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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
1 Nov 2010 23:1875.68.206.*World Trust BankReally well done site, got my paid.
5 Oct 2010 13:45 68.231.134.* Global Market Solutionsnice to see everyone happy and get paid. Really looks great
18 Sep 2010 16:44 75.182.84.* Business Fruition ClubAnother great program,One of the top paying site.
4 Sep 2010 15:3172.174.224.*Interbank FX Clubgetting payment right on time! Very happy.
4 Sep 2010 15:3072.174.224.*Royal Gold Expertspayments regular ! i like to work with this program!
4 Sep 2010 15:2972.174.224.*Venture Finance Corp.Paid me like usually thanks admin..keep your program forever
4 Sep 2010 15:2972.174.224.*RDX Stock MarketI have no complaints here. Good program,paid on time,thank you!
4 Sep 2010 15:2872.174.224.*World Trust Bankamazing hyip!!! Thanks! Got PAYMENT today!
22 Aug 2010 16:5272.223.94.*Interbank FX ClubReally site is very good and works for a long time! I RECOMMEND this program. Have paid!
22 Aug 2010 16:5072.223.94.*Barclay Premier FundReal investments are here . Do not miss this wonderful opportunity
22 Aug 2010 16:5072.223.94.*Private Asset ManagementWell organized project. Right place to invest!
22 Aug 2010 16:4972.223.94.*SEC Professional Financepaid again what more can I say, great site, well done
1 Aug 2010 13:29 66.45.159.* RDX Stock MarketHas always paid on time for many withdraws. Keep on the good work.
15 Jul 2010 6:2176.243.56.*RDX Stock MarketPaid good. Thanks for your job! Again paid, as always without problems. Thanks Admin.
15 Jul 2010 6:2076.243.56.*NDCA Traders FundWell organized project. Right place to invest! Really good, this guy paid me, excellent!!!
9 Jul 2010 20:38 97.106.189.* United Cash BankGreat investments! Been paid on time!
2 Jun 2010 16:4471.254.90.*NDCA Traders Fundwithdraw my profit without problem. Thanks admin
2 Jun 2010 16:4371.254.90.*Venture Finance Corp.Excellent program! Payment received very fast!
2 Jun 2010 16:4371.254.90.*World Trust BankPaying to me!!! Thanks!!!
24 May 2010 11:5374.179.25.*NDCA Traders FundNo problems with payouts. Thanks
24 May 2010 11:5274.179.25.*Venture Finance Corp.Thank you so much for this payment admin. keep it up.
20 May 2010 20:4874.223.17.*Norge Gold Bankreceived the seven payment. thanks thanks admin
20 May 2010 20:4874.223.17.*Global Market Solutionsthat I neverseem before Simply Excellent Program! Paid
7 May 2010 11:4165.60.150.*Barclay Premier Fundvery good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
7 May 2010 11:4165.60.150.*Private Asset ManagementVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
7 May 2010 11:4065.60.150.*Norge Gold BankVery good looking program.I am sure I will put more money into it after some time.
7 May 2010 11:3965.60.150.*Trader Fund Marketgot payment today, really nice.
2 May 2010 12:2974.70.124.*NDCA Traders FundThe best program. Admin pays me very fast.
2 May 2010 12:2874.70.124.*Wealth Generation ClubPaying me again and again, thanks! Wish I have more money to invest.
2 May 2010 12:2774.70.124.*Royal Gold ExpertsHot program, they paid me after the investing.thanks admin
2 May 2010 12:2674.70.124.*Global Bond Fundyou will forget your problems with this program.
2 May 2010 12:2574.70.124.*Private Asset ManagementGot payment! Excellent site with good support!
2 May 2010 12:2574.70.124.*Venture Finance Corp.Honesty and punctuality are here. They always PAY fast
2 May 2010 12:2474.70.124.*Norge Gold BankI got my next payment. SUPER SITE and honest admin.
2 May 2010 12:2474.70.124.*FXCM Money CentralNo problem!! thank you. best online investment, reliable and friendly support
25 Mar 2010 15:3172.179.172.*Interbank FX ClubI'm here with the test spend. Always paying!!
25 Mar 2010 15:3072.179.172.*NDCA Traders FundReally site is very good and works for a long time! I RECOMMEND this program. Have paid!
25 Mar 2010 15:2972.179.172.*Perfect Business SolutionReal investments are here . Do not miss this wonderful opportunity
25 Mar 2010 15:2872.179.172.*Wealth Generation ClubWell organized project. Right place to invest!
19 Mar 2010 17:1897.85.129.*Global Market SolutionsVery good site with stable plan! Got payment!
19 Mar 2010 17:1697.85.129.*NDCA Traders FundNew payment received like clockwork, great program, thanks!
19 Mar 2010 17:1697.85.129.*Barclay Premier FundGot paid again,the site very hot now!really hot!
19 Mar 2010 17:1597.85.129.*Global Bond FundOne of the best programs. Fast payments after withdrawal request. Great.
19 Mar 2010 17:1497.85.129.*Norge Gold BankAlways fast payments. Really a great program.
19 Mar 2010 17:1397.85.129.*SEC Professional FinanceMy funds are growing and growing and growing ...! Very trustful admin, thanks !!!
3 Mar 2010 20:0667.175.17.*World Trust Bankpaid good. Thanks for your job!!! Again paid, as always without problems. Thanks Admin.
3 Mar 2010 20:0567.175.17.*Tillotson InvestmentsWell organized project. Right place to invest! Really good, this guy paid me, excellent!!!
3 Mar 2010 20:0567.175.17.*Perfect Business SolutionVery very good program, honest Admin, got paid immediately!
3 Mar 2010 20:0467.175.17.*Barclay Premier FundForget your problems,your concerns;since this program will support you forever!
3 Mar 2010 20:0467.175.17.*NDCA Traders FundA program with a great future. always pay me.
3 Mar 2010 20:0367.175.17.*Global Market SolutionsExcellent program paid without problem I stronglly recommend this program
10 Feb 2010 16:0863.26.122.*Tillotson InvestmentsVery stable hyip since start, possibly the best among Long Term.
10 Feb 2010 16:0863.26.122.*Private Asset ManagementNice payment received.Thanks admin a lot.
10 Feb 2010 16:0763.26.122.*Global Bond FundI got money already to the LR account just.
10 Feb 2010 16:0563.26.122.*United Cash Bankget paid as other guys who deposited and been paid with this project.
10 Feb 2010 16:0563.26.122.*Barclay Premier FundPayout request has been processed.
10 Feb 2010 16:0463.26.122.*NDCA Traders FundThe best hyip site.runs steadily and smoothly.
10 Feb 2010 16:0363.26.122.*Interbank FX ClubPaid! They send confirmation email too!
4 Feb 2010 16:4224.19.215.*NDCA Traders FundVery fast payments every day! Excellent program! Honest admin. Thank you
4 Feb 2010 16:4124.19.215.*Interbank FX ClubGot Paid Again today! Good Program! i have been paid many times
4 Feb 2010 16:4024.19.215.*Global Market SolutionsPaid on time to me! the site good to invest.
30 Jan 2010 8:5424.19.74.*Norge Gold BankSUPER program, paid on time my stable income. I will soon invest more! Good Luck !
30 Jan 2010 8:5424.19.74.*Venture Finance Corp.I am in profit ,this is a serious paying investment program.
30 Jan 2010 8:5324.19.74.*Royal Gold ExpertsNew payment received like clockwork, great program, thanks!
30 Jan 2010 8:5224.19.74.*NDCA Traders FundVery cool looking site. Can see that the admin is very sincere in his program
30 Jan 2010 8:5124.19.74.*Interbank FX ClubPays! Excellent program! Quality program to invest.
19 Jan 2010 17:0524.197.186.*Venture Finance Corp.New payment received like clockwork, great program, thanks!
19 Jan 2010 17:0424.197.186.*Global Bond FundI am in profit ,this is a serious paying investment program.
19 Jan 2010 17:0324.197.186.*Bern Business ClubSUPER program, paid on time my stable income. I will soon invest more! Good Luck !
19 Jan 2010 17:0224.197.186.*NDCA Traders FundReal programm, real payments.Pays as promised
19 Jan 2010 17:0224.197.186.*Interbank FX ClubGreat program! Pay on time! Support is the Best!
16 Dec 2009 18:2276.228.47.*Venture Finance Corp.Pay me honest admin and very excellent program!
16 Dec 2009 18:2276.228.47.*United Cash Banki receive another payment today,admin paid on time,thank you!
16 Dec 2009 18:2176.228.47.*NDCA Traders FundStill paying my request. Good project. Reinvest more.
4 Dec 2009 18:5270.166.94.*Wealth Generation ClubI am very happy always instanly paid to me greatest site here, thanks!
4 Dec 2009 18:5170.166.94.*NDCA Traders FundFirst payment received here ...hope many will follow!!..Thanks!!
4 Dec 2009 18:5070.166.94.*Global Market SolutionsI have never had any problem in my payment form these people,because they are like clock work.
21 Nov 2009 7:1024.128.60.*Perfect Business SolutionToday paid again! Fine Program, excellent service!
21 Nov 2009 7:1024.128.60.*Interbank FX ClubThis program is a unique site , well seriouse program!
13 Nov 2009 21:3268.194.156.*Global Bond FundVery very good program, honest Admin, got paid immediately!
13 Nov 2009 21:3268.194.156.*NDCA Traders FundForget your problems,your concerns;since this program will support you forever!
6 Nov 2009 20:1968.194.156.*Royal Gold ExpertsStill paying my request. Good project. Reinvest more.
1 Nov 2009 12:42 70.161.22.* United Cash BankGot paid and I have made many profits.
23 Oct 2009 15:1076.29.138.*Royal Gold ExpertsPay as usual,so great hyip. The admin is so honest.
23 Oct 2009 15:0976.29.138.*Bern Business ClubNo delay payments! paid me without problems,thanks admin.
23 Oct 2009 15:0876.29.138.*Wealth Generation ClubReally cool program, my favorite place to invest, paid me again and again!
23 Oct 2009 15:0876.29.138.*United Cash BankThanks for paying out my payouts.
23 Oct 2009 15:0776.29.138.*Perfect Business SolutionA great paying site like you are needed for big investors like me... i invested
23 Oct 2009 15:0776.29.138.*Wall Street InvestmentsSuper Program,quality program! Paying steadily,thank you admin!
23 Oct 2009 15:0676.29.138.*Diamond Instant ProfitsBest ever paying hyips.... you are doing wonderfully good admin.
23 Oct 2009 15:0576.29.138.*NDCA Traders FundI verify this program, Payment received! Very good site with STABLE plan!
13 Oct 2009 10:0171.232.13.*Bern Business ClubPaid for referral Commissions and regular!
13 Oct 2009 10:0071.232.13.*Wealth Generation ClubTHANK YOU ADMIN THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
8 Oct 2009 16:58 74.194.65.* Wealth Generation ClubReally well done site, got paid again.
25 Sep 2009 16:1471.129.42.*United Cash BankThe site always pays quickly and without problems!
25 Sep 2009 16:1471.129.42.*Perfect Business SolutionGot payment!Exellent programm!
25 Sep 2009 16:1371.129.42.*Interbank FX Clubpaid! With this site everyone will earn greater money!Thanks admin!!
25 Sep 2009 16:1271.129.42.*Global Market SolutionsNo problems with this program, fast payouts, really good!!
11 Sep 2009 15:2864.250.217.*SEC Global Fundlucky to find such a great company to invest
11 Sep 2009 15:2864.250.217.*Perfect Business SolutionIt looks that will be one of the best programs in the near future. I was paid once and reinvested my profit.
11 Sep 2009 15:2764.250.217.*NDCA Traders FundI get my paid.Honest admin.Thanks.
11 Sep 2009 15:2664.250.217.*Tresor Money UnionWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
11 Sep 2009 15:2664.250.217.*Diamond Instant Profitsvery fast payment when requested and great support system
11 Sep 2009 15:2564.250.217.*Barclay Premier Fundpaying me as promised,honest admin,thanks
11 Sep 2009 15:2498.199.93.*Interbank FX ClubVery good site with stable plan! Got payment!
31 Aug 2009 12:1167.191.233.*SEC Global FundAlways paid on time to me! i think this is a good site.
31 Aug 2009 12:1167.191.233.*Perfect Business SolutionPaid me quickly every time and never miss payment.
31 Aug 2009 12:1067.191.233.*NDCA Traders FundPaid to my LR on time like clock work.
31 Aug 2009 12:1067.191.233.*Cayman Gold InvestmentsGreat admin. always never miss a payment.
31 Aug 2009 12:0967.191.233.*Interbank FX Clubone of the best investment project! stable and always paid on time.
19 Aug 2009 2:4724.127.88.*Sky Wealth Fundyou will forget your problems with this program.
19 Aug 2009 2:4624.127.88.*Perfect Business SolutionHot program, they paid me after the investing.thanks admin
19 Aug 2009 2:4624.127.88.*Capitolia Profit CenterPaying me again and again, thanks! Wish I have more money to invest.
19 Aug 2009 2:4524.127.88.*Diamond Instant ProfitsThe best program. Admin pays me very fast.
19 Aug 2009 2:4424.127.88.*Interbank FX ClubPAID! No problem now!best stable paying program! Thank you admin!!
7 Aug 2009 10:3172.240.135.*Capitolia Profit CenterNew payment received like clockwork, great program, thanks!
7 Aug 2009 10:3172.240.135.*Aurum Reality FoundationI am in profit ,this is a serious paying investment program.
26 Jul 2009 6:5276.17.244.*Platinum Trade Inc.Paid! They send confirmation email too!
26 Jul 2009 6:5276.17.244.*Sonex Money ClubThanks admin very much again.I have been paid again and again.
26 Jul 2009 6:5176.17.244.*Perfect Business SolutionPaid to me some referral commission today.
18 Jul 2009 16:3772.51.201.*Platinum Trade Inc.My first withdrawal received!
18 Jul 2009 16:3672.51.201.*NDCA Traders FundPaid In Liberty Account Today. Great Going
18 Jul 2009 16:3472.51.201.*Wall Street InvestmentsStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
2 Oct 2008 10:4712.135.188.*Aurum Reality FoundationVery trustworthy a serious investment program....
2 Oct 2008 10:4612.135.188.*Nolan Trading Societythe best HYIP!nice!
2 Oct 2008 10:4412.135.188.*Gold Business PalaceReceived your paiment
27 Sep 2008 9:0771.87.115.*Reliable Offshore ClubPaying as promised. Great program.
27 Sep 2008 9:0671.87.115.*JDT Forex FundI think it will work for a long time. Nice design
27 Sep 2008 9:0571.87.115.*Interbank FX ClubVery good project and real investment program. Paid well and always in time! Excellent site!
12 Sep 2008 18:24189.192.122.*TLMWeb Trade Ltd.They pay like clockwork! Recommended!
12 Sep 2008 18:23189.192.122.*Platinum Trade Inc.Very solid program, serious approach and regular payouts.
3 Sep 2008 13:2312.210.43.*egold Profit Club:)))very very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
3 Sep 2008 13:2212.210.43.*Interbank FX ClubVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
3 Sep 2008 13:2112.210.43.*RIO Gold EmpireGood program! Great support!
3 Sep 2008 13:2012.210.43.*Swiss Gold FinanceReceived your paiment
3 Sep 2008 13:1912.210.43.*MVP Financial GroupPaid every day. Nice.
14 Jul 2008 14:1424.217.65.*RIO Gold EmpireExcellent program! Never misses payment.
14 Jul 2008 14:1224.217.65.*Global Market SolutionsWhat a great project!
14 Jul 2008 14:1124.217.65.*Swiss Gold FinanceStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
14 Jul 2008 14:0924.217.65.*Gold Business Palacethe best HYIP!nice!
14 Jul 2008 14:0824.217.65.*MVP Financial GroupYes... it paid me
14 Jul 2008 14:0724.217.65.*Platinum Cash Inc.A very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
14 Jul 2008 14:0524.217.65.*Euro Gold Earners:)))very very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!
24 May 2008 9:0597.82.241.*egold Profit ClubPaying... Best wishes
24 May 2008 9:0497.82.241.*United Banking Inc.Thank you Admin!!
24 May 2008 9:0497.82.241.*RIO Gold EmpirePaid, long time in profit !
24 May 2008 9:0397.82.241.*Swiss Gold FinanceYou are the best
24 May 2008 9:0297.82.241.*Cayman Gold InvestmentsPaid Very Good Thanks Admin.
24 May 2008 9:0297.82.241.*Nolan Trading Societyvery fast payment. Thanks Admin.
24 May 2008 9:0197.82.241.*Gold Business PalaceGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
12 May 2008 18:3224.209.68.*Norvik Gold EmpireMy favourite invest program
12 May 2008 18:3124.209.68.*Gold Business PalaceGood Admin Response.
12 May 2008 18:3124.209.68.*TOP Invest ClubThank you admin
14 Apr 2008 14:1224.65.35.*Platinum Trade Inc.Great Hyip!!!
14 Apr 2008 14:1124.65.35.*Global Market SolutionsGood hyip...paid!
14 Apr 2008 14:1024.65.35.*Interbank FX ClubMy favorit HYIP
14 Apr 2008 14:1024.65.35.*RIO Gold EmpireThis program is the best of all
9 Apr 2008 15:4375.48.249.*egold Profit Clubgreat program, good paid!
31 Mar 2008 6:2567.165.209.*Gold Business Palacevery good and fast. Thanks
31 Mar 2008 6:2567.165.209.*Offshore Private ClubBest! best..
31 Mar 2008 6:2467.165.209.*Private Gold HoldingGood hyip...paid!
31 Mar 2008 6:2467.165.209.*Cayman Gold InvestmentsBest Hyip ever
31 Mar 2008 6:2367.165.209.*Swiss Gold Financepaid, thanks. Good program!
21 Mar 2008 12:3270.80.46.*Norvik Gold EmpireWhat to say .... i say that i got paid ! thats all :))))
21 Mar 2008 12:3270.80.46.*Global Market SolutionsGood program.
21 Mar 2008 12:3270.80.46.*Gold Business PalaceExcellent HYIP! paid!
21 Mar 2008 12:3170.80.46.*Offshore Private Clubhyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
21 Mar 2008 12:3070.80.46.*Private Gold HoldingGood HYIP! You should try it too.
15 Mar 2008 11:4524.110.175.*Offshore Private ClubThank you admin
15 Mar 2008 11:4424.110.175.*Private Gold HoldingPaying well
9 Mar 2008 11:17 69.4.205.* Global Market SolutionsI recomend this HYIP!
8 Mar 2008 10:02 77.201.249.* Crown Gold Grouppaid! SuperHYIP!!!
8 Mar 2008 10:0024.77.11.*egold Profit Clubpaid today again...
8 Mar 2008 10:0083.237.237.*Swiss Gold FinanceVery-very good. I really like it !
8 Mar 2008 9:5983.237.237.*United Banking Inc.My favourite invest program
8 Mar 2008 9:5924.77.11.*Legacy Monetary FundThanks for good program.
8 Mar 2008 9:5883.237.237.*Offshore Private ClubPaid In E-Gold Account Today. Great Going
8 Mar 2008 9:5724.77.11.*Global Market Solutionsrealy paid !!!
2 Mar 2008 12:36207.68.228.*Global Market SolutionsAlways Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
1 Mar 2008 12:0667.186.47.*Global Market SolutionsNice program... ;)
1 Mar 2008 12:0567.186.47.*Swiss Gold FinanceGetting paid regularly
1 Mar 2008 12:0567.186.47.*United FX Trading Corp.Successful HYIP
1 Mar 2008 12:0467.186.47.*Crown Gold GroupNever misses payment.
24 Feb 2008 8:2376.112.75.*United FX Trading Corp.Thanks for payment!
24 Feb 2008 8:2276.112.75.*United Banking Inc.Paid like clock.
24 Feb 2008 8:2176.112.75.*Crown Gold GroupI am glad indeed
19 Feb 2008 12:49 68.55.229.* RIO Gold EmpireThis Hyip is very good. Paid,Paid,Paid
16 Feb 2008 11:3275.176.186.*RIO Gold EmpireI got paid !!
16 Feb 2008 11:3275.176.186.*United FX Trading Corp.payments received
16 Feb 2008 11:3175.176.186.*Platinum Trade Inc.Always Paid no problem Thanks Admin!
16 Feb 2008 11:3175.176.186.*IFX Gold BankGood, i got paid
10 Feb 2008 14:0967.168.185.*Global Market SolutionsI am near my seventh payment
10 Feb 2008 14:0867.168.185.*egold Profit ClubGood program.
10 Feb 2008 14:0867.168.185.*Private Gold HoldingFor now - no problems.
9 Feb 2008 12:23 70.251.82.* Quix GainGood admin.
5 Feb 2008 15:4399.165.193.*Quix GainI am glad indeed
5 Feb 2008 15:4299.165.193.*Private Gold HoldingSerious paying program!
5 Feb 2008 15:4299.165.193.*Platinum Trade Inc.***PAID & PAID***
5 Feb 2008 15:4199.165.193.*Interbank FX ClubWas paid today
5 Feb 2008 15:4099.165.193.*United FX Trading Corp.Get profit! nice fond)
5 Feb 2008 15:3999.165.193.*ETF Business Inc.One of the best
1 Feb 2008 14:49 78.106.70.* ETF Business Inc.Payment received, very good :-)
1 Feb 2008 14:4724.185.33.*United FX Trading Corp.very fast payment. Thanks Admin.
1 Feb 2008 14:4624.185.33.*SpaceDoubleThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today
1 Feb 2008 14:43 74.193.204.* Global Market SolutionsGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
27 Jan 2008 10:3868.8.36.*egold Profit ClubGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
27 Jan 2008 10:3768.8.36.*Professional Trade Corp.The Best of the Best, I received my payment today
27 Jan 2008 10:3668.8.36.*Platinum Trade paid just in time, very good program.
27 Jan 2008 10:3668.8.36.*Global Market SolutionsPayment received, very good :-)
27 Jan 2008 10:3568.8.36.*FX Diamonds Corp.I got paid today. Thanks admin.
26 Jan 2008 13:0671.137.158.*egold Profit ClubExcellent!!!
26 Jan 2008 13:0571.137.158.*Professional Trade Corp.Excellent program!!! GOOD!
26 Jan 2008 13:0571.137.158.*FX Diamonds!pay!pay!
18 Jan 2008 16:0768.224.138.*Safe Investments Corp.Got another paid
18 Jan 2008 16:0768.224.138.*FX Trading SocietyPaid all time. Thanks admin!
18 Jan 2008 16:0668.224.138.*Interbank FX ClubPaid and withdrew.
10 Jan 2008 19:01 24.44.91.* Global Market SolutionsExsellent! Paid! super program!
7 Jan 2008 9:2175.7.184.*egold Profit ClubPaid w/o problems.
7 Jan 2008 9:2075.7.184.*Platinum Trade Inc.Received your payment Admin
7 Jan 2008 9:1975.7.184.*Expert Gold Groupin profit! great)
7 Jan 2008 9:1875.7.184.*Norvik Gold EmpireReliable hyip. Let's make money!
7 Jan 2008 9:1875.7.184.*IFX Gold BankVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
7 Jan 2008 9:1775.7.184.*Global Market Solutionspaid me all the week
23 Dec 2007 13:19 85.140.81.* Christmas ProfitReally the best program online!
22 Dec 2007 12:0671.65.115.*Global Market SolutionsNise hyip. Paid!
22 Dec 2007 12:0571.65.115.*SAM Gold Inv.All right. The best invest program
22 Dec 2007 12:0471.65.115.*Norvik Gold EmpireThanks for paid!
22 Dec 2007 12:0471.65.115.*Expert Gold Groupgot paid again
22 Dec 2007 12:0371.65.115.*Platinum Trade Inc.received the second payment. very good and stable program.
22 Dec 2007 12:0371.65.115.*Express Trade Inc.I got paid today. Thanks admin.
13 Dec 2007 17:5966.19.17.*Platinum Trade Inc.Got another paid
13 Dec 2007 17:5666.19.17.*Expert Gold GroupSerious paying program!
11 Dec 2007 20:29 69.229.10.* SEInvestmentsSerious paying program!
9 Dec 2007 20:48 67.172.90.* Expert Gold GroupExcellent program
9 Dec 2007 20:33 66.91.46.* Professional Trade Corp.Paying on time, very good system
9 Dec 2007 18:4771.144.61.*Norvik Gold Empirerealy paid !!!
9 Dec 2007 18:4771.144.61.*Swiss Gold Empirevery good and fast. Thanks
9 Dec 2007 18:4671.144.61.*egold Profit Clubpaid on all spends
9 Dec 2007 18:4571.144.61.*IFX Gold BankBest! best..
9 Dec 2007 18:4371.144.61.*Private Gold Holdingpaid, thanks. Good program!