Vote Information for Account U151??66


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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
10 Jun 2011 0:0376.247.188.*EarnoSpherenot paying, pending for more than one day, scam
3 May 2011 22:3276.247.188.*Finance Saving Fundno payout received for more than a week, scam, another selective payout hyip.
22 Apr 2011 19:1476.247.188.*PSG Trading CenterMany Hyips did the selective payout,so could you not use the "Maxhyip" name to deposit in a hyip, then they don't know you are a monitor.
19 Apr 2011 21:1476.247.188.*PSG Trading Centernot paying, selective payout.
14 Apr 2011 17:0876.247.188.*Fresh Startnot paying,can't access the site,scam
24 Mar 2011 18:3876.247.188.*Secure ProfitNot paying, why Maxhyip still rate as paying status? at least they are doing selective payout on selective people and selective plans.
13 Mar 2011 1:2876.247.188.*Your Instant ProfitBig scam, my account active deposit still showing $0 after sending the deposit.
13 Mar 2011 1:1276.247.188.*Green Cash FundDon't invest here, not paying. may only pay to monitors or selective payout to investors.
10 Mar 2011 18:1576.247.188.*Green Cash FundThey said the withdraw has been sent, but no batch #, no payour found in my LR account, big scam.
10 Mar 2011 1:0076.247.188.*Green Cash Fundnot paying, pending for 2 days
8 Mar 2011 22:0076.247.188.*Secure Profitnot paying ,3 days pending,scam
8 Mar 2011 21:5376.247.188.*Money Machinnot paying for test plan, scam
28 Feb 2011 18:4876.247.188.*Holy Returnnot paying, pending for 2 days.Why Maxhyip still rate it as paying status? at least they are doing the seletive payout.
26 Feb 2011 15:4376.247.188.*Holy Returnnot paid, pending for 45 hours already
14 Feb 2011 2:3176.247.188.*Eurasia Trade payout for the package 2, pending 3 days already
19 Nov 2010 21:3376.247.188.*Tereza Fundnot paid, pending for 7 days already
19 Nov 2010 2:3976.247.188.*Tereza Fundnot paid, pending for 6days already
17 Nov 2010 18:2876.247.188.*Tereza Fund