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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
29 Jun 2010 19:5694.76.208.*AperoxVery solid program, serious approach and regular payouts.
24 Jun 2010 19:23111.68.9.*AperoxNo delay payments! paid me without problems, thanks admin
29 May 2010 1:5194.100.24.*VenfexAnother payment received. Wonderful program, I really like it, Thanks.
9 May 2010 20:08113.30.68.*White FundCommission received, thanks!! Date: 2010-09-05 14:21:01 Batch: 37567861 From Account: U3435355 (White Fund) Amount: $15.84
2 May 2010 18:3595.143.32.*White FundReal investment program. Paid well and always in time! Excellent site!
2 May 2010 18:3295.143.32.*EXPVCReal investment program. Paid well and always in time! Excellent site!
24 Apr 2010 23:59205.209.142.*White FundStable Program! I have been paid as normal. Well done, thank you admin!!
23 Apr 2010 21:40211.189.119.*Earning GainI strongly recommend to join this program. Always receiving my payment on time, Thank you admin.
15 Apr 2010 23:57202.75.46.*Profit GoalI'm sure it will work for a long time. Nice payout received.
11 Apr 2010 21:0394.76.234.*White FundVery good looking site. Can see that the admin is very sincere in his program
11 Apr 2010 1:10125.211.197.*Profit GoalI am glad with this project, got paid and rated Date: 2010-10-04 04:16:41 Batch: 35135544 From Account: U6046532 (profit-goal withdraw account) Amount: $32.70
10 Apr 2010 2:1689.19.14.*365 Trading DaysWell organized and professional program, thanks for payment!
8 Apr 2010 18:5463.220.4.*Profit GoalPaid on time, I Receive another payment today, thank you!
5 Apr 2010 13:58115.22.61.*EaseForexIt is really great program!!! keep up the good work
4 Apr 2010 14:07202.93.4.*Profit GoalThe best investment program!! No problems with payouts. Thanks admin
2 Apr 2010 17:55202.93.4.*Profit GoalPay me all the time. Hope the admin will keep on his good working.
31 Mar 2010 13:54112.153.162.*Profit GoalSerious paying program. I got paid again and again.
31 Mar 2010 10:22213.229.82.*White FundPaid! With this site everyone will earn greater money! Thanks admin!!
28 Mar 2010 17:0889.19.6.*Profit GoalGood site with nice support. Received payment again and again
22 Mar 2010 19:4595.143.32.*White FundCustomer service is very friendly and I believe that this program will give me a lot of profit
21 Mar 2010 16:5798.126.22.*White FundThe best investment program, runs steadily and smoothly.
18 Mar 2010 18:33 61.5.110.* White FundI always receive MY DAILY PROFIT - NEVER MISSED a single payment!!
18 Mar 2010 3:00180.210.206.*Island Finance IncI always receive MY DAILY PROFIT - NEVER MISSED a single payment!!
16 Mar 2010 13:57113.30.68.*Island Finance IncThis PRoject also offers very good profit and I am sure everyone can make great profits from this great opportunity
14 Mar 2010 9:08219.118.189.*Island Finance IncExcellent program paid without problem, I stronglly recommend this program
12 Mar 2010 11:04118.123.114.*White FundI strongly recommend this project. Real n Fantastic investment program, you won't be regret !!
12 Mar 2010 7:58204.45.61.*Island Finance IncPay me everyday and on time, thank you !!
10 Mar 2010 6:2876.76.103.*White FundIt's a serious investment company with excellent group of admins!. Thanks!
8 Mar 2010 21:34113.30.68.*White FundBest ever paying hyips.... you are doing wonderfully good admin
8 Mar 2010 21:06113.30.68.*Island Finance IncBest ever paying hyips.... you are doing wonderfully good admin
6 Mar 2010 17:0894.76.234.*White FundI have been paid! Thanks so much admin, keep your good work!
1 Mar 2010 6:5695.143.32.*Gite FinanceAdmin is honest. I like this hyip site, it really worth to invest big money here.
23 Feb 2010 6:40 110.138.243.* GoldFxProfitThis is the best invesment program in the world, I hope everyone can earn profit from them just like me
22 Feb 2010 8:48222.73.85.*Del CastroStill paying well to me!i think it is nice site.seem no other programe like this one
21 Feb 2010 22:3261.67.242.*GoldFxProfitReceived payment again and again, this is one of the great Program!
21 Feb 2010 15:5564.191.11.*Del CastroPaying on time! Admin please keep up the good work!
12 Dec 2008 16:0974.63.89.*Custom PofitAccepted $10 referral commission, WElldone !!
9 Dec 2008 14:4867.159.50.*Monte CarloPAID 4/4, payment completed, reinvested $200
6 Dec 2008 11:5167.159.50.*Monte CarloGreat PAying Hyip, I'm sure this program will stay long term
5 Dec 2008 17:5567.159.50.*Monte CarloReceived payment very fast today, thanks
16 Nov 2008 14:18 125.164.103.* Hoffman FundReceived 1/4, 2/4 good jobs admin