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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
14 Feb 2010 5:2969.197.177.*Mega ReturnStill paying and honest program.$57 back to my pocket instantly.Thanks admin.
9 Feb 2010 16:2964.120.223.*RefMotorREFMOTOR IS THE BEST!!! here is the safe place to save your money here.
7 Feb 2010 18:5791.212.182.*RefMotorI misunderstand they are run, but god bless me, I got my payment of today.
4 Feb 2010 11:09209.51.197.*RefMotorI got my payment(73 USD) after short time of investment.... admin you are cool and i got paid instantly..
1 Feb 2010 7:5696.9.169.*RefMotori am really enjoy this perfect life, no need to work just waiting refmotor pay me everyday,cool.
29 Jan 2010 13:55204.12.214.*RefMotorrefmotor is the first hyip that paid me profit,hyip is amazing