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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
28 Jun 2010 19:33112.140.186.*AperoxI have been paid again!! 2010-06-28 06:32:24 40432389 U1567156 ( + $47.50 Thanks so much admin, keep your good work!
23 Jun 2010 13:11213.186.46.*AperoxThe best INVESTMENT project! STABLE and always pays really on time.
28 May 2010 17:01115.238.86.*VenfexFull payment, right on time. Stable interest works very well.
13 May 2010 20:21216.83.61.*Cash InsideHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project!
12 May 2010 19:45202.93.4.*Pharmacia InvestmentVery Good program, I like it because they fast withdarawal to me every time and keep good support.
7 May 2010 16:28202.65.207.*White FundI am sure I will put more money after some time. Very good looking program.
30 Apr 2010 19:09183.90.184.*White FundI love this Great program, payment always on time!!
28 Apr 2010 7:48218.210.173.*Earning GainWonderful Site, Pays faster and on time than others program.
22 Apr 2010 20:2389.19.6.*White FundThey continue paying well and as promised. Great program.
22 Apr 2010 19:55202.93.4.*Earning GainPaid again without problems. Reliable program, so far so good!!.
20 Apr 2010 16:5961.66.122.*EaseForexPaid me again, thank you for doing all that you have promised.
15 Apr 2010 19:56 125.164.106.* Profit GoalGetting payment right on time! I'm Very happy. Right place to invest!!
13 Apr 2010 14:3466.79.164.*InvestStartsPaid to my LR account on time just like clock work.
11 Apr 2010 21:2694.76.234.*WACE Funds LtdVery good looking site. Can see that the admin is very sincere in his program
10 Apr 2010 0:0664.120.133.*Profit GoalExcellent program! Very fast payments every day! Honest admin. Thank you
9 Apr 2010 19:59213.229.82.*365 Trading DaysReceived payment again and again..., Good site with nice support.
9 Apr 2010 17:23115.22.61.*White FundPrompt payment and fast, So far so good... Keep it up admin!!
9 Apr 2010 13:09222.73.85.*Nemo FundsGet my money to my LR account on time. Perfect job!!
7 Apr 2010 21:4264.120.183.*Profit GoalAlways paying and no delays, Fantastic!! Thinking about reinvesting more money
4 Apr 2010 15:14183.182.25.*White FundI recommend this program!! Always paid on time, thank you
3 Apr 2010 19:20180.210.206.*Profit GoalPaying!! thanks admin for providing the nice project
1 Apr 2010 17:1576.76.103.*Profit GoalWonderful MONEY making program. Thanks a lot admin, very nice site!!
30 Mar 2010 19:57211.60.196.*EaseForexVery nice site, paid me well, I like it very much.
30 Mar 2010 18:44219.118.189.*Profit GoalPerfect project!! Fast payout! Good support! My favorite investment program ! Thank you !
27 Mar 2010 16:12 211.20.42.* White FundGet my money to my LR account on time. Perfect job!!
20 Mar 2010 17:41213.229.82.*White FundThis program is working in a good shape. Only positive impressions with these project.
17 Mar 2010 17:34125.211.197.*White FundI am grateful for your honesty because I've been paid always on time so far.
17 Mar 2010 17:18125.211.197.*Island Finance IncI am grateful for your honesty because I've been paid always on time so far.
16 Mar 2010 18:31125.164.110.*White FundVery fast payments every day! Excellent program! Honest admin. Thank you
15 Mar 2010 19:31204.12.219.*Island Finance IncThis company makes very good work! Got paid again and never miss payment !!!
13 Mar 2010 16:1364.120.183.*Island Finance IncThe best program in the world, still paying without problems with my $500 investment
13 Mar 2010 15:26208.110.94.*Hyip-InvestHonest admin. How excellent program!! Really nice and good site.
11 Mar 2010 6:31 110.138.253.* White FundNo delay payments! paid me without problems, thanks admin
10 Mar 2010 21:43173.212.228.*Island Finance IncGood site with nice support. Received payment again and again ...
8 Mar 2010 22:30180.210.206.*White Fund$30 Referral commission received, Thanks admin for the great works!!
5 Mar 2010 17:5998.126.39.*Island Finance IncAdmin is honest. I like this hyip site, it really worth to invest big money here
5 Mar 2010 11:3994.76.208.*ProspectFundsVery good project and real investment program.100% good place to get your profit!
5 Mar 2010 8:0998.126.39.*White FundJust received $10 ref commission, thank you admin!
3 Mar 2010 8:21 122.147.114.* Gite FinanceVery trusted admin. I already deposit $5,000 - I KEEP MY TRUST ON YOU, ADMIN !!
27 Feb 2010 12:3098.126.22.*Gite FinanceReceived another $1110 today. Thanks admin, this is really GREAT hyip ever. Welldone admin!!
24 Feb 2010 3:14203.169.178.*Del CastroVery good Program ! Thanks admin :) Keep up the Good Work.
22 Feb 2010 22:46213.229.82.*Del CastroAnother payment paid! Get my money to LR account on time.Perfect job
20 Feb 2010 11:12219.90.118.*Dacia FundsThey are the best in the world, still paying without problems with my $100 investment
19 Feb 2010 12:32219.118.189.*Del CastroReceived $10 Referral Commission, GREAT Hyip site !!
16 Feb 2010 9:4069.147.251.*Del CastroThis one keeps on paying and paying, great program