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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
1 Nov 2010 23:20 24.253.137.* World Trust BankI will forever invest here for your honest in paying.
5 Oct 2010 13:3324.24.67.*Global Market SolutionsPays! Excellent program! Quality program to invest.
18 Sep 2010 16:54 69.113.161.* Business Fruition ClubNever experiencing any problems. Great!
4 Sep 2010 16:0070.254.44.*Interbank FX ClubI will forever invest here for your honest in paying.
4 Sep 2010 16:0070.254.44.*Royal Gold ExpertsAlways Got the payment on time,thanks admin,Hope can keep on the good jobs.
4 Sep 2010 15:5970.254.44.*Venture Finance Corp.paid good. Thanks for your job!!! Again paid, as always without problems. Thanks Admin.
4 Sep 2010 15:5870.254.44.*RDX Stock MarketWell organized project. Right place to invest! Really good, this guy paid me, excellent!!!
4 Sep 2010 15:5870.254.44.*World Trust BankVery very good program, honest Admin, got paid immediately!
28 Aug 2010 6:0666.161.214.*Global Market Solutionsgot my pays again and again,one the best investment project!thank you admin!
28 Aug 2010 6:0566.161.214.*Royal Gold ExpertsAfter for your support, I haved received the payment again, thanks admin!
28 Aug 2010 6:0466.161.214.*Venture Finance Corp.very secure program and I always got paid within some hours.
28 Aug 2010 6:0466.161.214.*World Trust BankPAID, very fast today. Thanks Admin. Pays as promised.
22 Aug 2010 17:2076.97.213.*Interbank FX ClubNice program and honest admin. Paying!
22 Aug 2010 17:1976.97.213.*Barclay Premier FundI will forever invest here for your honest in paying.
22 Aug 2010 17:1776.97.213.*Private Asset ManagementAlways Got the payment on time,thanks admin,Hope can keep on the good jobs.
22 Aug 2010 17:1776.97.213.*SEC Professional Financepaid good. Thanks for your job!!! Again paid, as always without problems. Thanks Admin.
1 Aug 2010 13:37 70.89.177.* RDX Stock MarketThis project is the best one. Always pays without problem.
15 Jul 2010 6:3370.234.252.*RDX Stock MarketGet profits as before. So stable site.
15 Jul 2010 6:3270.234.252.*NDCA Traders FundHow hot and paying program! Get my paid normally.
9 Jul 2010 20:54 216.183.71.* United Cash BankThis program is really reliable: easy to invest and fast to withdraw. Thank you!
1 Jul 2010 11:30 98.170.247.* Trader Fund MarketVery good site with stable plan! Got payment!
26 Jun 2010 11:2965.60.169.*Global Market SolutionsExcellent company with excellent profits!
26 Jun 2010 11:2965.60.169.*United Cash BankGreat investments! Been paid on time!
26 Jun 2010 11:2865.60.169.*Global Bond FundIn profit! They pay me on a regular basis!
26 Jun 2010 11:2865.60.169.*Tillotson InvestmentsOne of the best HYIP's. Very professionally and really HIGH Yield.
17 Jun 2010 15:2476.119.4.*Interbank FX ClubI get my paid.Honest admin.Thanks.
17 Jun 2010 15:2376.119.4.*Barclay Premier FundWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
17 Jun 2010 15:2376.119.4.*Wealth Generation Clubvery fast payment when requested and great support system
17 Jun 2010 15:2276.119.4.*Global Bond Fundpaying me as promised,honest admin,thanks
17 Jun 2010 15:2276.119.4.*Venture Finance Corp.Very good site with stable plan! Got payment!
17 Jun 2010 15:2176.119.4.*Trader Fund MarketNew payment received like clockwork, great program, thanks!
17 Jun 2010 15:2176.119.4.*VIP Business ClubGot paid again,the site very hot now!really hot!
17 Jun 2010 15:1976.119.4.*Tillotson InvestmentsAlways fast payments. Really a great program.
2 Jun 2010 17:0772.92.225.*NDCA Traders FundThe perfect site... Do not wait, INVEST and receive the profit.
2 Jun 2010 17:0772.92.225.*Venture Finance Corp.What a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic Thinking about reinvesting money, hope program will paid as quick as usual.
2 Jun 2010 17:0672.92.225.*World Trust BankYou have again INSTANTLY paid me.
24 May 2010 12:0568.88.192.*NDCA Traders FundVery good site, another payment received today, Thanks
24 May 2010 12:0568.88.192.*Venture Finance Corp.Very Good! Thanks for paying admin! it's very good for us!!!
20 May 2010 21:0074.223.136.*Global Market SolutionsPays! Excellent program! Quality program to invest.
20 May 2010 20:5974.223.136.*Norge Gold BankCool program, my favorite place to invest, pays regularly!
7 May 2010 12:0776.168.44.*Barclay Premier FundGreat Paying site.
7 May 2010 12:0676.168.44.*Private Asset ManagementThank you admin,Very fast withdrawal received
7 May 2010 12:0576.168.44.*Norge Gold BankThis program have sent me 1 payments in a row without any problems.
7 May 2010 12:0476.168.44.*Trader Fund Marketthat I neverseem before Simply Excellent Program! Paid
2 May 2010 13:1924.253.100.*NDCA Traders Fundvery fast payment when requested and great support system
2 May 2010 13:1824.253.100.*Wealth Generation Clubpaying me as promised,honest admin,thanks
2 May 2010 13:1724.253.100.*Royal Gold ExpertsVery good site with stable plan! Got payment!
2 May 2010 13:1724.253.100.*Global Bond FundNew payment received like clockwork, great program, thanks!
2 May 2010 13:1624.253.100.*Private Asset ManagementGot paid again,the site very hot now!really hot!
2 May 2010 13:1524.253.100.*Venture Finance Corp.One of the best programs. Fast payments after withdrawal request. Great.
2 May 2010 13:1524.253.100.*Norge Gold BankAlways fast payments. Really a great program.
2 May 2010 13:1424.253.100.*FXCM Money CentralMy funds are growing and growing and growing ...! Very trustful admin, thanks !!!
12 Apr 2010 12:0769.120.74.*NDCA Traders FundExcellent program paid without problem I strongly recommend this program.
12 Apr 2010 12:0669.120.74.*Wealth Generation ClubPaid ! Really good ! Thanks !Great HYIP!!
12 Apr 2010 12:0669.120.74.*Tillotson InvestmentsThanks for your honesty.payout is received.
6 Apr 2010 9:3771.121.254.*Interbank FX ClubGreat investments! Been paid on time!
6 Apr 2010 9:3671.121.254.*Barclay Premier FundExcellent company with excellent profits!
6 Apr 2010 9:3671.121.254.*Norge Gold BankBeen paid again! Brilliant job from the admin! Thanx!
6 Apr 2010 9:3571.121.254.*Trader Fund MarketGot my initial! In profit now. Excellent work!
25 Mar 2010 16:0376.99.34.*NDCA Traders FundAlways on time,I am glad for my profit. Thanks.
25 Mar 2010 16:0276.99.34.*Perfect Business SolutionAdmin are very impressive,got paid on time!
25 Mar 2010 16:0276.99.34.*Wealth Generation ClubGot paid and I have made many profits.
19 Mar 2010 17:5275.47.234.*Global Market SolutionsToday paid again! Fine Program, excellent service!
19 Mar 2010 17:5175.47.234.*NDCA Traders FundThis program is a unique site , well seriouse program!
19 Mar 2010 17:5175.47.234.*Barclay Premier FundNo problems with this program, fast payouts, really good!!
19 Mar 2010 17:5075.47.234.*Global Bond Fundpaid! With this site everyone will earn greater money!Thanks admin!!
19 Mar 2010 17:5075.47.234.*Norge Gold BankGot payment!Exellent programm!
19 Mar 2010 17:4975.47.234.*SEC Professional FinanceThe site always pays quickly and without problems!
4 Mar 2010 16:0771.62.32.*World Trust BankThanks for paying me ,really fantastic.
4 Mar 2010 16:0671.62.32.*Tillotson InvestmentsWell paying site with quality support!
4 Mar 2010 16:0271.62.32.*Perfect Business SolutionThis is a very nice program. Hope it will last forever. got paid on time!
4 Mar 2010 16:0171.62.32.*Barclay Premier FundGet my money to account very quickly.
4 Mar 2010 15:5971.62.32.*NDCA Traders FundA program with a great future. always pay me.
4 Mar 2010 15:5971.62.32.*Global Market SolutionsVery Good! Thanks for paying admin! it's very good for us!!!
11 Feb 2010 13:4576.18.228.*Tillotson InvestmentsI got money already to the LR account just.
11 Feb 2010 13:4476.18.228.*Private Asset Managementget paid as other guys who deposited and been paid with this project.
11 Feb 2010 13:4476.18.228.*Global Bond FundPayout request has been processed.
11 Feb 2010 13:4376.18.228.*United Cash BankThe best hyip site.runs steadily and smoothly.
11 Feb 2010 13:4376.18.228.*Barclay Premier FundPaid! They send confirmation email too!
11 Feb 2010 13:4276.18.228.*NDCA Traders FundThanks admin very much again.I have been paid again and again.
11 Feb 2010 13:4176.18.228.*Interbank FX ClubPaid to me some referral commission today.
4 Feb 2010 17:0268.9.232.*NDCA Traders FundToday's payout received as usual, i am happy here.
4 Feb 2010 17:0268.9.232.*Interbank FX Clubstill get paid on time! Great program
4 Feb 2010 17:0168.9.232.*Global Market Solutionsstable and always paid on time.
30 Jan 2010 9:4066.57.4.*Norge Gold BankAlways pay on time and excellent service....
30 Jan 2010 9:3966.57.4.*Venture Finance Corp.Very fast payments every day! Excellent program! Honest admin. Thank you
30 Jan 2010 9:3966.57.4.*Royal Gold ExpertsGot Paid Again today! Good Program! i have been paid many times
30 Jan 2010 9:3866.57.4.*NDCA Traders FundPaid on time to me! the site good to invest.
30 Jan 2010 9:3766.57.4.*Interbank FX Clubone of the very good program,still paid to me
19 Jan 2010 17:4366.189.227.*Venture Finance Corp.Paid again as always. This is a very good site and honest admin.
19 Jan 2010 17:4366.189.227.*Global Bond FundReally the best program online Serious paying program
19 Jan 2010 17:4266.189.227.*Bern Business ClubThe best INVESTMENT project! STABLE and always pays really on time.
19 Jan 2010 17:4166.189.227.*NDCA Traders FundThis program and Admin are very impressive honest payouts get paid today fast as promised.
19 Jan 2010 17:4166.189.227.*Interbank FX ClubPaid quickly no problem,honest admin!
16 Dec 2009 18:5372.185.117.*Venture Finance Corp.I got money already to the LR account just.
16 Dec 2009 18:5272.185.117.*United Cash BankNice payment received.Thanks admin a lot.
16 Dec 2009 18:5172.185.117.*NDCA Traders FundVery stable hyip since start, possibly the best among Long Term.
5 Dec 2009 15:3369.136.72.*Wealth Generation ClubAlways paid on time to me! i think this is a good site.
5 Dec 2009 15:3269.136.72.*NDCA Traders FundPaid me quickly every time and never miss payment.
5 Dec 2009 15:3169.136.72.*Global Market SolutionsPaid to my LR on time like clock work.
21 Nov 2009 7:5071.238.147.*Perfect Business SolutionPerfect working investment project. Recommend for everyone
21 Nov 2009 7:4971.238.147.*Interbank FX ClubPay as usual,so great hyip. The admin is so honest.
13 Nov 2009 21:5370.161.21.*Global Bond FundAlways paid on time to me! i think this is a good site.
13 Nov 2009 21:5370.161.21.*NDCA Traders FundPaid me quickly every time and never miss payment.
6 Nov 2009 20:3870.166.94.*Royal Gold ExpertsPaid ! Really good ! Thanks !Great HYIP!!
1 Nov 2009 12:57 69.250.145.* United Cash BankForget your problems,your concerns;since this program will support you forever!
24 Oct 2009 12:1368.194.156.*Royal Gold ExpertsThis hyip pay me lots of profit and really excellent hyip.
24 Oct 2009 12:1268.194.156.*Bern Business Clubthank you admin again because you have kept your promise again today.
24 Oct 2009 12:1268.194.156.*Wealth Generation ClubPAYING THANKS ADMIN FOR THE PAYMENT
24 Oct 2009 12:1168.194.156.*United Cash BankAdmin are very impressive,got paid on time!
24 Oct 2009 12:1068.194.156.*Perfect Business Solutionpaid and paid very fast as always!!! Thanks for the stable,long term,paying trustworthy program !!
24 Oct 2009 12:1068.194.156.*Wall Street InvestmentsAlways on time,I am glad for my profit. Thanks.
24 Oct 2009 12:0968.194.156.*Diamond Instant Profitspaying without trouble, thanks for payment
24 Oct 2009 12:0868.194.156.*NDCA Traders FundStill paying my request. Good project. Reinvest more.
13 Oct 2009 10:2698.30.124.*Bern Business ClubGot payment!Exellent programm!
13 Oct 2009 10:2698.30.124.*Wealth Generation ClubIts a serious investment project with exellent group of admins!. Thanks!
8 Oct 2009 17:1175.181.3.*Wealth Generation ClubThanks admin....paid for today i love you admin
25 Sep 2009 16:3875.72.78.*United Cash BankI got my payment after short time of investment.... you are cool and i got paid instantly..
25 Sep 2009 16:3775.72.78.*Perfect Business SolutionGood Investment... Thanks for paying out the money.
25 Sep 2009 16:3675.72.78.*Interbank FX ClubPaying, great program and excellent site.
25 Sep 2009 16:3675.72.78.*Global Market SolutionsGetting payments on time! Good
11 Sep 2009 16:1676.185.80.*SEC Global FundVery cool looking site. Can see that the admin is very sincere in his program
11 Sep 2009 16:1676.185.80.*Perfect Business SolutionPays! Excellent program! Quality program to invest.
11 Sep 2009 16:1576.185.80.*NDCA Traders FundGood job admins!!!
11 Sep 2009 16:1476.185.80.*Tresor Money UnionThe site always pays quickly and without problems!
11 Sep 2009 16:1476.185.80.*Diamond Instant ProfitsGot payment!Exellent programm!
11 Sep 2009 16:1376.185.80.*Barclay Premier Fundpaid! With this site everyone will earn greater money!Thanks admin!!
11 Sep 2009 16:1376.185.80.*Interbank FX ClubNo problems with this program, fast payouts, really good!!
31 Aug 2009 12:4398.193.101.*SEC Global FundA program with a great future. always pay me.
31 Aug 2009 12:4298.193.101.*Perfect Business SolutionGet my money to account very quickly.
31 Aug 2009 12:4198.193.101.*NDCA Traders FundThis is a very nice program. Hope it will last forever. got paid on time!
31 Aug 2009 12:4198.193.101.*Cayman Gold InvestmentsWell paying site with quality support!
31 Aug 2009 12:4098.193.101.*Interbank FX ClubThanks for paying me ,really fantastic.
19 Aug 2009 3:2472.188.213.*Sky Wealth Fundvery good and fast. Thanks
19 Aug 2009 3:2372.188.213.*Perfect Business SolutionThank you Admin!!!
19 Aug 2009 3:2372.188.213.*Capitolia Profit CenterGood And Honest.
19 Aug 2009 3:22 91.78.74.* Diamond Instant Profitshyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
19 Aug 2009 3:2172.188.213.*Interbank FX ClubI have received money from this best project!
7 Aug 2009 10:4671.193.150.*Capitolia Profit CenterI strongly recommend this program.They are fantastic
7 Aug 2009 10:4571.193.150.*Aurum Reality FoundationThe best HYIP program that I have involved. Simple but flexible...
26 Jul 2009 7:0974.194.59.*Platinum Trade Inc.All request are processed very fast.thanks.
26 Jul 2009 7:0974.194.59.*Sonex Money ClubI have been paid again.really nice site
26 Jul 2009 7:0874.194.59.*Perfect Business Solutionbeen paid. I think i should add more deposited.
18 Jul 2009 16:5869.125.174.*Platinum Trade Inc.lucky to find such a great company to invest
18 Jul 2009 16:5769.125.174.*NDCA Traders FundI agree this will become next big program
18 Jul 2009 16:5769.125.174.*Wall Street Investmentsgot payment today, really nice.
2 Oct 2008 15:2171.57.151.*Gold Business Palacepaid! SuperHYIP!!!
2 Oct 2008 15:2071.57.151.*Nolan Trading SocietyExcellent program! Never misses payment.
2 Oct 2008 15:1971.57.151.*Aurum Reality FoundationStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
19 Sep 2008 19:414.224.54.*Reliable Offshore ClubAlways Paid. Thanks Admin.
19 Sep 2008 19:394.224.54.*JDT Forex FundVery GOOD choice to invest
19 Sep 2008 19:384.224.54.*Interbank FX ClubPayment in my account within hours. Reasonable percentage assures longevity of this program.
19 Sep 2008 19:364.224.54.*TLMWeb Trade Ltd.They pay like clockwork! Recommended!
12 Sep 2008 18:51 75.87.255.* Platinum Trade Inc.Very-very good. I really like it !
4 Sep 2008 11:1076.111.0.*egold Profit Clubgood program
4 Sep 2008 11:0976.111.0.*Interbank FX ClubReliable investment
4 Sep 2008 11:0876.111.0.*RIO Gold EmpireExcellent program!!! GOOD!
4 Sep 2008 11:0776.111.0.*Swiss Gold FinancePayment received.
4 Sep 2008 11:0676.111.0.*MVP Financial GroupThis one is in my list !
14 Jul 2008 16:1075.54.109.*RIO Gold EmpireReceived your payment Admin
14 Jul 2008 16:0975.54.109.*Global Market Solutionsin profit! great)
14 Jul 2008 16:0875.54.109.*Swiss Gold FinanceReliable hyip. Let's make money!
14 Jul 2008 16:0775.54.109.*Gold Business PalaceVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
14 Jul 2008 16:0675.54.109.*MVP Financial Groupi've been paid here too well done
14 Jul 2008 16:0475.54.109.*Platinum Cash Inc.A very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
14 Jul 2008 16:0375.54.109.*Euro Gold Earnerspaid me all the week
24 May 2008 9:5068.46.50.*egold Profit ClubPayment made today!
24 May 2008 9:4968.46.50.*United Banking Inc.very good hyip
24 May 2008 9:4968.46.50.*RIO Gold EmpireSerious paying program!
24 May 2008 9:4868.46.50.*Swiss Gold FinanceGood!! Paying me every day!
24 May 2008 9:4768.46.50.*Cayman Gold InvestmentsExcellent program
24 May 2008 9:4668.46.50.*Nolan Trading SocietyReceived money! Thanks!
24 May 2008 9:4568.46.50.*Gold Business PalaceWorks every day.
12 May 2008 18:5775.41.167.*Norvik Gold EmpireVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
12 May 2008 18:5775.41.167.*Gold Business PalaceGood program! Great support!
12 May 2008 18:5675.41.167.*TOP Invest ClubReceived your paiment
14 Apr 2008 15:0467.171.229.*Platinum Trade Inc.You are the best
14 Apr 2008 14:5886.134.188.*Global Market SolutionsI recomend this HYIP!
14 Apr 2008 14:5786.134.188.*Interbank FX ClubVery Stable and Professional
14 Apr 2008 14:5686.134.188.*RIO Gold EmpirePaid, long time in profit !
9 Apr 2008 15:5376.100.45.*egold Profit ClubThanks for good program.
31 Mar 2008 6:5675.0.36.*Gold Business PalacePaid Very Good Thanks Admin.
31 Mar 2008 6:5675.0.36.*Offshore Private Clubvery fast payment. Thanks Admin.
31 Mar 2008 6:5575.0.36.*Private Gold HoldingGot paid today !!!! looks reliable site!!!
31 Mar 2008 6:5575.0.36.*Cayman Gold InvestmentsPaid - FAST - Paid - FAST - as usual
31 Mar 2008 6:5475.0.36.*Swiss Gold FinancePayment received
21 Mar 2008 13:0224.110.28.*Norvik Gold EmpirePaid to e-gold again. Very prompt payment.
21 Mar 2008 13:0124.110.28.*Global Market SolutionsI've been paid in time
21 Mar 2008 13:0024.110.28.*Gold Business PalaceGood ! One of the best !
21 Mar 2008 13:0024.110.28.*Private Gold HoldingPAYING ! This is important !
21 Mar 2008 13:0024.110.28.*Offshore Private ClubGood program.
15 Mar 2008 12:1669.246.152.*Private Gold HoldingExcellent program! Never misses payment.
9 Mar 2008 11:24 75.33.245.* Global Market SolutionsThanks for payment!
8 Mar 2008 10:5471.62.136.*Crown Gold GroupExsellent! Paid! super program!
8 Mar 2008 10:5471.62.136.*egold Profit ClubAll in time. Super project!
8 Mar 2008 10:5371.62.136.*Swiss Gold FinancePaying on time and great e-mail support.
8 Mar 2008 10:5371.62.136.*United Banking Inc.My favourite invest program
8 Mar 2008 10:5271.62.136.*Legacy Monetary FundYou are the best
8 Mar 2008 10:5271.62.136.*Offshore Private ClubThe best program! I'm in profit!
8 Mar 2008 10:5171.62.136.*Global Market SolutionsPaid everyday, directly into my e-gold account.
2 Mar 2008 12:4724.99.129.*Global Market SolutionsWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
1 Mar 2008 13:1166.189.211.*Global Market SolutionsThis one is in my list !
1 Mar 2008 13:1066.189.211.*Swiss Gold FinancePaid again and again and again..! ! !
1 Mar 2008 13:1066.189.211.*United FX Trading Corp.Great invest program!
1 Mar 2008 13:0966.189.211.*Crown Gold GroupExcellent programm ! I like it ...
24 Feb 2008 8:4475.66.35.*United FX Trading Corp.The Best of the Best, I received my payment today
24 Feb 2008 8:4375.66.35.*United Banking Inc.Paid once again...
24 Feb 2008 8:4375.66.35.*Crown Gold GroupGood program, Paid regularly
19 Feb 2008 12:58 71.197.249.* RIO Gold EmpireWhat a great project!
16 Feb 2008 15:1324.122.145.*IFX Gold BankAlways paid on time!
16 Feb 2008 15:1224.122.145.*Platinum Trade Inc.Very Good Hyip - payments received.Thanks!
16 Feb 2008 15:1224.122.145.*United FX Trading Corp.Payment received.
16 Feb 2008 15:1024.122.145.*RIO Gold Empirenice...piad.
10 Feb 2008 14:3570.81.15.*Private Gold HoldingI got paid.
10 Feb 2008 14:3470.81.15.*egold Profit ClubGood work!
10 Feb 2008 14:3370.81.15.*Global Market SolutionsPaid, pay and continue to pay
6 Feb 2008 12:4489.191.100.*Quix GainReally Good program online
6 Feb 2008 12:4389.191.100.*Private Gold HoldingSuccessful HYIP
6 Feb 2008 12:4389.191.100.*Platinum Trade Inc.Never misses payment.
6 Feb 2008 12:4289.191.100.*Interbank FX ClubThanks for payment!
6 Feb 2008 12:4289.191.100.*United FX Trading Corp.Payment received thanks!
6 Feb 2008 12:4189.191.100.*ETF Business Inc.Paid like clock.
1 Feb 2008 15:1887.254.136.*Global Market SolutionsAlways paid - no problem Thanks Admin!
1 Feb 2008 15:1887.254.136.*United FX Trading Corp.Very-very good. I really like it !
1 Feb 2008 15:1787.254.136.*ETF Business Inc.Paid w/o problems.
1 Feb 2008 15:1687.254.136.*SpaceDoubleReceived your payment Admin
27 Jan 2008 11:1724.220.118.*egold Profit ClubReliable hyip. Let's make money!
27 Jan 2008 11:1724.220.118.*Professional Trade Corp.Very trustworthy a serious investment program.....
27 Jan 2008 11:1624.220.118.*Platinum Trade Inc.i've been paid here too well done
27 Jan 2008 11:1624.220.118.*Global Market SolutionsA very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
27 Jan 2008 11:1524.220.118.*FX Diamonds Corp.paid me all the week
26 Jan 2008 13:2668.255.27.*egold Profit ClubMy favourite invest program
26 Jan 2008 13:2668.255.27.*Professional Trade Corp.Reliable investment.
26 Jan 2008 13:2568.255.27.*FX Diamonds me again
18 Jan 2008 16:2768.34.189.*Safe Investments Corp.Works every day.
18 Jan 2008 16:2768.34.189.*FX Trading SocietyGreat invest program!
18 Jan 2008 16:2668.34.189.*Interbank FX ClubNo problems .. Hope for long ;))
10 Jan 2008 19:1180.4.11.*Global Market SolutionsWhat a great project!
7 Jan 2008 10:4870.242.89.*egold Profit ClubNever misses payment.
7 Jan 2008 10:4770.242.89.*Platinum Trade Inc.Thanks for payment!
7 Jan 2008 10:4670.242.89.*Expert Gold GroupPayment received thanks!
7 Jan 2008 10:4270.242.89.*Norvik Gold EmpirePaid like clock.
7 Jan 2008 10:4070.242.89.*IFX Gold BankWas paid today
7 Jan 2008 10:3770.242.89.*Global Market SolutionsPaid 8/20. Thanks!
22 Dec 2007 12:4366.25.44.*Global Market SolutionsI am glad indeed
22 Dec 2007 12:4366.25.44.*Norvik Gold EmpireSerious paying program!
22 Dec 2007 12:4266.25.44.*SAM Gold Inv.Paying on time, very good system
22 Dec 2007 12:4166.25.44.*Expert Gold GroupWhat a great project!
22 Dec 2007 12:4166.25.44.*Platinum Trade!pay!pay!
22 Dec 2007 12:4066.25.44.*Express Trade Inc.Stay in program. Keep thy good work going!
13 Dec 2007 18:2167.175.51.*Expert Gold GroupPaying all the time!
13 Dec 2007 18:2067.175.51.*Platinum Trade Inc.Excellent program, Thanks.
9 Dec 2007 19:4866.229.139.*Norvik Gold EmpireGreat program! Great admin, fast payments
9 Dec 2007 19:4766.229.139.*Swiss Gold EmpireGot my withdrawal
9 Dec 2007 19:4666.229.139.*egold Profit Clubpaid and reinvested.
9 Dec 2007 19:4666.229.139.*IFX Gold BankNise hyip. Paid!
9 Dec 2007 19:4566.229.139.*Private Gold HoldingThanks for paid!
9 Dec 2007 19:4466.229.139.*Expert Gold GroupExcellent program !
9 Dec 2007 19:4366.229.139.*Professional Trade Corp.always paid on time, thanks admin !!!