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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
31 Jul 2010 12:3281.29.231.*Involstill get paid on time from here! Great program & honest admin!
1 Jun 2010 15:06118.128.126.*Buk InvestGot my second referred commission with no problem great $165.
17 May 2010 11:4964.6.188.*IwBusinessI received my payment 10 mins after i did my withdrawal.thanks admin.
2 May 2010 0:51 121.231.0.* Ance FinanceI have no complaints here. Good program,paid on time,thank you!
9 Apr 2010 15:4078.109.160.*Umba FundHow honest admin and reliable program. I get my paid again.
11 Jan 2010 13:56143.248.179.*Arby FundNext payment received today. Thank you, Admin!
11 Jan 2010 13:43143.248.179.*Cute Invest Ltd.Paid no problem,got $15 today ,admin so honest,thanks
6 Sep 2009 14:35 202.134.81.* Nove FundThis program is so successful that no one can drop it.PAID again as usual!
11 Aug 2009 14:21216.64.219.*PlusInvI received pay today very fast....excellent program.
7 Aug 2009 12:57 121.125.71.* SolidFinanceI'm very glad invest in here....paid really and good profit.... thank admin successful for you!
25 Jul 2009 12:39 114.32.69.* SolidFieldPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
20 Jul 2009 14:20216.64.219.*Novalex Finance Inc.Very good project and real investment program.100% good place to get your profit!