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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
29 Jan 2010 3:0761.219.7.*Arby FundThis is a very nice program. Hope it will last paid again today!
5 Jan 2009 8:22 222.116.173.* Ging Investvery like this site,got paid again and again,today invest $100 again!
29 Dec 2008 8:4699.11.223.*Ging InvestPayment completed!How honest admin and excellent site!
22 Dec 2008 8:38 210.177.233.* Erty InvestI have been paid by Ertyinvest!so thanks admin!
4 Dec 2008 6:4884.16.234.*Edit Fundpaid again on time!admin are very impressived!!
16 Oct 2008 6:4370.38.3.*InoFundPay to aimsky $22.5 again,paid instantly,Batch:6728415