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29 Jun 2010 19:2764.191.121.*AperoxI have forgotten all my money problems since joined here.!! Got Paid everyday !!
24 Jun 2010 16:14125.248.158.*AperoxGot Paid again!! 6/24/2010 04:31 40241925 U1567156 ( + $12.50
29 May 2010 1:41 63.223.79.* VenfexAwesome n Real investment program, I strongly recommend this project, you won't be regret !!
14 May 2010 16:52183.182.15.*Pharmacia InvestmentPaid well and always in time! Excellent site! Date: 2010-14-05 07:18:24 Batch: 37920012 From Account: U3363987 (Pharmaceutical Investment) Amount: $5.00
9 May 2010 19:30180.131.106.*White FundMany investors are working with This site as I am. And they were happy as I am.
2 May 2010 18:14173.212.228.*EXPVCFull payment, right on time. Stable interest works very well.
2 May 2010 17:43173.212.228.*White FundFull payment, right on time. Stable interest works very well.
28 Apr 2010 17:4863.223.122.*Earning GainVery stable professional project. I got my payment today!
24 Apr 2010 23:24202.55.224.*White FundEveryone will earn greater money with this Great program!! Thanks admin!!
23 Apr 2010 0:2163.223.79.*Earning Gain4/22/2010 08:06 36259177 U8374593 (EarningGain) + $7.50 Thanks for paying me again n again
20 Apr 2010 23:44 204.45.63.* EaseForexStill no problem with payout ! ^_^ It's really great program!!
15 Apr 2010 23:41112.140.185.*Profit GoalThanks for paying out the money. Well organized project, Right place to invest!
11 Apr 2010 20:1795.143.32.*White FundPay as usual, so great project. The admin is so honest.
10 Apr 2010 23:5094.76.208.*Profit GoalCool program, my favorite place to invest, pays regularly!
10 Apr 2010 1:15202.75.46.*365 Trading DaysGot Paid to my LR. Great program! Thank you admin!
8 Apr 2010 16:15110.45.142.*Profit GoalI am very glad joined with this program! This paying project has never missed a payment.
6 Apr 2010 19:50113.30.68.*White Fund4/6/2010 10:28 34747746 U3435355 (White Fund) + $6.00 Got paid today !!!! seems reliable project!!!
4 Apr 2010 12:49202.150.213.*Profit GoalVery-very good investment program. I really like it!!
1 Apr 2010 19:05219.118.189.*Profit GoalThe right choice to invest, aid me again and again,very great site!!!
31 Mar 2010 12:4669.197.158.*Profit GoalStable Program! I have been paid as normal. Well done, thank you admin!!
30 Mar 2010 22:3994.76.208.*EaseForexSerious paying investment program. Always pays without problems, Thanks!
30 Mar 2010 14:3995.143.32.*White FundNumber one paying program, honest admin, paying continuously to all members, invest here!!
28 Mar 2010 16:50221.231.137.*Profit GoalAlways prompt payment and fast, So far so good... Keep it up admin!!
21 Mar 2010 23:05219.90.118.*White FundHey guys, you can make a pile easily just by investing in this site.
18 Mar 2010 2:10219.90.118.*White FundPaid again as always. This is a very good site with honest admin
18 Mar 2010 1:52219.90.118.*Island Finance IncPaid again as always. This is a very good site with honest admin
16 Mar 2010 12:0461.67.242.*Island Finance IncFantastic program!! It is paying instantly all the time No Pending Payments
14 Mar 2010 8:06218.210.173.*Island Finance IncThe best investment program I found from the internet. Runs steadily and smoothly.
12 Mar 2010 9:38173.212.228.*White FundSeems Good !! I made deposit yesterday and today receive my payment instantly. Thank you admin !!
12 Mar 2010 7:1695.143.32.*Island Finance IncSo far never give me a problems...always prompt payment and fast...Keep it up admin!!
8 Mar 2010 20:10 125.164.107.* Island Finance IncReceived Payment Again !!! Made another deposit $300 !! This is one Great Program!
6 Mar 2010 16:5895.143.32.*White FundThis hyip is working in a good shape.Only positive impressions with these project.
28 Feb 2010 14:40180.210.206.*Gite FinanceReally satisfied from their great service, I made my new deposit of $1000 today
21 Feb 2010 22:2861.67.242.*Del CastroReceived payment again and again, this is one of the great Program!
13 Aug 2009 19:02 74.63.117.* De MorenoAnother payment paid! Get my money to PM account on time.Perfect job.