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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
8 Apr 2011 6:06118.172.68.*EarnoSphereHonest site and really payment, so fast thank you.
22 Feb 2011 19:1965.49.14.*Car-InvestmentAlways received payment to me, it's fast no delay and no problem. Thanks admin.
13 Feb 2011 17:56 65.49.2.* Car-InvestmentExcellent HYIP !!! Paid to me always no problem. Thanks very much admin.
11 Feb 2011 17:23 65.49.14.* Reserve INTPerfect hyip. Instantly for payment and support is nice. Thanks admin.
10 Feb 2011 17:04 65.49.14.* Reserve INTPaid to me on time ! Thanks admin.
4 Feb 2011 17:2965.49.14.*Car-InvestmentThis hyip is really program,really site and fast payment. Thank you for paid admin.
1 Feb 2011 17:1965.49.14.*Receive The MoneyFast and nice support,payment so fast to me. Thank you admin.
28 Jan 2011 19:54 65.49.14.* 12 DailyI recommend. Paid to me on time and support is good. Thanks for paid admin.
28 Jan 2011 12:0665.49.14.*MNSReal programs,real payment and real site. Thank you for paid to me admin.
28 Jan 2011 11:3265.49.14.*Instant LifeIt's real hyip,paid on time no delay. Thanks admin.
27 Jan 2011 20:0965.49.14.*12 DailyGood site. Fast paid to me and support is nice. Thanks admin.
27 Jan 2011 13:2665.49.2.*MNSI received so fast for this hyip. Thank you admin.
26 Jan 2011 20:3165.49.2.*12 DailyGreat. Paid to me very fast no delay. Thank you admin.
5 Jan 2011 13:45 119.252.162.* Instant LifePaid to me is very fast and no problem. Good site Good admin. Thanks.
5 Jan 2011 11:31118.172.67.*MNSGood site . I got fast payment again ! Thanks admin.
5 Jan 2011 11:13118.172.67.*2011 ForexPayment is fast and no delay. Good program,good site. Thank you admin.
3 Jan 2011 12:40118.172.67.*Instant LifeIt's very fast payment to again. Nice and good. Thanks admin.
3 Jan 2011 11:54118.172.67.*Earn GroupsFast payment again. Thanks so much admin.
2 Jan 2011 15:36118.172.66.*Earn GroupsFast paying to me again.Thanks for payment admin.
2 Jan 2011 15:10118.172.66.*MNSI honest admin for fast payment this site and nice support. Thanks.
2 Jan 2011 14:30118.172.66.*Instant LifeIt's fast payment to me,no problem for paying. Thank you admin.