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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
3 Sep 2010 20:49 62.42.143.* OrbisTrendsThis program and Admin are very impressive honest payouts get paid today fast as promised.
29 Aug 2010 17:00 62.42.138.* OrbisTrendsHonest admin! Reliable and always paid on time! Be sure to check out the site!
17 Aug 2010 20:59 62.43.130.* UIM CorporationPaying me again and again, thanks! Wish I have more money to invest.
15 Apr 2010 23:56 62.82.164.* Global Market SolutionsThis company makes very good work! Got paid again and never miss payment!
23 Dec 2009 16:4562.42.120.*Global Market SolutionsGrowing steady and payments are never late! Got paid again, thanks
23 Dec 2009 16:4462.42.120.*United Cash BankPaid to me still no problem and it is regular! Thanks Admin, Keep up your faithful payments!
10 Dec 2009 23:30 62.42.138.* Private Asset ManagementMy payout request has been processed.
17 Nov 2009 20:5262.42.23.*OneINVThe best program. Admin pays me very fast.
17 Nov 2009 20:5162.42.23.*Universal InvestmentPaying me again and again, thanks! Wish I have more money to invest.
5 Feb 2009 18:5562.42.35.*Galactic United ChartersThis program have sent me 1 payments in a row without any problems.
5 Feb 2009 18:5462.42.35.*AXA HYIPVery Honest payouts and on time! Get paid today as usual.
29 Jan 2009 23:5562.42.35.*JDT Forex FundThis paying project has never missed a payment.I am very glad to be with site!
29 Jan 2009 23:5462.42.35.*United FX Trading Corp.I got all my payments! admin honest and this site is the best!
29 Jan 2009 23:5462.42.35.*Interbank FX ClubPays on time, rapid answer to queries and corrects any problem immediately. Great!!!
29 Jan 2009 23:5362.42.35.*OffshoreStockTradesVery good service, pays constantly, stable, safely!
27 Jan 2009 23:5762.42.35.*OffshoreStockTradesPaid on time without any problem, perfect program,honest admin !!!
6 Jan 2009 18:5262.221.94.*Global Market SolutionsPays! Excellent program! Quality program to invest.
6 Jan 2009 18:5262.221.94.*Nolan Trading SocietyCool program, my favorite place to invest, pays regularly!
6 Jan 2009 18:5162.221.94.*Swiss Gold FinancePaid to my balance - requested cashout yesterday to return with more when paid.
6 Jan 2009 18:5062.221.94.*Rapid Money Growthstill paying! great program ever, always paid for small and big invest.thanks
24 Dec 2008 22:35 62.42.99.* United FX Trading Corp.This program is a unique site , well seriouse program!
21 Dec 2008 12:5024.1.151.*United FX Trading Corp.New Paid received!I hope this one can last long.
19 Dec 2008 21:2262.42.101.*Global Market SolutionsNew Paid received today!I hope this one can last long.
19 Dec 2008 21:2262.42.101.*Nolan Trading SocietyNice program and honest admin. Paying!
19 Dec 2008 21:2162.42.101.*Swiss Gold FinanceThis program is unique. They pay always fast
19 Dec 2008 21:2062.42.101.*NDCA Traders FundGreat hyips, good work, good investment you are the source of money.