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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
30 Nov 2010 9:2795.154.201.*Profit 2 Worldit is paying . paid to me
24 Nov 2010 17:1095.154.201.*Best Forex ProjectReferral Commission Paid . excellent program . it is PAYING
24 Nov 2010 15:5195.154.201.*US IncomeIT PAID TO ME TOO . VERY GOOD
23 Nov 2010 18:5095.154.201.*Profit 2 Worldpaid to me too . very good
20 Nov 2010 21:2294.102.53.*Perfect ForexTHEY PAID TO ME TOO . EXCELLENT
19 Nov 2010 9:1894.102.53.*R I Ctoday i requested for withdraw and ric paid me on time . excellent
18 Nov 2010 10:2894.102.53.*Real Forex Teami received my withdraw and voted today . tanks
12 Nov 2010 19:3694.102.53.*Money and Forexpaid to me too. very good
6 Oct 2010 19:13 PROXY Paying Market[Program Admin]> Dear Investors This BAD Vote is for admin of another Hyip!!! . he know our plans and our investment is good , and he has sent a bad vote !!! . because he like that members not invest in our Real Hyip and he like that investors invest in his scam hyip