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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
28 Feb 2010 22:4398.126.36.*NasMos TradersThe admin keeps effective support reply and fast payment, thanks!
26 Feb 2010 4:49113.30.68.*Deposit PalaceI'll cherish this great project and earn my maximum profit here!
11 Feb 2010 3:08 203.198.141.* Deposit PalaceAll request are processed so quickly.I think the admin will do the site better.
20 Jan 2010 15:22202.150.209.*ZijfundsI think we should give this project a high ranking for its stalbe growth!
17 Jan 2010 12:08202.150.213.*ZijfundsAnother payment, thanks admin, go on! 1/17/2010 06:48 26899044U4569265 (ZIJFUNDS LTD)+$211.00
12 Jan 2010 10:04202.150.213.*ZijfundsGreat program so far. I have increased my investment. Hope it will be long term program due to its professionalism. Thanks admin!
10 Dec 2009 18:3766.197.213.*HugMoneyGood admin! Thanks for the fast support!
9 Dec 2009 11:25210.197.154.*TheBestOnlineInvestGood program, friendly admin and fast payment!