Vote Information for Sunday 11 February 2007


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23:34402??22203.125.64.*Care Hyipanother scam! check the hosting isp / add b4 u invest.
23:26402??22203.125.64.*Fast900Profitdon't fall for this scam! same bunch of idiots who ran the crap
23:12394??2660.250.136.*Veldrome FinancePaid again ! I will re invest . good program .
23:02400??14193.111.158.*Human Life ProfitIt that???? You have requested to withdraw $2.62. Request IP address is
22:13120??87 66.201.10.* IMC InvestmentPending 30 cents just 30 cents come on dude pay me.
21:40201??99 83.77.165.* White Capitalgot paid, thank you
21:17326??4587.248.165.*Gate to Futurepaid
19:59200??57217.119.146.*SAS Finance3 payouts received today, thanks!
19:55200??57217.119.146.*White Capital$12.5 has been successfully sent to your E-Gold account 20059**.Transaction batch is 759324**, thanks!
19:32388??10 83.174.253.* Rich Invest HYIPScam
19:11209??52 222.142.152.* Neo-Yieldpaid me too
19:01266??3181.205.179.*TotalSharesPays day after day. Very good site and honest Admin. Join it! ID#197
18:41375??13 210.14.75.* Safe TradeGood!! Paying me every day!
18:39360??63 12.193.224.* Safe TradeSuccessful HYIP
18:38375??44 69.204.211.* Safe TradePaid Very Good Thanks Admin.
18:04393??40 84.75.177.* Federal Investpage is gone, money is gone
17:40362??40193.151.57.*IC-Profit.netExcellent program!!!
17:40 387??03 69.159.117.* AliativaI have received an email that their domain name has been stolen. Their new domain name is aliativa dot net
17:39362??40193.151.57.*Gate to FutureExcellent program!!!
17:37362??40193.151.57.*FRXCIExcellent program!!!
17:35362??40193.151.57.*LifeDollarsExcellent program!!!
17:29260??7787.207.241.*Gold Trading SocietyGood HYIP! paid all time!
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17:23272??3985.99.24.*500 Forex ClubPaid me again
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17:22272??3985.99.24.*FinInvest Corp.Always paying, no problem!
17:21272??3985.99.24.*Euro Capital InvestPaid once again...
17:21272??3985.99.24.*FX Golden UnionReally the best
17:17260??1965.27.30.*Gold Trading SocietyPaid without problems
17:17260??1965.27.30.*500 Forex ClubWell paying system
17:17260??1965.27.30.*FX Business SolutionsPaid on time as usual!! !! !!
17:16260??1965.27.30.*Elite gold GroupNo problems .. Hope for long ;))
17:16260??1965.27.30.*FinInvest Corp.Great invest program!
17:16260??1965.27.30.*Euro Capital InvestWorks every day.
17:15260??1965.27.30.*FX Golden Uniongood admin response
17:14260??6980.133.242.*Gold Trading SocietyOne of the best
17:13260??6980.133.242.*500 Forex ClubPaid well and always in time
17:13260??6980.133.242.*FX Business SolutionsPaid well, indeed
17:13260??6980.133.242.*Elite gold GroupReliable investment.
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17:11260??6980.133.242.*FX Golden UnionIt is really great HYIP. Paid Me Fast!!!
17:09339??7083.237.239.*Gold Trading Society***PAID & PAID***
17:08339??7083.237.239.*500 Forex ClubPaid 8/20. Thanks!
17:08339??7083.237.239.*FX Business SolutionsWas paid today
17:08339??7083.237.239.*Elite gold GroupPayment received thanks!
17:07339??7083.237.239.*FinInvest Corp.Thanks for payment!
17:07339??7083.237.239.*Euro Capital InvestNever misses payment.
17:06339??7083.237.239.*FX Golden UnionSuccessful HYIP
16:57314??7324.151.62.*Gold Trading SocietyPaid and withdrew.
16:57314??7324.151.62.*500 Forex ClubVery Good and was paid every time.
16:56314??7324.151.62.*FX Business SolutionsPaid like clock.
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16:50314??6569.120.111.*Gold Trading SocietyWorks every day.
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16:35271??4071.57.80.*Gold Trading SocietyGot another paid
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16:11280??1582.241.183.*FX Golden Unionpaid me all the week
16:10389??57 85.133.134.* SabizInvestGot piad 1/5
16:08342??76 194.186.248.* Golden FlowMy money pending from Dec. Please, admin, withdrawal my earned from Investment to e-gold
16:05339??4661.9.109.*Gold Trading Societyi've been paid here too well done
16:05339??4661.9.109.*500 Forex ClubReliable hyip. Let's make money!
16:05339??4661.9.109.*FX Business Solutionsin profit! great)
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15:58375??4485.103.110.*Gold Trading SocietyIt is really greate. Paid Me Fast.
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15:56375??4485.103.110.*Euro Capital InvestGreat program! Great admin, fast payments
15:55375??4485.103.110.*FX Golden UnionGot my withdrawal
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15:47360??6388.230.91.*FinInvest paid again
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15:45360??6388.230.91.*FX Golden UnionPayment received, very good :-)
15:37335??4685.107.237.*500 Forex ClubThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
15:37335??4685.107.237.*FX Business SolutionsPayment received
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15:36335??4685.107.237.*FinInvest Corp.Got paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
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15:35335??4685.107.237.*FX Golden UnionPaid Very Good Thanks Admin.
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15:33326??1066.168.71.*Gold Trading SocietyYou are the best
15:32326??1066.168.71.*500 Forex ClubPaid, long time in profit !
15:32229??1280.227.0.*GjHyipToday,paid 9/14,good program.
15:32326??1066.168.71.*FX Business Solutionsstill paying!!!
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15:31326??1066.168.71.*FinInvest Corp.Thank you Admin!!
15:31326??1066.168.71.*Euro Capital InvestVery stable ...
15:30326??1066.168.71.*FX Golden UnionPaying... Best wishes
15:30229??1280.227.0.*NodHyipToday,paid 50/200,good program.
15:28375??1388.226.44.*Gold Trading Societypaid and rate :) thanks admin
15:28375??1388.226.44.*500 Forex ClubPaid on time as usual!!
15:27375??1388.226.44.*FX Business SolutionsVery Stable and Professional
15:27375??1388.226.44.*Elite gold GroupNo problems with payouts. Thanks
15:27375??1388.226.44.*FinInvest Corp.Paid!!!- Paid on time as usual
15:26375??1388.226.44.*Euro Capital InvestPaid!!!- Paid on time as usual
15:25375??1388.226.44.*FX Golden UnionPaid every day. Nice.
15:22296??6262.163.246.*Gold Trading SocietyI recomend this HYIP!
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15:21296??6262.163.246.*FX Business SolutionsGood program! Great support!
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15:21296??6262.163.246.*FinInvest Corp.:)))very very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
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15:20296??6262.163.246.*FX Golden UnionYes... it paid me
15:14260??5424.7.106.*Gold Trading Societythe best HYIP!nice!
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15:12260??5424.7.106.*FinInvest Corp.Great invest program
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15:11260??5424.7.106.*FX Golden UnionPaying on time and great e-mail support.
15:01255??8682.207.127.*IC-Profit.netgood admin response
15:00255??8682.207.127.*Gate to Futuregood admin response
14:58255??8682.207.127.*FRXCIgood admin response
14:57255??8682.207.127.*LifeDollarsgood admin response
14:38376??23 125.160.67.* GdnFundgood for investment
13:27397??2060.250.136.*EarningGainPaying in time. Recomend site. GOOD Program
12:10319??36 219.95.88.* White CapitalHello biliswira.$1.25 has been successfully sent to your E-Gold account. Transaction batch is 7593XXXX. Thanks!!!
11:44261??96213.128.220.*The HYIGVery good! Thanks, admin!
11:26357??54212.138.64.*GjHyipSpend $1800,pay daily and daily,great program.
11:21357??54212.138.64.*NodHyipSpend $4500,pay daily and daily,great program.
10:53348??1024.150.106.*Gold Trading SocietyMy favourite invest program
10:53348??1024.150.106.*500 Forex ClubVery-very good. I really like it !
10:53354??7688.147.152.*The HYIGVery sympathetic administrator! Thanks for corrections of the account. I already thought were gone wash money!!!:)
10:53348??1024.150.106.*FX Business Solutionspaid today again...
10:52348??1024.150.106.*Elite gold GroupCOOL !!!
10:52348??1024.150.106.*FinInvest Corp.Paid Good!!!
10:52348??1024.150.106.*Euro Capital Investgot paid
10:51348??1024.150.106.*FX Golden Unionrealy paid !!!
10:49272??5271.137.19.*Gold Trading Societyvery good and fast. Thanks
10:49272??5271.137.19.*500 Forex ClubBest! best..
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10:48272??5271.137.19.*FinInvest Corp.paying program
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10:47272??5271.137.19.*FX Golden UnionVery good program
10:45280??5474.100.189.*Gold Trading SocietyS U P E R : Paid and Paid
10:44280??5474.100.189.*500 Forex ClubMy first withdrawal received!
10:44280??5474.100.189.*FX Business Solutionsgreat program, good paid!
10:44280??5474.100.189.*Elite gold GroupThanks Admin ...Paid!
10:43280??5474.100.189.*FinInvest Corp.This program is the best of all
10:43280??5474.100.189.*Euro Capital InvestGoody-Good!
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10:40272??9767.186.144.*Gold Trading SocietyMy favorit HYIP
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10:39272??9767.186.144.*FX Business SolutionsGreat Hyip!!!
10:39272??9767.186.144.*Elite gold GroupPaying well
10:38272??9767.186.144.*FinInvest Corp.Thank you admin
10:38272??9767.186.144.*Euro Capital InvestI got my 1st interest
10:38272??9767.186.144.*FX Golden Unionbeen paid today!
10:35271??4271.206.161.*Gold Trading SocietyI think it's the BEST!!!
10:35271??4271.206.161.*500 Forex ClubVery Stable and Professional
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10:31270??6383.237.239.*Gold Trading Society... INVEST.....!
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10:30270??6383.237.239.*FX Business SolutionsVery stable ...
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10:29270??6383.237.239.*Euro Capital InvestGood And Honest.
10:29270??6383.237.239.*FX Golden UnionGreat invest program
5:32385??3772.232.94.*Actual Trade Ltd
4:23229??15165.228.131.*GjHyipSpend in this paid today.
4:21229??15165.228.131.*NodHyipSpend in this pay today.
2:5813??35200.108.29.*ExciteFundPayment pending 3 days. Don't expect to receive.
2:12394??60 67.142.130.* White Capital
2:09 364??12 218.218.145.* Elegance Fundnot paying
1:58 4051806 PROXY The Gold Group[Program Admin]> As of 7:53pm, on Feb. 10th, 2007...ALL withdrawal requests have been PAID!