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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
22 Aug 2011 16:57 74.120.12.* HourlyBankervery good program by honest admin.. i am recieving my payment here since i joined this program..
17 Jun 2011 0:0280.62.217.*Instantly GainAll investor good luck, because this site is really pay every day.
16 Jun 2011 23:5580.62.217.*Hourly Bankhank you very much ! Paying me on time ! They are OK !
19 Mar 2011 13:2974.120.15.*Instantly GainA great paying site like you are needed for big investors like me... i invested.
19 Mar 2011 13:2774.120.15.*Hourly BankPaying on time and as promised. Absolutely no problem.
8 Feb 2011 22:32109.123.119.*Hourly Bankvery good instant payout
26 Jan 2011 6:38 213.112.111.* Hourly BankPayment corectly received, thanks admin.
10 Dec 2010 14:19188.72.223.*HourlyPayingThat's the most profitable project ! This one makes me happy !
2 Dec 2010 18:22209.159.143.*Instantly GainToo faithful in paying...i got paid exact time they promised
2 Dec 2010 18:21209.159.143.*HourlyPayingRecommended!! thanks admin!The project pays correctly without delay.
2 Dec 2010 18:19209.159.143.*Hourly BankNumber one paying hyip, honest admin, paying continuously to all members, invest here.
2 Dec 2010 7:38 74.207.248.* Instantly GainVery good program, i like it because they on time withdraw to me every time and keep good support.
2 Dec 2010 7:31 74.106.17.* HourlyPayingthe best hourly program. thanks admin
2 Dec 2010 7:27 71.80.220.* Hourly Bankgood program, nice
25 Nov 2010 9:5585.214.149.*HourlyPayingI got money already to my LR account today.
25 Nov 2010 9:5485.214.149.*Hourly BankStable and reliable program. Paid me again.
1 Nov 2010 13:17208.53.142.*Hourly BankWell organized project. Right place to invest!
1 Nov 2010 13:13208.53.142.*HourlyPayingExcellent program! Never misses payment.
1 Nov 2010 13:11208.53.142.*Instantly GainPaying without trouble, thanks for payment.
28 Oct 2010 15:3095.143.192.*Instantly GainAdmin are very impressive, got paid on time!