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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
26 Jan 2007 7:2560.51.136.*TrustEarnAdmin,you overlooked my withdrawal. Please action. Username mario/2154.....
16 Jan 2007 13:4160.50.38.*HourlyInMy withdrawal is pending. If you are a small time businessman better go back and plant vegetables you mother fucker!!!!
9 Jan 2007 13:5760.50.38.*YourProfitOnlineAdmin, you are eating our hard-earned money. Fuck your ass and stay away from HYIP!!!! Damn you!!!!
8 Jan 2007 14:4060.50.38.*YourProfitOnlineFuck your ass admin. You say you pay me in the withdrawal history but no payment into my e-gold account. Fuck you thief!!!
4 Jan 2007 10:0760.51.136.*Golden-HoursFirst payment received. PAYING!!!
4 Jan 2007 7:5060.51.136.*Golden FlowGolden Flow think of GOD always!!!
3 Jan 2007 1:1860.51.136.*Golden FlowYou gain the confidence of investors last year 2006. Please continue your very good performance this year 2007 and for succeeding years to com. I am on-standby and ready for investment any time once your system is reinstated!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
1 Jan 2007 0:1160.53.4.*Golden FlowHAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you GOLDEN FLOW!!! Wishing you to reinstate your excellent HYIP program!
30 Dec 2006 6:2160.51.136.*Golden FlowWishing Golden Flow to have his investors a HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30 Dec 2006 0:5060.51.136.*WerInvestNO PAYMENT!!!NO PAYMENT!!!NO PAYMENT!!!NO PAYMENT!!!
29 Dec 2006 0:3760.51.136.*Golden FlowGolden Flow, you are in the top 10 of all HYIP's!!! Reinstate the confidence of your investors. Happy New Year!!!!
26 Dec 2006 8:0260.51.136.*Golden FlowReceived my 2nd profit 2/4 on time (USD848.40)!!! You are the best of all HYIP's Golden Flow!!!
25 Dec 2006 14:5260.53.4.*Profit on CapitalNOT PAYING for BIG INVESTORS!!!!!!!
20 Dec 2006 5:5660.51.136.*Golden FlowGOLDEN FLOW is the SANTA CLAUSE for investors this CRISTMAS.Depositing money to all Golden Flow investor's e-gold accounts everyday. And it's FULLY AUTOMATIC!!!! Cheers to you Golden Flow!!!!!!
18 Dec 2006 9:0160.51.136.*Golden FlowGolden Flow is GOD's gift to investors. Gold is always flowing to investor's e-gold account!!!
17 Dec 2006 4:4760.53.4.*Golden FlowYou are the best of all HYIP's!!! I will patronise you forever.Keep up your extremely unique program and don't fail your investors. We are always there for you!!! Hurray!!!
15 Dec 2006 8:4460.51.136.*Golden FlowI thank you very much for your full assistance regarding my profile change. You are the best of all HYIP's!!!!!!!!!