Vote Information for Monday 12 February 2007


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23:25397??2060.250.136.*Veldrome FinancePaid on time as always . very good
22:09274??89212.118.88.*White Capitalpaid 10.85$ thanks admin honest program
21:52396??87 80.75.171.* White Capitalvery good site
20:28392??1983.116.132.*Profit Day Investsays that they paid to e-gold account but no batch id paid only monitors
20:13135??4280.252.248.*IC-Profit.netGot paid. Thanks!
20:12135??4280.252.248.*Gate to FutureGot paid. Thanks!
20:11135??4280.252.248.*FRXCIGot paid. Thanks!
20:10135??4280.252.248.*LifeDollarsGot paid. Thanks!
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19:30362??40193.151.57.*Gate to FutureBest program!!!
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19:25362??40193.151.57.*LifeDollarsBest program!!!
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19:10363??0185.237.34.*FRXCIReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
19:09363??0185.237.34.*IC-Profit.netReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
14:45294??88 87.11.121.* Space ForexBIG SCAM. NOT PAYING!!
14:18360??45 83.237.237.* Safe TradeAlways paying, no problem!
14:16296??62 75.39.197.* Safe TradeSimply very good
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9:40 344??84 86.102.148.* White Capital$6.25 has been successfully sent to your E-Gold account
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7:37382??18 211.133.11.* Time HYIPnot log in! It is an accident.
7:34382??30 196.218.30.* Online CapitalThey are always paying
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