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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
23 Sep 2011 19:2270.177.208.*Advantages CapitalSCAM!! FAKE info on the site. They do NOT have MNO review! Do NOT Invest - you WILL LOSE MONEY! THis site will run away soon! SCAM!!!
21 Sep 2011 10:3270.177.208.*Advantages CapitalFAKE info! HYIP is NOT 440days online! Only 30-40 days.Look at other monitors!Do NOT invest. SCAM!!SCAM!!!
9 Sep 2011 8:3270.177.208.*Earn GroupsSCAM! Look at HYIP Monitors! Status Eg is PROBLEM! SCAM! THIEVES! do NOT invest!!
7 Sep 2011 14:5270.177.208.*Earn GroupsSCAM!!! Look at GoldPoll Monitor - so many people were robbed already by EarnGroups! THIEVES! SCAM!!!! Do NOT invest!!!
6 Sep 2011 17:5670.177.208.*Earn GroupsNOT PAYING $1200 LR for a week!! WHERE IS MY BAD VOTE!! I paid for it and it is gone? EG - THEIVES!!! SCAM!!!!
4 Sep 2011 20:0970.177.208.*Top Earn MoneyI invested $1000 and should get $1200 LR! NOT paying! THey say - the do NOT have LR and offer GDP instead! Almost 2 days my $1200 LR pending!!!BAD!!!
25 Aug 2011 3:4270.177.208.*Earn Groupsinvested $500 and in 14 days got $225 instant payment! Now I invested $1000 ! Thank you!
21 Jul 2011 1:2970.177.208.*Lion FundsSCAM! STOLE over $40,000.00! are CRIMINAL THIEVS! do NOT invest! SCAM SCAM! THIEVES!!
1 Jul 2011 13:1970.177.208.*Lion FundsSCAM! STOLE over $40,000.00! are CRIMINAL THIEVS! do NOT invest! SCAM SCAM! THIEVES!!
16 Jun 2011 3:2770.177.208.*Lion FundsSCAM! Stole over $40,000.00! THIEVES! CRIMINALS! Do not invest with - SCAM SCAM!
9 Jun 2011 22:5170.177.208.*Lion FundsSCAM and THIEVES! Stole a lot of money and NOT PAYING! SCAM! do NOT invest! SCAM!!
1 Jun 2011 13:5270.177.208.*Lion FundsSCAM!! NOT paying! STEALING MONEY! Selective payments - means SCAM and Criminals! do not invest - it is SCAM SCAM SCAM!!
31 May 2011 18:0870.177.208.*Safe DepositaryPaying INSTANT for a long time and big payments! Honest and Strong project! The BEST! Thank you, Admin!
31 May 2011 17:4670.177.208.*Lion FundsSCAM!! Selective payments- do NOT pay big investors. STEALING MONEY! SCAM! THIEVES! do Not invest here! SCAM!!!
14 Apr 2011 7:5670.177.208.*Oil CapitalOIl-Capital is SCAM! Over $45,000.00 is STOLEN!THIEVES!SCAM!
10 Apr 2011 15:4770.177.208.*W.I.S.PI'm sorry I left neg vote. Did not know they were protecting me! PAYING And Protecting Investors! Thank you!
10 Apr 2011 15:4570.177.208.*Extra IncomeVery professional and Honest Project! Pays always and great customer care!
10 Apr 2011 15:4170.177.208.*Oil CapitalOil-Capital is SCAM! They blocked my account with over $13,000.00! THIEVES!!SCAM!
30 Mar 2011 22:0470.177.208.*W.I.S.PNot paying! Withdraw request since 28.3.11!BAD!!!!
29 Mar 2011 23:4670.177.208.*Oil CapitalI can not get my referral comission 5 days already!! Admin does not answer. Not paying!Not answering!
29 Mar 2011 5:1270.177.208.*MarriottCapitalThe site is Down! My $1800 still pending for 2 days!Looks SCAM!
29 Mar 2011 5:0470.177.208.*Fx BandI get pay my % everyday!Soon I'll be in Profit! Great helpful Admin!!
29 Mar 2011 3:5970.177.208.*Quick Money FinderMy money pending over 24 hours now. No answer to my emails. BAD((