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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
16 Mar 2010 13:13 202.70.58.* Rigid Investthey pending my withdrawal since 7 March USD. 14.00 and the principal money didn't back, so they stole my money USD. 11.50 and my profit USD. 22,50, how MaxHYIP can viewing them on PAYING????????????????????
10 Mar 2010 16:10202.70.58.*Super Forex Investthey are stolen, sent me the batch payment no with N/A but the money did not sent to my account, they are stolen.....
10 Mar 2010 15:59202.70.58.*RefMotorthey pending my money over a week go, they did not my money back and the profit never paid my e-currency U7663691, give my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!