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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
9 Apr 2010 14:2866.79.163.*Umba FundMy grandpa invested $100 yesterday and today he start to received his first payment from them..
5 Apr 2010 15:27120.50.34.*Umba Fund1/15 payment received , I hope admin can keep his good work
30 Mar 2010 14:1659.149.184.*Sot InvestThanks for the paymernt , I have been paid since the first day this site is online.
28 Mar 2010 6:1766.79.164.*Sot InvestI ask my mum to join yesterday,, she was paid today and ask me to vote here ; )
25 Mar 2010 15:54123.50.210.*Sot Invest$ 105 is received today !! Batch is 33670357
24 Mar 2010 14:58202.93.4.*Sot InvestI got profit today. this is a serious paying investment program,always pay without problems, Thanks!