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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
9 Sep 2010 12:17 151.54.29.* OrbisTrendsI have forgotten all my money problems since deposited here!!
30 Aug 2010 20:55 151.55.40.* OrbisTrendsPayment recived again! Very good site with stable plan!
25 Aug 2010 10:35 151.54.30.* OrbisTrendsAdmin is honest and pay on time.
4 May 2010 17:47 151.56.180.* WACE Funds LtdThis program really beautiful and reliable! The site is worth to recommend!
15 Apr 2010 23:54 151.60.212.* Global Market SolutionsThis program really beautiful and reliable! The site is worth to recommend!
6 Jan 2010 16:49 151.49.170.* NDCA Traders FundIt's a rather reliable program. I'm satisfied with their services.
22 Dec 2009 11:32151.57.2.*Global Market SolutionsBeen paid again! Brilliant job from the admin! Thanks!
22 Dec 2009 11:32151.57.2.*United Cash BankExcellent program! Never misses payment.
9 Dec 2009 22:30151.57.15.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.New Paid received! I hope this one can last long.
9 Dec 2009 22:29151.57.15.*Private Asset ManagementPaid on time to me! The site good to invest.
15 Nov 2009 23:11 151.54.27.* OneINVNever experiencing any problems. Great!
13 Nov 2009 18:12151.54.25.*Offshore Liberty ServiceNice payment received. Thanks admin a lot.
13 Nov 2009 18:12151.54.25.*DBX ClubHas always paid on time for many withdraws. Keep on the good work.
13 Nov 2009 18:11151.54.25.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.No delay payments! Paid me without problems, thanks admin.
27 Oct 2009 21:53151.54.22.*DBX ClubHot program, they paid me after the investing. thanks admin.
27 Oct 2009 21:53151.54.22.*KBD Investment ServicesVery fast payments every day! Excellent program! Honest admin. Thank you.
10 Oct 2009 10:51 151.55.27.* Tradezoom IncReceived payment again same day as request. Very Great!
8 Oct 2009 14:30151.53.92.*OffshoreStockTradesVery good my vote! Thanks for paying admin! It's very good for us!!!
8 Oct 2009 14:29151.53.92.*KBD Investment ServicesMy wish is that the program continues to grow in the years ahead. Great work here!!!
8 Oct 2009 14:29151.53.92.*DBX ClubThis site is one of the few you could trust with your hard earned money.
7 Jan 2009 15:3379.1.251.*Rapid Money Growththanks this program , Payment received!
7 Jan 2009 15:3279.1.251.*Swiss Gold FinanceNew Paid received!I hope this one can last long.
7 Jan 2009 15:23151.80.218.*Nolan Trading SocietyThis is a very good site and honest admin.
7 Jan 2009 15:19151.80.218.*Global Market Solutionsgood program problem
13 Dec 2008 15:49151.30.61.*Crisis-Proof Businessget paid as other guys who deposited and been paid with this project.
13 Dec 2008 15:48151.30.61.*Global Market SolutionsNice payment received.Thanks admin a lot.
13 Dec 2008 15:48151.30.61.*Swiss Gold FinanceVery stable hyip since start, possibly the best among Long Term.
13 Dec 2008 15:47151.30.61.*Nolan Trading SocietyI got money already to the LR account just.
28 Nov 2008 20:24151.55.27.*Global Market SolutionsVery good site with stable plan! Got payment!
28 Nov 2008 20:23151.55.27.*Swiss Gold FinanceNew payment received like clockwork, great program, thanks!
28 Nov 2008 20:22151.55.27.*Cayman Gold InvestmentsOne of the best programs. Fast payments after withdrawal request. Great.
28 Nov 2008 20:21151.55.27.*Nolan Trading SocietyGot paid again,the site very hot now!really hot!
30 Oct 2008 23:29 151.32.201.* Obner Martimine Plc.withdraw my profit without problem. Thanks admin
30 Oct 2008 11:39151.59.108.*Salei Trade CompanyPay as usual,so great hyip. The admin is so honest.
30 Oct 2008 11:38151.59.108.*Nolan Trading SocietyPerfect working investment project. Recommend for everyone
30 Oct 2008 11:38151.59.108.*Swiss Gold Financesuper work guys thanks for the payment.
30 Oct 2008 11:37151.59.108.*Global Market SolutionsI get payment without any delay,really good program,thank you admin!
20 Oct 2008 21:43151.49.80.*Platinum Trade Inc.very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
20 Oct 2008 21:42151.49.80.*Reliable Offshore ClubExcellent program! Never misses payment.
20 Oct 2008 21:41151.49.80.*Cayman Gold InvestmentsIt is really greate. Paid Me Fast.
15 Oct 2008 22:18 151.49.116.* United FX Trading Corp.Extremely good program. It pays always on time no delay!!!!!
11 Oct 2008 22:43151.49.99.*Platinum Trade Inc.Fast payment. Fast hyip. Very good! Paying to me again and again.
11 Oct 2008 22:42151.49.99.*egold Profit ClubPayment is instantly as usual. Really GOOD! Thanks Admin.