Vote Information for Sunday 4 February 2007


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0:34 256??66 59.92.115.* ArowHyipNot paying. Don't waste money.
22:50340??54216.255.183.*Vepard GroupReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
22:44249??1824.222.228.*HappyProfitselective paying,the site said I was paid,no I wasn't
22:21333??83 91.124.62.* Vepard GroupPayment received!
19:52388??6172.232.94.*HYIP In NatePaid Out 65$ best the best hyip
19:50 377??10 83.133.125.*HYIP In NatePaid Out 120$ best the best hyip
18:47388??6172.232.94.*Comer KeyPaid Out 102$ best the best hyip
18:26363??0185.237.34.*UnitradeReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
18:24363??0185.237.34.*LifeDollarsReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
18:23363??0185.237.34.*FRXCIReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
17:29201??6575.179.144.*GiftInvestPaid and Rated. The first half paid thanks alot. This is indeed a good place to invest.
17:02403??9981.169.183.*PM-Associationsame here, paid again
16:53 389??70 193.95.233.* PM-Associationpaid 3rd time
16:05372??62 82.83.155.* BizHYIPalways pending withdraw, not paid
15:46357??54212.138.64.*GjHyipSpend $1800,pay daily and daily,great program.
15:42357??54212.138.64.*NodHyipSpend $4500,pay daily and daily,great program.
15:36404??38121.141.46.*500 Forex ClubI got my 1st interest
15:35404??38121.141.46.*FX Golden Unionbeen paid today!
15:35404??38121.141.46.*FinInvest Corp.Paid on time as usual!!
15:26260??77219.254.16.*500 Forex ClubPaid and rated again..
15:26260??77219.254.16.*FX Golden Unionpaid and rate :) thanks admin
15:24260??77219.254.16.*FinInvest Corp.Paying... Best wishes
15:22272??3912.210.118.*500 Forex Club... INVEST.....!
15:22272??3912.210.118.*FX Golden UnionPaid me again
15:21272??3912.210.118.*FinInvest Corp.Very stable ...
15:12 364??11 80.128.79.* ePann IncAlways Paying. ePann is the best
15:06397??1987.238.119.*TNT HYIPNOT PAID!!! NOT 'Full Auto Withdrawal'
15:01 201??54 24.193.58.* Veldrome Financepaid 3 times, reinvested
14:45229??15165.228.131.*GjHyipSpend in this paid today.
14:40229??15165.228.131.*NodHyipSpend in this pay today,
14:37343??4371.81.48.*Junior InvestmentPending for 1 day...will wait a little while longer
14:13276??1160.49.86.*SupfundThanks admin...paying always....Great Program!!!
14:09278??5360.49.86.*ePann IncePann paying without missed.....daily until now....thanks admin!
14:05374??8460.49.86.*Worth Lifethanks admin for paying without missed...Great Job!!!
13:40347??66220.98.116.*ArowHyipNOT PAID!!!!!
13:33260??1985.97.143.*500 Forex ClubVery Much...Paid Today!
13:33260??1985.97.143.*FX Golden UnionPaid No problems!
13:32260??1985.97.143.*FinInvest Corp.Paid since started
13:23339??7070.251.96.*500 Forex ClubThe Best Invest Program. paid!!
13:22339??7070.251.96.*FX Golden UnionAre you well and happy with this program!
13:22339??7070.251.96.*FinInvest Corp.For now - no problems.
13:20260??6966.30.212.*500 Forex ClubI am near my seventh payment.
13:20260??6966.30.212.*FX Golden UnionVery Good Hyip - all payments received.Thanks!
13:19260??6966.30.212.*FinInvest Corp.Paid all the time!
13:17314??7312.178.252.*500 Forex ClubIn profit !
13:16314??7312.178.252.*FX Golden UnionPaid very fast again ! VERY GOOD !
13:16314??7312.178.252.*FinInvest Corp.Paid right on time!
13:14314??65172.176.133.*500 Forex Clubpayment received very fast
13:13314??65172.176.133.*FX Golden UnionVery trustworthy a serious investment program
13:13314??65172.176.133.*FinInvest Corp.Good program! Make more!
13:11271??4085.108.243.*500 Forex ClubPAYING ! This is important !
13:11271??4085.108.243.*FX Golden UnionGood ! One of the best !
13:10271??4085.108.243.*FinInvest Corp.What a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
13:06360??4575.21.70.*500 Forex ClubGOT PAID ! VERY GOOD !
13:06360??4575.21.70.*FX Golden UnionGood spon! You shoul try it !
13:00360??4575.21.70.*FinInvest Corp.I like it!
12:58348??97216.254.208.*500 Forex ClubGot paid for several times
12:58348??9783.237.237.*FX Golden Union... INVEST.....!
12:56348??97216.254.208.*FinInvest paid ... I will try again ! :)
12:52280??1584.204.156.*500 Forex ClubWhat to say .... i say that i got paid ! thats all :))))
12:51280??1584.204.156.*FX Golden Unionhyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
12:51280??1584.204.156.*FinInvest Corp.Serious paying program!
12:48339??4680.97.187.*500 Forex ClubVery good ! I liked it !
12:48339??4680.97.187.*FX Golden UnionGood Site...Paid!
12:47339??4680.97.187.*FinInvest Corp.program best!
12:4682??31 203.220.82.* AgeunionReceived another speedy payout. Admin of AU is really very fast on the payouts. Join in folks! Don't miss out. This is a great paying hyip with a very honest Admin.
12:45375??4481.220.252.*500 Forex ClubNo problems .. Hope for long ;))
12:43375??4481.220.252.*FX Golden Union..INVEST..!
12:41375??4481.220.252.*FinInvest Corp.+ another payment got right to my egold acc.
12:40375??1366.131.149.*500 Forex ClubExcellent programm ! I like it ...
12:39375??1366.131.149.*FX Golden UnionThis one is in my list !
12:34360??6375.67.191.*500 Forex ClubReally the best program online!
12:33360??6375.67.191.*FX Golden UnionGot paid from this one !
12:32360??6375.67.191.*FinInvest Corp.It is really great program!!!
12:30335??4681.220.252.*500 Forex Clubpaid cool! =) nice hyip!!!
12:29335??4681.220.252.*FX Golden UnionPayment received.
12:29335??4681.220.252.*FinInvest Corp.+1 vote for very good cause i like it!
12:24296??6224.162.153.*500 Forex ClubAlways Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
12:24296??6224.162.153.*FX Golden UnionGot another payment ! Excellent site!
12:24404??03 207.210.106.* Time HYIPGood Job !
12:23296??6224.162.153.*FinInvest Corp.super hyip!
12:21260??5474.57.67.*500 Forex ClubAlready tested. Got my money.. :) Thinking to reinvest !!
12:21260??5474.57.67.*FX Golden UnionPaid again and again and again..! ! !
12:20260??5474.57.67.*FinInvest Corp.Good programm... Had no problems !
12:17326??1071.136.245.*FX Golden UnionPayment received. Thanks
12:16326??1071.136.245.*500 Forex ClubA very satisfied investor indeed! ! !!
12:16 402??90 85.133.134.* GiftInvestInvested $500 and got paid. cycle completed - reinvested
12:13348??1085.107.61.*FX Golden Unionsuper hyip!
12:13348??1085.107.61.*500 Forex ClubVery good site!Paid as promised.
12:10272??5268.40.136.*FX Golden Unionwonderfull hyip!!!
12:09272??5268.40.136.*500 Forex ClubReliable investment.
12:07280??54200.82.251.*FX Golden UnionExcellent program! Never misses payment.
12:06280??54200.82.251.*500 Forex Clubthey pay me every day on time very thanks admin
12:03272??9768.5.149.*FX Golden UnionExcellent!!!
12:01272??9768.5.149.*500 Forex ClubMy favourite invest program
11:58271??42195.174.227.*FX Golden UnionExcellent! Really paid!
11:57271??42195.174.227.*500 Forex ClubGood program.
11:45270??6383.237.237.*FX Golden UnionIt is really great program!!!
11:44270??6383.237.237.*500 Forex Clubpay!pay!pay!
11:43404??02149.9.0.*Office HYIPThank You !
11:37 401??69 58.26.136.* Hourly-Incomei have been deposit my account ..but why my account still $0.00???please do something
11:07246??58194.145.216.*UnitradePays constantly... I like!
11:06246??58194.145.216.*LifeDollarsPays constantly... I like!
11:04246??58194.145.216.*FRXCIPays constantly... I like!
9:18284??24 221.236.195.* Telegraphic FundsGot payment! Admin is honest
8:38395??15 219.95.231.* Profit Fund ProThank you for paying!
6:25397??1987.238.119.*ArowHyipNOT PAID!!!
5:16229??1280.227.0.*GjHyipToday,paid 2/14,good program.
5:12229??1280.227.0.*NodHyipToday,paid 43/200,good program.
4:51288??70 222.67.106.* ArowHyipNOT PAID
4:32299??0859.136.52.*ArowHyipNot paid on Fri 3rd. Hold on your money.
4:16 400??94 60.50.194.* PerfectHourlypending.....?????
4:05404??19206.222.31.*BizHYIPPaid! I like this investment program
4:03405??17206.222.31.*BizHYIPthey are really paing . best program ,
4:02405??90206.222.31.*BizHYIPbest choose for investment paid me all of my profits , join now.
3:55 404??96 72.232.94.*BizHYIPNice design. Paid me on time
3:54404??3272.232.94.*BizHYIPFavorite program. Paid!
3:53405??9672.232.94.*BizHYIPgot paid again
3:52405??0772.232.94.*BizHYIPbest program , they paid me 1050$ amnt tanks admin, my moneys change from 60$ to 1050$ , best program.
3:50405??7583.133.125.*BizHYIPi got paid again.
3:49404??4383.133.125.*BizHYIPReally Instant , tanks admin
3:47405??3983.133.125.*BizHYIPExcellent , paid
3:45405??7583.133.125.*TrustEarnExcellent , I got paid again , Many Tanks.
3:44405??9672.232.94.*TrustEarnReally Instant , tanks admin
3:42405??0772.232.94.*TrustEarnbest and fast program , paid me , tanks.
3:20404??0466.199.240.*BizHYIPStable,reliable program , good project
3:19404??0466.199.240.*GoldMakersStable,reliable program , good project
3:17405??6966.199.240.*GoldMakersPaid on time.
3:14405??9672.232.94.*GoldMakersPayments received!
3:09405??24206.222.31.*GoldMakersPaying! Great HYIP!
3:07404??16206.222.31.*GoldMakersFIRST PAYMENT-PAID QUITE FAST...
3:05404??19206.222.31.*GoldMakersReally Instant , tanks admin
3:04405??17206.222.31.*GoldMakersbest program , paid .
3:01404??4383.133.125.*GoldMakersfast support , many tanks.
3:00405??7583.133.125.*GoldMakersvery good , paid me
1:14 397??43 87.225.71.* Golden Dividends4 days without pay. Very bad
1:05375??84 195.66.178.* Open Tradeso far very good,but will see in future, I think that is until now the best!!!