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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
27 Jun 2010 8:35183.182.28.*Buk Invest$113.00 received in my Liberty Reserve account ! It's awsome ! Thanks
24 Jun 2010 14:2289.19.24.*Buk InvestSo far so good ! I received some ref commision an hour ago
23 Jun 2010 5:3789.19.1.*Buk InvestSo far no problem with payout, I get my money back today ! Long live Buk Invest !
18 Apr 2010 8:24112.140.186.*White FundStill no problem with payments! Good job ^_^
13 Apr 2010 9:2466.79.168.*Umba FundReceived $1000.00 ref commision from inviting my friend to join, thank you
11 Apr 2010 12:19211.189.119.*Umba FundInvested $10,000 in 200% plan a week before and today they paid me $20,000 . Batch is 35208777
8 Apr 2010 10:35123.50.210.*Umba FundSite runs perfectly without any problem, just received my profit today as usual
30 Mar 2010 12:1861.152.105.*Sot InvestEverything is going on schedule: Each day get paid on time and keep reinvesting, my money has increased 50% now, thanks !!
27 Mar 2010 10:3866.79.163.*Sot InvestI think everyone should enjoy earning money with them
7 Mar 2010 14:2164.120.223.*Gite FinanceMy friend recommend me to join this site few days ago , than I make a $2000 test spend , yesterday I was paid with amount $2280 , I get $280 pure profit just in one day !
3 Mar 2010 17:0395.143.32.*Gite FinanceA excellent HYIP program! keep paying without delay, no problem with big payments, highly recommended !!
24 Feb 2010 18:1174.222.142.*Gite Financestill paying well as usual , they'r the best
22 Feb 2010 12:47112.121.165.*Gite FinanceI am very luck invest to invest in this site, they are very stable and paid me on time, I get paid $ 1110.00
20 Feb 2010 17:5660.29.235.*Gite FinanceI got profit today. this is a serious paying investment program,always pay without problems, Thanks!
17 Feb 2010 15:2598.126.36.*Gite FinanceAnthor $52.5 confirm received. very good program for investments and growing funds
14 Feb 2010 6:47174.139.13.*Del CastroStill pays without problem ! I can't believe it