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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
3 Jun 2011 6:08 117.63.186.* BeaTrust06/03/2011 07:16 62516412 U8559251 (BeaTrust GmbH) $4.25,admin paid fast,thanks.
5 Nov 2010 1:43 114.226.4.* Owen FundsGot $12 again as normal,really cool hyip,thx!
22 Jun 2010 8:4567.212.168.*Buk InvestThe site growing fine,glad to deposit it,got 163$ today again,thanks!
6 Jun 2010 15:0741.72.165.*Buk InvestVery good service,I really like this program.....would like to invest more!!
10 May 2010 10:3488.48.249.*Ance FinanceReally wonderful to me! Always get pay here. Thanks Admin for your good work!
30 Apr 2010 6:10130.94.69.*Ance FinanceThank you for the great job and payment!
12 Apr 2010 6:09 112.168.72.* Umba FundVery very nice site,paid me another payment,$60 again.thanks!
29 Mar 2010 2:12222.122.47.*ForexNetClub Ltd.Paid to me $327.00,and ranked 2010-03-29,thank you admin!
27 Mar 2010 13:4481.138.7.*Sot InvestTo my mind this PROGRAM is the best of all ever seen! Paid me as usual, so far so great.
18 Jan 2010 14:26174.139.7.*Arby FundExcellent program,paid to me as always. I like this program more and more.
14 Jan 2010 6:58174.139.11.*Arby FundI'd like to express my thanks to you for being so on time & honest.
16 Nov 2009 1:22 122.195.5.* OneINVPaid!no problem now!pay fast and on time!!
8 Sep 2009 4:36 122.195.17.* Nove FundVery good service, pays constantly, stable, safely!
4 Aug 2009 12:43222.231.24.*SolidFinanceHot program, they paid me after the investing. thanks admin!
3 Jul 2009 1:40 58.241.93.* Trusty Fundreceive next payment,paid on time,best program!
11 Jun 2009 11:15209.5.112.*Fuf InvestReally honest admin, have again INSTANTLY paid me.
10 Jun 2009 0:02209.5.112.*Novalex Finance Inc.Very good looking program.I am sure I will put more money into it after some time.