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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
8 Sep 2010 12:4562.31.20.*OrbisTrendsExcellent program paid without problem I stronglly recommend this program.
1 Sep 2010 8:52 62.31.247.* OrbisTrendsA very satisfied investor indeed! Nice!
23 Aug 2010 11:1062.31.20.*OrbisTrendsFast payment. Fast hyip. Very good! Paying to me again and again.
21 Jul 2010 15:27 62.189.56.* OrbisTrendsWell seriouse program! Honest admin. Hyip is one of the best!
27 Dec 2009 22:5662.31.240.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.This project seem never miss a payment. I am very glad to joined this site.
27 Dec 2009 22:5562.31.240.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Great payment, very good program, good site for investing.
16 Oct 2009 23:49 62.56.50.* KBD Investment ServicesPaid on time to me! The site good to invest.
10 Oct 2009 11:3862.31.62.*Tradezoom IncMy first payment here. I think it is one of the best hyip.
9 Sep 2009 9:5662.31.62.*DBX ClubSUPER program, paid on time my stable income. I will soon invest more! Good Luck!
16 Jul 2009 15:2862.31.150.*OffshoreStockTradesVery good looking program. I am sure I will put more money into it after some time.
16 Jul 2009 15:2762.31.150.*KBD Investment ServicesAlways fast payments. Really a great program.
16 Jul 2009 15:2662.31.150.*DBX ClubHyip paid! good, I receive payment! Thanks!
1 Jul 2009 15:0562.31.150.*KBD Investment ServicesGrowing steady and payments are never late! got paid again, thanks
1 Jul 2009 15:0562.31.150.*DBX ClubGood job Admin. I always get paid instantly
1 Jul 2009 15:0462.31.150.*OffshoreStockTradesPaid to me still no problem and it is regular! Thanks Admin, Keep up your faithful payments!
17 Mar 2009 14:23 92.239.81.* OffshoreStockTradesFast payment. Fast hyip. Very good! Paying to me again and again.
6 Mar 2009 12:3686.15.192.*Global Market SolutionsExcellent program! Payment received very fast!
6 Mar 2009 12:3686.15.192.*AXA HYIPThis program and Admin are very impressive honest payouts get paid today fast as promised.
12 Jan 2009 22:5692.234.33.*AXA HYIPCool program, my favorite place to invest, pays regularly!
12 Jan 2009 22:5592.234.33.*Swiss Gold FinanceNice program, and regularly paid!!!I just received a payment again!
12 Jan 2009 22:5492.234.33.*Nolan Trading SocietyGood site with nice support. Received payment again and again ...
12 Jan 2009 22:5392.234.33.*Global Market SolutionsPaid, paid and once more paid. Brilliant paying project. Thank you.
6 Dec 2008 19:31 95.71.22.* Global Market SolutionsReal investments are here . Do not miss this wonderful opportunity
21 Nov 2008 1:3492.236.52.*Global Market SolutionsAll in time. Super project! payment received. Thanks.
21 Nov 2008 1:3392.236.52.*Swiss Gold FinanceThank you for doing all that you have promised.
21 Nov 2008 1:3292.236.52.*Nolan Trading SocietyI'm here with the test spend. Always paying!!
21 Nov 2008 1:3192.236.52.*Aurum Reality FoundationReally site is very good and works for a long time! I RECOMMEND this program. Have paid!
11 Nov 2008 23:1077.97.179.*Global Market SolutionsThey are paying me very good thanks again!!
11 Nov 2008 23:0977.97.179.*FXCM Brokerage GroupHot program, they paid me after the investing. thanks admin
6 Nov 2008 0:0962.31.186.*MVP Financial GroupPaid on time like clock! Best program and best Admin.!!
6 Nov 2008 0:0762.31.186.*Platinum Trade Inc.Cool program, my favorite place to invest, pays regularly!
6 Nov 2008 0:0662.31.186.*Venture Gold AlliancePays! Excellent program! Quality program to invest.