .. STILL PAYING DOUBLE SPEND NOW !!
20:19405??0038.100.133.*CertainInvestmentPAYING EVERYDAY ON TIME, EXCELLENT HYIP
20:07405??0038.100.133.*Best 2 InvestmentPAYING AGAIN TODAY THANKS
20:07 376??75 128.241.44.* Invest OffshoreThis site is SCAM, paid only the Hyipmonitors,dont invest here
20:02410??15217.197.112.*Mine To GoldGreat!
20:01405??0038.100.133.*Gilroy ClubGilroy-Club paid me, no doubt for me to invest here again. double spend today and will check the payment tomorrow.great one !!!!
20:01410??15217.197.112.*Gate to FutureGreat!
19:46400??93 60.50.51.* Best Hourly Instantlysuper fast withdrawal..thanks to dedicated admin
19:38 371??45 89.132.8.* White CapitalIm so sorry, Admin notify me the withdrawal. But the $ not arrive to my E-Gold account...
19:12335??46 67.86.186.* Safe TradeThanks for this cool programm!
18:09362??40193.151.57.*Mine To GoldBest program!!!
18:08362??40193.151.57.*Gate to FutureBest program!!!
18:06362??40193.151.57.*FRXCIBest program!!!
18:06409??3472.232.94.*Hot-Profit-BankYesterday received my $340 withdrawal. Everything is fine!
18:04409??8583.133.125.*Hot-Profit-Bankgot paid 950$ today;keep your working
18:04362??40193.151.57.*JigurdaBest program!!!
18:01409??7983.133.125.*Hot-Profit-BankHonest admin! Reliable and always paid on time! Be sure to check out the site!
17:36260??77 212.156.166.* FX Golden UnionPaid honest HYIP really
17:33272??3969.145.120.*FX Golden UnionAlways paying, no problem!
17:30260??1970.74.6.*FX Golden UnionPaid once again...
17:25339??70 213.222.159.* FX Golden UnionReally the best
17:23260??6971.234.249.*FX Golden UnionPaid without problems
17:17314??73 67.86.186.* FX Golden UnionThank you for good profit!
17:14314??65 88.242.210.* FX Golden UnionThanks for payment!
17:10271??4068.200.49.*FX Golden UnionPaid, pay and continue to pay
17:06360??45 213.252.123.* FX Golden UnionPaid like clock.
17:05348??97 85.107.59.* FX Golden UnionI am glad indeed
17:03280??15 217.184.51.* FX Golden UnionSerious paying program!
16:59339??46 71.7.131.* FX Golden UnionBest, they are really the BEST
16:56375??44 24.31.109.* FX Golden UnionPaying on time, very good system
16:53360??63 68.83.134.* FX Golden UnionPaid on time as usual!! !! !!
16:51335??4624.162.153.*FX Golden UnionNo problems .. Hope for long ;))
16:48246??58194.145.216.*Mine To GoldPays constantly... I like!
16:48375??1366.66.75.*FX Golden UnionIt is really great HYIP. Paid Me Fast!!!
16:47375??1366.66.75.*BestChoise HYIPA very satisfied investor indeed! ! !!
16:46246??58194.145.216.*Gate to FuturePays constantly... I like!
16:42296??6269.125.143.*FX Golden Union***PAID & PAID***
16:42246??58194.145.216.*FRXCIPays constantly... I like!
16:42296??6269.125.143.*BestChoise HYIPWas paid today
16:40326??1075.22.227.*FX Golden UnionPaid like clock.
16:39246??58194.145.216.*LifeDollarsPays constantly... I like!
16:39326??1075.22.227.*BestChoise HYIPPayment received thanks!
16:38246??58194.145.216.*JigurdaPays constantly... I like!
16:37260??5474.101.254.*FX Golden UnionThanks for payment!
16:36260??5474.101.254.*BestChoise HYIPNever misses payment.
16:35348??1076.169.168.*FX Golden UnionSuccessful HYIP
16:34348??1076.169.168.*BestChoise HYIPNice program... ;)
16:31384??77200.88.125.*GdnFundPaid out again.
16:31272??5267.181.215.*FX Golden Unionpay!pay!pay!
16:29272??5267.181.215.*BestChoise HYIPGreat invest program!
16:25384??77200.88.125.*NodHyipPaid out again.
16:25280??5466.75.4.*FX Golden UnionWorks every day.
16:25280??5466.75.4.*BestChoise HYIPgood admin response
16:20272??9770.191.126.*FX Golden UnionOne of the best
16:20272??9770.191.126.*BestChoise HYIPExcellent program!!! GOOD!
16:16271??4224.27.66.*FX Golden UnionPaid well and always in time
16:15271??4224.27.66.*BestChoise HYIPPaid well, indeed
16:11270??6383.237.237.*FX Golden UnionAlways on time - thanks
16:11270??6383.237.237.*BestChoise HYIPGreat invest program
15:12 393??10 81.230.194.* Capital InvestmentPayed directly to e-gold! So far so good!
15:03373??0180.80.111.*7DailyFundPayout received in several minutes, great work Admin! Keep it up! User: strannik
14:08357??54212.138.64.*GdnFundSpend $2500,pay daily and daily,great program.
14:05357??54212.138.64.*NodHyipSpend $4500,pay daily and daily,great program.
13:14386??6967.63.82.*White CapitalDid not paid...and even made up a false batch #....VERY Big Scam!
12:05397??27 41.207.206.* TroyBankPaying every day. No problem! Honest admin!
11:01180??7089.78.189.*Profit Fund ProThe best Hyip. Paid Again. bokkal10
10:35402??3766.199.240.*LifeDollarswe SOLICIT justice.this is site very very good : http://www.justice2007
9:24336??38193.34.20.*7DailyFundPayment received! Thanks admin!
8:23158??2364.136.26.*White CapitalScammmm Trap ! White Capital are Thieves ! I also Lost my $
7:49187??51 195.221.50.* SabizInvestThey have payed 1/5...lets see the rest...
6:27297??78 59.184.63.* Find Easy MoneyShowing paid status at website on 14.02.07 but not credited to my e-gold ?can anyone explain ? I will post positive only after getting credit to my e-gold.Waiting Status.
5:54261??96213.128.220.*Dorado-FundsAdmin not paid and not answer - SCAM!!!
4:55229??15165.228.131.*GdnFundSpend in this paid today.
4:52229??15165.228.131.*NodHyipSpend in this pay today.
3:46 404??46 24.247.93.* HYIP In NatePending withdraw 4 days
2:11365??8824.174.116.*White CapitalThey delivered with payment. ThankYou!!!
1:37266??95 60.51.115.* Constant Investmentpaid instantly id : rinsaf
1:18330??89165.228.133.*eWall Street Bankpaid instanly (shikeenz)