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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
6 Sep 2010 21:4024.189.38.*OrbisTrendsThank you admin again because you have kept your promise again today.
1 Sep 2010 9:2224.189.38.*OrbisTrendsLucky to find such a great company to invest.
26 Aug 2010 8:0524.189.38.*OrbisTrendsOne of the best programs. Fast payments after withdrawal request. Great.
8 Feb 2010 11:22 24.187.56.* Perfect Cash, Ltd.The site always pays quickly and without problems!
5 Jan 2010 0:0224.184.69.*NDCA Traders FundGot Paid directly to my LR. Great program! Thank you admin!
5 Jan 2010 0:0124.184.69.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Excellent, Honest, Reliable and Long Term Investment Program!!!!
5 Jan 2010 0:0124.184.69.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.New Paid received today! I hope this one can last long.
21 Dec 2009 21:2124.189.169.*Global Market SolutionsHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project!!!
21 Dec 2009 21:2124.189.169.*United Cash BankHot program, they paid me after the investing. Thanks admin.
9 Dec 2009 11:4024.189.169.*Private Asset ManagementHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project!
16 Nov 2009 19:2324.188.124.*Universal InvestmentReally great program! Payment received very fast! thanks!
16 Nov 2009 19:2124.188.124.*OneINVExtremely good program. It pays always on time no delay!!!!!
16 Nov 2009 19:2024.188.124.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.Paid Very Good Thanks Admin.
25 Oct 2009 19:0124.189.173.*DBX ClubStill paying my request. Good project.
25 Oct 2009 19:0124.189.173.*KBD Investment ServicesI receive another payment today, admin paid on time, thank you!
17 Oct 2009 0:28 24.184.214.* KBD Investment ServicesThanks for paying out my payouts.
10 Oct 2009 12:40 24.180.129.* Tradezoom IncPaid to LR again, without problems.
9 Sep 2009 9:26 24.180.134.* DBX ClubIts a serious investment project with exellent group of admins! Thanks!
4 Sep 2009 11:09 24.188.142.* OffshoreStockTradesAmazing hyip!!! Thanks! Got PAYMENT today!
9 Jul 2009 23:2724.185.94.*OffshoreStockTradesWell structured and thought out program, thanks for payment!
30 Jun 2009 21:1624.185.94.*KBD Investment ServicesExcellent program! Paid fast as usually.
30 Jun 2009 21:1624.185.94.*DBX ClubNo problem!! thank you. best online investment, reliable and friendly support
30 Jun 2009 21:1524.185.94.*OffshoreStockTradesVery good program. PAID me well today, best investment project!
12 Jun 2009 20:2724.121.236.*OffshoreStockTradesExcellent, Honest, Reliable and Long Term Investment Program!!!!
3 Jun 2009 22:4424.183.139.*Omega ProfitHow hot and paying program! get my paid normally
31 May 2009 17:1524.183.139.*DBX Clubpaid and rate :) thanks admin
13 Apr 2009 20:28 24.183.139.* KBD Investment ServicesPaid In Liberty Account Today. Great Going
26 Mar 2009 22:5324.193.240.*Aurum Reality FoundationGot paid again, the site very hot now! really hot!
26 Mar 2009 22:5224.193.240.*World Wealth ClubOne of the best programs. Fast payments after withdrawal request. Great.
15 Mar 2009 23:35 24.182.96.* OffshoreStockTradesGot paid again, the site very hot now! really hot!
4 Mar 2009 13:4424.183.99.*Global Market SolutionsThank you admin, Very fast withdrawal received
4 Mar 2009 13:4324.183.99.*AXA HYIPthat I neverseem before Simply Excellent Program! Paid
28 Jan 2009 22:1224.188.212.*JDT Forex FundI've got pleasure, working with this nice hyip!
28 Jan 2009 22:1024.188.212.*United FX Trading Corp.It's a rather reliable program. I'm satisfied with their services.
28 Jan 2009 22:0924.188.212.*Interbank FX ClubGreat guys work in this program.
26 Jan 2009 22:4424.188.212.*OffshoreStockTradesHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project!
15 Jan 2009 22:3724.188.149.*AXA HYIPSUPER program, paid on time my stable income. I will soon invest more! Good Luck !
6 Jan 2009 21:5524.186.245.*Rapid Money GrowthThanks for paying out my payouts.
6 Jan 2009 21:5424.186.245.*Swiss Gold FinanceReally cool program, my favorite place to invest, paid me again and again!
6 Jan 2009 21:4624.189.91.*Nolan Trading SocietyNo delay payments! paid me without problems,thanks admin.
6 Jan 2009 21:4524.189.91.*Global Market SolutionsPay as usual,so great hyip. The admin is so honest.
6 Dec 2008 15:15 24.182.239.* Global Market SolutionsI have no complaints here. Good program,paid on time,thank you!
18 Nov 2008 12:3724.188.216.*Global Market Solutionsi receive another payment today,admin paid on time,thank you!
18 Nov 2008 12:3624.188.216.*Swiss Gold FinancePaid on time without any problem, perfect program,honest admin !!!
18 Nov 2008 12:3524.188.216.*Nolan Trading SocietyIs paying every day, good program !!!
18 Nov 2008 12:3424.188.216.*Aurum Reality FoundationPaying on time and great e-mail support.
10 Nov 2008 21:1524.189.7.*FXCM Brokerage GroupI got all my payment !!! This site is paying again. Thanks very much Admin
10 Nov 2008 21:1524.189.7.*Global Market SolutionsVery Honest payouts and on time! Get paid today as usual.
5 Nov 2008 23:1824.189.7.*MVP Financial Groupone of the most serious and PAYING INSTANTLY
5 Nov 2008 23:1724.189.7.*Platinum Trade Inc.They continue paying well and as promised. Great program.
5 Nov 2008 23:1724.189.7.*Venture Gold AlliancePaying as promised. Great program.